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The name or term Dirge refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Dirge (disambiguation).
Dirge is a Decepticon Insecticon in a Timelines addition to the Generation One continuity family.

Dirge is one of the last surviving Insecticons. He was originally one of their primary commanders, and is fanatically loyal to the Decepticons. He possesses an array of combat abilities, including acid-secreting claws, an incapacitating sonic screech, and the ability to shoot electricity from his robot-mode hands, but his greatest asset is his tactical knowledge.




Descent into Evil

Long after the Insecticon clan had dispersed, Dirge and Buzzclaw were recruited by Deathsaurus to serve as the basis for a new army of Insecticon clones. Deathsaurus established a research center on Ceti Alpha Seven, where he unlocked the pair's long-dormant cloning abilities. When the Autobots discovered the facility and sent a team to destroy it, Dirge led an ambush against them. Although the Decepticons won that battle, the arrival of reinforcements ultimately led to an Autobot victory, with the cloning center destroyed and the clones' genetic matrices poisoned. Dirge's final fate remains unrevealed. Descent into Evil



  • Descent into Evil (Multi-pack, 2005)
A redeco of the Beast Wars Predacon Fuzor Buzzclaw, Dirge transforms into a praying mantis-lizard monster. His beast-mode foreclaws and wing-assembly can be used as a hand-held melee weapon, and his tail can be mounted on his arm as a shield. He was only available as part of the BotCon 2005 exclusive "Descent into Evil" set, along with Buzzclaw, Chromia, Deathsaurus, Fallback, Ironhide, and Ricochet.
The same mold is used by his teammate Buzzclaw and the Virulent Clones.
Due to a production error, all Dirges had their beast-mode lower jaw misassembled, so his mandibles point downwards like a funny bandito moustache. This same assembly error is also found in his set-mate Buzzclaw, the Virulent Clones, and even Universe Repugnus, leading fans to joke that the original Fuzor Buzzclaw is the "misassembled" one.

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