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Okay, Optimus is the Skipper, Bumblebee is Gilligan, Perceptor is the Professor, Mirage is Mr. Howell, so who are Mary Ann, Ginger, and Mrs. Howell?

The Decepticons' plundering of Dinobot Island's resources cause instabilities in the timestream.

Japanese title: "Showdown! Dinobot - Part 2"



After forcing the Dinobots into a pool of tar, Megatron is convinced he's won. He orders the Decepticons to resume the collection of Energon. However, Starscream fears that Megatron's plundering may have disastrous consequences for the island... and the Decepticons.

"I told you we should have taken the left turn, now we have to ask for directions."

Meanwhile, the Autobots finish repairing the control room. However, Teletraan I alerts them to a temporal anomaly near the library where Spike and Bumblebee are. While going to investigate, the Autobots find barbarians making a mess of things. Hound locates Spike and Bumblebee under the rubble of the library, where Sideswipe drills them out. Bumblebee is able to cover Spike and prevent any harm, while the Autobots round up the time displaced viking barbarians and woolly mammoths.

Optimus Prime orders the Autobots not to use lethal force, as they are living creatures here by accident. Sunstreaker, Huffer, and Sideswipe manage to round up the mammoths. Ironhide wrangles the barbarians by squirting them with glue and sticking them to the ground. Optimus knows just where to put them, and the Autobot leader has them store the mammoths in his trailer (poor Roller), while Ironhide immobilizes the barbarians. However, the portal is closing fast. The Autobots send the barbarians and mammoths back through the anomaly, which closes just in time.

"Ar, excuse me fair mateys, have you seen Captain Jack Sparrow anywhere here? He owes me money!"

Returning to the base, Chip Chase, Perceptor, and Beachcomber begin research into what is causing all this. Before they do, however, two more anomalies are discovered: one at sea, one out in the country. Seaspray, Tracks, and Cliffjumper go intercept the sea-based anomaly, which is a pirate ship attacking a man and two women on a yacht. The Autobots free the yacht and push the pirate ship back through the anomaly.

"Maybe I'll put out their fire for good!"

In the country side, Prowl, Jazz, Red Alert, and Inferno find that a group of old west outlaws have encountered a biker gang. After a brief rustle between the two gangs, the Autobots force the outlaws back through the wormhole. Resuming their analysis at Autobot HQ, Chip learns that the disturbances can be traced to Dinobot Island. Optimus Prime orders his team to fly there using jet packs.

Meanwhile, the Dinobots have managed to free themselves from the tar pit, thanks to Slag setting it on fire, only to see that Dinobot Island is in danger. Concluding that the Decepticons have done "bad stuff" to the Island, the Dinobots decide it's time to do "more badder stuff" to the Decepticons. The Autobots arrive, and attack the Decepticons. Prime and Megatron trade shots while Warpath takes on Blitzwing in a tank-on-tank duel. Just as the Decepticons get the upper hand, Grimlock inspires the island's dinosaur population to attack the Decepticons, forcing them to retreat.

With the Decepticons gone, the Autobots destroy the Energon cubes, causing the energy inside to return to the places it was taken from, stabilizing Dinobot Island. Optimus declares that the Dinobots have proven that they can control their powers, and the Autobots and Dinobots return home.


Original airdate:

Production number:

Written by: Donald F. Glut


Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


  • Barbarians
  • Pirates
  • Wild West Outlaws
  • Yacht captain
  • Bikini girls
  • Motorcycle gang members


"But draining those energies might upset the chronological balance of this island! It already drifts precariously in the sea of time."
"Scientific gobbledegook, Starscream! Do as I say."

-- Starscream and Megatron

"These are flesh and blood creatures, not unfeeling machines like the Decepticons."

-- Optimus Prime placing a higher value on woolly mammoths than Decepticons.

"Don't fight me, shaggy! I'm not the biggest Autobot but I'm one of the strongest!"

-- Huffer fighting a woolly mammoth

"Why you unwashed primitives! You could have fissured my finish!"

-- Sunstreaker blasts the barbarians for pounding on him with their weapons.

"We be wantin' your treasure, and the wenches too. Hahahahaha!"
"Aww, cool off, Long John!"

--Pirate captain and Cliffjumper

"Attack from the sky!"

-- Starscream ordering the Seekers to bring the rain on the Autobots.

"Hey, Blitzwing! Tank you!"

-- Warpath attacking Blitzwing in a tank-versus-tank duel

"Me Grimlock smart. Inspire dumb dinosaurs fight too."

-- Grimlock, a master strategist but a bad orator

"You wrong. And you ugly, too."

-- Grimlock telling Megatron after the Decepticon leader believed the Dinobots to have been destroyed in the tar pit.


Animation errors/glitches

  • Megatron looks human-sized, or even smaller, compared to those dinos surrounding him.
  • Optimus' trailer is so big, it can store three wooly mammoths and still have room to spare

Continuity errors

  • In Part 1, the Dinobots demonstrate their flying abilities. But at the end of Part 2, they're shown flying with jet packs like the rest of the Autobots.

Transformer references

  • This episode featured the first appearances of the Autobots Perceptor and Seaspray, and the Decepticon Dirge. It could be possible that this is Dirge's first death: eaten by a dinosaur. Even Waspinator isn't that unlucky.

Real world trivia

  • References

Miscellaneous trivia

  • During the first shot of the caveman, it sounds like he says 'burrito' at some point
  • Huffer refers to one of the mammoths as "Shaggy", a possible reference to Shaggy Rogers from the incarnations of Scooby Doo played by Transformers Voice Actor Casey Kasem who plays Teletran 1, Dr. Archeville, Bluestreak, and Cliffjumper.
  • Inferno sports an uncharacteristic thick Cajun accent for this episode.

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