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Dimitri Rascalov
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV
Full name: Dimitri Rascalov


Date of birth: 1969
Place of birth: Russia
Date of death: 2008 (aged 39)
Home: Liberty City
Nationality: Russian
Affiliations: Mikhail Faustin
Faustin Family
Russian Mafia
Niko Bellic
Ray Bulgarin
Kenny Petrovic
Petrovic Family
Businesses: Drugs Trade
Voiced by: Moti Margolin

Dimitri Rascalov (Russian: Дмитрий Раскалoв) (1969 - 2008) is the main antagonist in Grand Theft Auto IV, and a major character throughout the game. He begins the game as the second-in-command of the Faustin Family, one of the premier Russian gangs in the city.



Dimitri is the best friend and second-in-command of Mikhail Faustin. The two met each other while serving in the Soviet Army during the Cold War, and eventually spent time in a Siberian prison together. The two were "closer than brothers", according to Mikhail; following the move to Liberty City, however, Mikhail became an alcoholic and cocaine addict, and no longer heeded Dimitri's advice. Dimitri himself developed an addiction to pain-killers.

Volatile and paranoid, Mikhail would have people killed on a whim or out of spite, and favored murder as the solution to most problems; Dimitri, by contrast, was more of a businessman, willing to use reason and non-lethal methods if such an approach would be more profitable. Dimitri warned Mikhail that their operation should keep a low profile and that they should "play by the rules", but Mikhail would not listen; his intemperance eventually led to war with the Petrovic Family, after Mikhail had Lenny Petrovic murdered on the mere suspicion of betrayal.

Dimitri cut a side deal with Kenny Petrovic to save his own life — in exchange for the murder of Mikhail, Dimitri would live, and continue the operation of the Faustin Family without interference from the Petrovics. Dimitri hired Niko Bellic to kill Mikhail — Petrovic allegedly requested that Niko kill Mikhail as atonement for his prior killing of Lenny.

With Mikhail dead, Dimitri took over the Faustin organization, and became partners with another powerful gangster, the European Ray Bulgarin. Once it was discovered that Bulgarin held a grudge against Niko, Dimitri lured the latter into an ambush; Niko escaped with the aid of his friend "Little" Jacob Hughes, but failed to kill Dimitri or Bulgarin -- both would continue to pursue Niko from then on.

Dimitri put out a contract on Niko and his cousin, Roman Bellic. Their apartment in Hove Beach was burned down, as was Roman's taxi depot; the two were forced to flee to Bohan to escape the attention of the Russian underworld. Dimitri would be seen again throughout the course of the story, at one point successfully finding and kidnapping Roman after his gambling habit lured him back to Broker. Niko mounted a successful rescue of Roman; he would next encounter Dimitri's deputies when the Russian Mafia attempted to extort deputy mayor Bryce Dawkins over his gay affair with Niko's friend Bernie Crane. Later, mob boss Jon Gravelli revealed that Dimitri had made an alliance with the Ancelotti Family, and was attempting to seize control of activities usually conducted by the Italian Mafia; he also spoke of Dimitri's involvement in cocaine imports, a matter of grave concern to U.L. Paper's anonymous representative.

Relationship with Mikhail Faustin

Dimitri and Mikhail Faustin have twin tattoos on the palms of their hands, meaning "brothers for life" according to Mikhail. Dimitri appears to have become "the brains" of the Russian operation, Mikhail's cocaine addiction having eroded his business sense; eventually Mikhail's rashness risks the lives of himself, Dimitri and Niko, and Dimitri conspires to kill him with Niko's help (see The Master and the Molotov). At the Perestroika cabaret club, Niko ambushes Mikhail, killing his entourage and confronting him on the roof; Mikhail warns that Dimitri is treacherous, and will betray Niko just as he has betrayed Mikhail; Niko ignores this and shoots Mikhail dead. Although Dimitri's motives were obvious here, Mikhail's prediction turns out to be true.


Towards the conclusion of the story, Dimitri becomes involved in a heroin distribution ring with the Pegorino Family, for whom Niko is working at the time. Jimmy Pegorino asks Niko to be his representative; the player can choose to conduct the deal as Jimmy wishes, thus gaining a sizeable cash reward, or to ambush and kill Dimitri, taking revenge and ensuring the safety of Niko and Roman from further betrayal. If the player decides upon the Revenge path, Niko finds and kills Dimitri aboard the Platypus, the very ship which transported Niko to America.

If the player decides to do business with Dimitri, then Niko and Pegorino ally Phil Bell visit the drug warehouse which is the venue for the deal; Dimitri phones Niko, telling him that he is happy to work with the latter again, but that he has killed the people who were supposed to take part in the deal. Niko pledges to come after Dimitri later; he and Phil ambush the warehouse and steal the money. Later, at Roman's Wedding, Dimitri sends an assassin to kill Niko; when Niko struggles with him, the assassin accidentally shoots Roman dead instead. Outraged at his cousin's death, Niko and Little Jacob track Pegorino and Dimitri down to an abandoned casino; Niko then sees Dimitri kill Jimmy out of mere greed, betraying yet another business partner. Dimitri escapes in a helicopter; Niko and Jacob pursue him in an Annihilator, and both choppers crash on Happiness Island. Niko fights his way through the last of Dimitri's henchmen, and confronts him near the Statue of Happiness. Dimitri then succumbs to his injuries; his death is later announced on Weazel News.

Mission appearances


LCPD database record

Surname: Rascalov

First Name: Dimitri

Age: 39

Place of Birth: Russia


  • Known associate of Mikhail Faustin.
  • Linked to Russian Organized Crime Syndicates throughout Liberty City.

Criminal Record:

  • 1998 - Extortion
  • 2000 - Hijacking


  • Prior murder convictions in Russia.
  • Exploited a loophole in the immigration treaty to gain US residency in the mid 90s.
  • Believed to be the right hand man of Mikhail Faustin, the Russian national in control of organized crime in the Hove Beach area.
  • Reported dealings with Russian mobster Kenny Petrovic and members of the Ancelotti Crime Syndicate.


  • During the game's final battle, Dimitri has 100 body armor as well as 200 health, allowing him to sustain about 3 times as much damage as a standard enemy. He is also armed with an Assault Rifle. This does not apply if he is confronted in the "A Dish Served Cold" mission in the "Revenge" story path, where he has normal health, no armor, and carries a Sub-Machine Gun.
  • Like many characters, Dimitri features distinctive models for cutscenes and in-game sequences. However, Dimitri's in-game model is inconsistent with that of the cutscenes in that his tie is fused with his shirt and textured to match its color, when cutscences depict his tie in pink and capable of swinging in motion. Despite these differences, the shape of the "fused" tie can still be seen on Dimitri's in-game model, particularly during "A Dish Served Cold". After Niko has executed Dimitri in this mission however, the tie does not appear on Dimitri's corpse. The frame of his glasses is also different: Black in cutscenes and yellow in-game.


Murders committed

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Image of Dimitri
Real name Dimitri Gergiev Romanov
Ring Names {{{names}}}
Height 7 ft 4 in
Weight 410 lb
Date of birth {{{birth_date}}}
Place of birth Vladivostok, Russia
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Philadelphia, PA
Billed from Vladivostok, Russia
Trainer Self-Trained
Handled by Scott
Win/Loss Record {{{winloss_record}}}
Debut April 3, 2001 (As Scorpius)
Dimitri (born March 22, 1977 in Vladivostok, Russia) is a Russian-Armenian professional wrestler currently residing in the United States and working for Pro Wrestling Warriors.

Dimitri was extensively trained in various martial arts in Japan at a young age, before joining the military. After leaving, he made his way to Chicago, and participated in street fights to make money, and was spotted by a GWF talent scout in late 2001. Since the fall of GWF, he has been in many now-defunct federations, before settling in Philadelphia to work for PWW.


Pro Wrestling Warriors

Although most of Dimitri’s records have been lost over time, he has been a consistent performer for PWW. He has been in high-profile feuds against the likes of Adrian King, Dante Priest, and was once ex-CEO James Simpson’s personal bodyguard. Although a neck injury kept him out of action for almost a year, his return as part of PWW’s veterans vs. new blood was successful, even though he lost in the second round.

Perhaps Dimitri’s biggest moment was as the 5th participant of the first Elimination Chamber match in PWW, however he was eliminated first. Since then, Dimitri has had problems involving his knees, and has just recently returned as an active member of the roster as part of Darius Falcon’s stable The Awakening.

Wrestling information

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • End of Faith (The Deluxe/Go 2 Cheech (Dominator to Stiff Knee Strike))
  • Eternal Darkness (Miracle Ecstasy Bomb)
  • Wing Ripper (Double Arm Implant DDT)
  • Soulcrusher (Extreme Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker)
  • Messiah Killer (Pumphandle Emerald Flowsion)

Dimitri’s current entrance music is “Hysteria” by Muse


Dimitri has been in various altercations with other athletes, due to his sometimes exceedingly stiff working style. Assault charges have been brought against him many times as a result of these, but he has never been found guilty.


  • Although his character regularly calls for him to be a Heel, backstage he is a model professional and is friendly with everyone. Although he has injured people inadvertently (see above), after matches he has always made sure they’re OK, and even visited them in hospital.
  • Dimitri lives in a large home just outside of Philadelphia, and has hosted for many PWW-related parties.
  • Dimitri regularly sends 10% of his salary back to his family members in Russia.
  • Holds dual citizenship for both the USA and Russia.
  • It is rumoured that he is the only bi-curious wrestler in the tournament.
  • Is a blackbelt (or equivalent) in Karate, Kung Fu, Tae-kwon Doe, Jujitsu, Judo and Wushu.
  • Is good friends with Darius Falcon, Adrian King, Tai Otaku, Seth Frost and Robert Morelli.
PWW (defunct)
Final roster
Tag teams/Stables
The Awakening | Bulls & Bears | The Eh Team | God's Finest Grapplers
Hollywood G'z | The Lindens | R2 | Stoned Cold
"Slick" Rick Avalio | Todd Duvet | Jimbo the Janitor | Monica Lockheart
"Sloppy" Joe Rother | Scott the Scoop | Carl Tuckerson

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!







Alternate names

Kagurazaka (Japanese translated)

Debut (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 018

Appears in

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Anime




Cookie Cutter

Seiyū (Japanese)
Voice actor(s) (English)

Dimitri, known in Japan as Kagurazaka 「神楽坂」 is a Ra Yellow student who tends to mimic other people's Decks, impersonating the owner of the Deck in almost every detail. After losing a Duel against Syrus with a copy of Crowler's deck, he decided to steal Yugi Muto's Deck from its display case during an exhibition. Despite its possession, Dimitri is defeated by Jaden with the explanation he lacked the same heart that Yugi put into creating his Deck. Apparently, the message doesn't get through, as he then goes on to impersonate Jaden. In the English dub while impersonating Jaden, he tries to do Jaden's signature pose and phrase "Get your game on!" but messes both up and says "Turn your game on!" instead.

In both versions, he actually manages to convince himself that he's Yugi, however, in the original this happened towards the end of his duel with Jaden, while in the original it happened beforehand. His first appearance (while mimicking Yugi) also mimics the duelist, down to the shape of the bangs that fall over his face and a Millennium Puzzle-esque patch on his shirt.

Dimitri could be a jab to the TCG phenomenon of netdecking and Cookie Cutter decks, as his attempts to win duels by copying the strategies and mannerisms of known professional duelists is very similar.

He made a cameo in Episode 179 watching Jaden's Graduation ceremony.

In the English dub, Dimitri mimics Yugi's voice when he uses Yugi's deck. He also refers to his Spell Cards as "Magic Cards," as this was the term used in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series before the revised printing format of the TCG took effect. Also during his turn, the duel score from the original series is played as opposed to the GX score.


Dimitri lacks an original deck of his own and is seen playing Crowler's Ancient Gear Deck and Yugi Muto's stolen deck. However in both versions, he makes a quick reference to having used Kaiba's and Zane's decks. It is unknown how this was possible, because Seto Kaiba owns three of the four Blue-Eyes White Dragons in the anime world.

Opponent Outcome
Syrus Truesdale Lose
Syrus Truesdale Win
Jaden Yuki Lose
Crowler's Copied Deck
Yugi's Stolen Deck
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