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Diamond boron missile
Production information

More than 20,000 credits

Physical and technical specifications

500 meters

Usage and history

The diamond boron missile was a weapon developed sometime during the Clone Wars, but only truly refined at the height of the Galactic Civil War. Diamond boron missiles were nearly impervious to starfighter-scale laser weapons and could be fired from most standard concussion missile launchers. They were equipped with powerful warheads capable of completely destroying everything within five-hundred meters from the point of detonation. Thus, the missile proved itself an effective weapon against fighters, since a single blast could easily take out several at a time.

Despite these advantages, the missile was prohibitively expensive, with each unit demanding an investment upwards of 20,000 credits. It therefore fell into disuse as newer and cheaper alternatives were developed.

Imperial Broadside-class cruisers were initially equipped with diamond boron missiles, as well as Marauder-class corvettes used by the Alliance. The freighter Suprosa used these missiles to destroy many Y-Wings piloted by Bothans. The Zann Consortium also often employed the missiles, which were fired from stationary space platforms.

Notable models

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