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Diabolos using Dark Messenger in Final Fantasy VI Advance.

Diabolos (ディアボロス, Diaborosu), also known as Diablos, is a recurring summon in the Final Fantasy series. The damage it does is usually Gravity-based.




Final Fantasy VI

FFVI Diabolos

Diabolos appears in the Advance remake. It is obtained by defeating the Kaiser Dragon in the Dragons' Den.

Dark Messenger does Gravity damage reducing opponents' HP to 1/16, ignoring protection to Instant Death, and also inflicts Seizure. He costs 90 MP to summon.

Diabolos teaches the following:

At Level Up, he provides a +100% boost to HP.

Final Fantasy VIII

For the enemy, see Diablos (Final Fantasy VIII)

Diablos (Japanese: ディアボロス, Diaborosu; French: Nosferatu; Spanish: Diablo) is an optional boss who becomes a Guardian Force upon defeat. He can be obtained when the party receives the Magical Lamp from Headmaster Cid. The lamp has strict instructions to save before using it. Upon rubbing the lamp, the screen will dissolve and the player will immediately fight Diablos. Upon defeating Diablos, he joins as a Guardian Force. Should the player lose, they will receive a normal Game Over. Diablos' stats are directly relative to the level of the party members, and as such, vary depending on when the player chooses to challenge him.

His summon attack is called Dark Messenger and deals damage in relation to the enemies maximum HP count via a percentage equal to Diablos' level range {i.e. 10-19, 30-39} (with a set damage limit at 9,999). For instance, casting a level 25 Diablos on somebody with 1,000 HP, will constantly deal 250 damage, and will even kill the opponent, in contrast with other Gravity-based attacks. Meaning, at level 100, he will kill any foe with less than 9,999 HP as it maximum health, useful for the beginning portions of the game before acquiring (and leveling up) Cactuar, and Eden. The Dark Messenger attack will not touch anybody immune to Gravity-based attacks, leaving most bosses untouchable for the summon. Also, if Diablos is below level ten, his attack will deal 9% of enemies maximum health in damage.

Abilities learned from Diablos are listed below:

Command Ability AP GF Ability AP
Magic NA GF HP +10% 40
Draw NA GF HP +20% 70
GF NA GF HP +30% 140
Item NA Character Ability AP
Darkside 100 Mag +20% 60
Mug 200 Mag +40% 120
Junction Ability AP HP +20% 60
HP-J 50 HP +40% 120
Mag-J NA HP +80% 240
Hit-J 120 Menu Ability AP
Ability x3 NA Time Mag-RF 30
Party Ability AP ST Mag-RF 30
Enc-Half 30
Enc-None 100

Triple Triad

Image:TTDiablos.png Level 9 (GF Card) Element None
Refine 1 refines into 100 Black Holes
Drop Diablos
Card N/A
Win N/A

Final Fantasy XI

For the enemy, see Diabolos (Final Fantasy XI)
Diabolos in Final Fantasy XI.

Diabolos appears in Final Fantasy XI as one of the 5 terrestrial avatars. He is the ruler and creator of the dreamworld known as Dynamis, and appears as a character in the Chains of Promathia storyline. He is a very challenging encounter because he has an ability known as Nightmare, which is a powerful Bio and sleep effect that will likely hit all player characters in the battle (Bio will continue to do damage over time, the damage will not wake the players as it normally does), on top of the battle being capped at 40. Players who have defeated Diabolos as part of the storyline can optionally face a more powerful, uncapped version of him in a sidequest to earn the right to summon Diabolos.


Level Name MP Effect
1 Ruinous Omen All Variable Percentage Dark Damage - Two-hour.
1 Camisado 20 Blunt physical attack weapon skill plus knockback.
20 Somnolence 30 Dark-based elemental spell that inflicts weight.
29 Nightmare 42 Inflicts nightmarish sleep on enemies in range.
37 Ultimate Terror 27 Absorbs random attributes from enemies in range.
50 Noctoshield 96 Gives the entire party the effect of Phalanx.
56 Dream Shroud 121 Increases the magic attack/defense of entire party, effects vary by time of day.
65 Nether Blast 109 Dark-based elemental spell dealing massive damage, ignores resistance.
Favor Diabolos's Favor -- Bestows Refresh on all party members in range.


Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Main article: Diabolos (Revenant Wings)
"Demon who bends gravity to his will."
—In-Game Description

Diabolos appears as a rank 2 Non-Elemental Aerial summon. Its regular attack is called Nightmare, while its special attack, Gravity, causes the Sap status.


  • The recurring summon from Ivalice, Adrammelech bears a resemblance to Diabolos, even having a promotional image with a similar pose to Diabolos' Final Fantasy VIII appearance.

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