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The Greek name given is an approximation.

Diabolos, King of the Abyss
 English: Diabolos, King of the Abyss
 Chinese: 魔王迪亞波羅斯
 Croatian: Diabolos,Kralj Ponora
 German: Diabolos, König des Abgrunds
 Greek: Διάβολος, Βασιλιάς της Αβύσσου
 Portuguese: Diabolos,o Rei do Abismo
 Japanese (Kanji): 魔王ディアボロス
 Translated: Demon King Diabolos
Attribute: DARK
Types: Dragon/Effect
Level: Level 7 File:Star.pngFile:Star.pngFile:Star.pngFile:Star.pngFile:Star.pngFile:Star.pngFile:Star.png
ATK/DEF: 2800/1000
Number: 29424328
Card Effect Type(s): Summon/Continuous/Trigger
Card Description(s):
TCG Set(s):
OCG Set(s):
Card Search Categories:
Other Card Information:
TCG/OCG Statuses
OCG: Unlimited TCG Advanced: Unlimited TCG Traditional: Unlimited
Card/Deck/Starchip/DP Costs
Video Game Numbers
Video Game Statuses
Facts about Diabolos, King of the AbyssRDF feed
ATK 2,800  +
Actions No Entry  +
Anti-Support No Entry  +
Archetype Related No Entry  +
Archetypes No Entry  +
Archetypes Support No Entry  +
Attack No Entry  +
Attribute DARK  +
Card Category Monster Cards  +
Card Image Diabolos,KingoftheAbyssFOTB-EN-ScR-1E.jpg  +
Card Number 29424328  +
Card Type Effect Monsters  +
Chinese Name 魔王迪亞波羅斯  +
Class 1 Official  +
Counters No Entry  +
Croatian Name Diabolos,Kralj Ponora  +
DEF 1,000  +
Effect type Summoning Conditions  +, Continuous Monster Effects  +, and Trigger Monster Effects  +
English Name Diabolos, King of the Abyss  +
Fusion Material No Entry  +
German Name Diabolos, König des Abgrunds  +
Greek Name Διάβολος, Βασιλιάς της Αβύσσου  +
Japanese Name 魔王ディアボロス  +
Level 7  +
Life Points No Entry  +
Lore This card cannot be Special Summoned. This card cannot be Special Summoned. If you Tribute Summon this card, the Tributes must be DARK. This card cannot be Tributed by a card's effect. During your opponent's Draw Phase, before their draw, look at the top card of their Deck, then put that card on the top or bottom of their Deck. top or bottom of their Deck.
Medium OCG  +, and TCG  +
Misc No Entry  +
MonsterSpellTrap No Entry  +
OCG Status Unlimited  +
Portuguese Name Diabolos,o Rei do Abismo  +
RFP No Entry  +
Stats No Entry  +
Summoning Cannot Special Summon  +
Support DARK  +
Synchro Material No Entry  +
TCG Advanced Format Status Unlimited  +
TCG Traditional Format Status Unlimited  +
Translated Name Demon King Diabolos  +
Type Dragon  +
Types Dragon  +, and Effect  +
Vietnamese Name Diabolos, Chúa tể Địa Ngục  +

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