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610 BBY


10 BBY

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Tan, gray in old age

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Rise of the Empire era

Dewlannamapia, known to her friends as Dewlanna, was an elderly female Wookiee who served as a cook aboard the Trader's Luck while accompanying her husband Isshaddik in his exile from Kashyyyk. Even after her mate was killed, she remained in the service of Garris Shrike, eventually dying to ensure that Han Solo was able to escape his life aboard the vessel.



While on the Trader's Luck, Dewlanna met and befriended the young Han Solo. After her husband's death, she chose to stay and watch over Solo rather than return to Kashyyyk. It was from Dewlanna that Solo learned to understand Shyriiwook. It is also where he got his dislike of being called "scruffy looking", as Dewlanna called him that often.

Dewlanna ensured that Solo had a decent education, as well as healthcare, both of which were denied by Garris Shrike, the captain of the Trader's Luck. She was also responsible for finding out Solo's last name, which Shrike had purposefully concealed from the boy. Dewlanna was killed by Garris Shrike, giving her life that Han may escape and make a life of his own.

It is possible Dewlanna survived being shot by Shrike, appearing many years later at the dedication of a portrait of Chewbacca on Kashyyyk. This may or may not be the same Wookiee.

It is believed that Dewlanna believed in the Force, as during her final moments she told Han what he mistranslated as May the life-force be with you.

Dewlanna was the mother of a Wookiee named Chakk, who was Han Solo's "adopted brother" and a distant relative of Chewbacca's.

At the time of her death she was almost six hundred years old.

Behind the scenes

In the rough draft to A New Hope, "Dewanna" is a huge male "Wookee" who carried Annikin Starkiller, after he was knocked unconscious, to the Wookee village on Yavin.




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