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Irvine about to devour a Cactuar.

Devour (たべる, Taberu) is a command ability from Final Fantasy VIII, in which the party member attempts to eat an enemy. The ability can be learned from the GF Eden and taught to any GF via the Hungry Cookpot item.

Depending on the particular enemy and its level, the character may gain stats, recover/lose HP, or be affected with negative status effects. A successful Devour can be very rare, especially in regards to Stat-raising effects. It is highly recommend that an enemy be greatly weakened before attempting Devour. With Devour, it is possible to max out to 255 nearly all stats on a character, albeit this could take literally months to do. Note that, if successful, Devour will earn the player only AP and not EXP.

Comically, when a Devour attempt is made, the vision is censored and the screen will change to pictures of daffodils, an ocean, or the green field featured in the beginning and ending of the game. If the Devour attempt is successful, the player will hear the distinct sound effect of something being eaten voraciously in the background. If it fails, the player will hear a buzzer.

Afterward, comments will be made on screen. The comments given will determine the effect of the Devour ability. If the target's HP is greater than the user's HP, then Devour will automatically fail and the target takes 8 damage. Otherwise, Devour follows the following formula.

Devour% = 100 * (AttackerHP - TargetHP) / AttackerHP


Comment Effect
"All systems go!" Full Cure and raise HP by 10.
"Gained strength" Full Cure and raise Strength stat by 1.
"Feel healthier" Full Cure and raise Vitality stat by 1.
"Clear head!" Full Cure and raise Magic stat by 1.
"Increased morale." Full Cure and raise Spirit stat by 1.
"Light on my feet!" Full Cure and raise Speed stat by 1.
"Refreshing!" Full Cure and remove all status effects
"Delicious!!!" Full Cure
"Tastes okay..." 50% HP Recovery
"No good!" Nothing happens.
"Couldn't devour!" Nothing happens.
"Tastes funny..." Petrify status.
"Can't see anything" 6.25% of Max-HP damage and Darkness.
"It's rotten..." 6.25% of Max-HP damage and Zombie status.
"Tastes awful!!!" 12.5% of Max-HP damage and Poison.
"Barf...Bwahhh!!!" 50% of Max-HP damage and Poison status.
"Shouldn't" 75% of Max-HP damage and the Poison, Darkness, Silence, Sleep, Slow, and Curse statuses.


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