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"The Devil’s Road exacts a high toll."

The Devil's Road (デビルロード Debiru Roodo), also known as Serpent Road, is a passage in the game Final Fantasy IV that connects Mysidia with Baron. It uses Lunar magic and technology brought to the Blue Planet by Kluya to facilitate extremely fast travel. In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, the Devil's Road is its own dungeon filled with dimensional warp points.




Final Fantasy IV

The elder sealed the passage shortly after Cecil and the Red Wings stole the Crystal of Water from Mysidia; however, after Cecil abandoned his Dark Knight ways and became a Paladin, he reopened it and allowed the party to return to Baron.

The road is said to exact an extreme toll on those who ride it, but this is never explained in-game beyond Tellah stating that he wanted to stay at an Inn after arriving in Baron--which was really just a subtle hint as to where to find Yang.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Ceodore Harvey and the Hooded Man use this secret passage to reach Baron. Throughout the way there, they were supported by a Black Mage and a White Mage, who were sent by Porom to guide them through the dungeon.


  • Sage's Surplice
  • Bomb Fragment
  • Phoenix Down
  • Hi-Potion
  • Ether
  • Echo Herbs

Enemy formations

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

First Area

Third Area

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