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The Deuterium Fusion Core is the thermonuclear deuterium Hydrogen-isotope power source and sub-slip propulsion for United Nations Space Command frigates. It may be used aboard further UNSC warships, but is not explicitly stated.

Since it is called the Deuterium Fusion Core, it should be believed that the Deuterium Fusion Core uses Deuterium-Deuterium fusion in which two Deuterium Isotopes combine to form a Helium-3 Isotope and a neutron. Another kind of fusion is Deuterium-Tritium fusion in which a Deuterium Hydrogen Isotope combines with a Tritium Hydrogen Isotope and forms Helium-4 and a neutron; however Deuterium-Tritium fusion creates less energy compared to Deuterium-Deuterium fusion. It is possible that older UNSC Vessels use Deuterium-Tritium fusion cores.

Modern day nuclear power plants use nuclear fission in which a Uranium-235 or Plutonium atom gets smashed and split to create energy. Fission is much less efficient compared with fusion. Modern day fusion reactors are still in the experimental stage.

The Deuterium Fusion Core may also be related to the UNSC Fusion Core, although this has not been confirmed.

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