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Battle of Telos IV


Kanz Disorders


None, end of conflict

Destruction of Malachor V

First Jedi Purge/Dark Wars (Old Sith Wars)


3,951 BBY


Malachor V

  • Jedi Victory
  • Planetary destruction
  • End of Sith Triumvirate

Sith Triumvirate

Jedi Exile and allies

  • Darth Traya
  • Darth Sion
  • Hanharr
  • All Sith on Malachor
  • The Trayus Academy
  • Destruction of Malachor V
  • Kreia
  • G0-T0 and Bao-Dur's remote
"Now we shall see if you can overcome the weight of Malachor, and silence the echoes that beat from its heart."
Darth Traya

The Destruction of Malachor V was one of the last known events of the Old Sith Wars. It occurred in 3,951 BBY and was the final major event of the First Jedi Purge.



Behind the destruction were the Jedi Exile and her former Lieutenant Bao-Dur, the inventor of the Mass Shadow Generator, which had been previously used by the Exile in the Battle of Malachor V to crush the Mandalorian fleet.

Shortly after the Battle of Telos IV, Admiral Carth Onasi appointed an audience for the Exile. Having recognized her as one of Revan's generals and her ship, the Ebon Hawk, as Revan's former ship, he asked the Exile to find Revan and bring him a simple message that Carth was following his orders to keep the Galactic Republic safe.

After that, the Exile departed to Malachor V, the last known location of Revan, as she also had her own business on the planet—she was to reach Kreia and stop her before she would sacrifice herself and kill the Exile as well through their Force bond. At least, that was what Kreia wanted her to believe, while in fact, she was hoping to use the Exile, given her unusual nature, to create a wound in the Force that would destroy the Force itself, rendering the Jedi and the Sith alike powerless and completing her revenge.

Upon arrival at Malachor V, the Ebon Hawk crashed into part of a canyon area and was suspended far above an abyss, falling into the abyss shortly after the Exile's departure into the Trayus Academy. And as the Exile was descending into the depths of the Academy, one of the Exile's companions, a bounty hunter named Mira fought and defeated Hanharr, whom she had previously fought, and healed by Kreia before being sent after Mira on Nar Shaddaa, and Bao-Dur sent his remote on a mission, contacting it via a pre-recorded hologram. It turned out that the droid's primary objective was reactivating the Mass Shadow Generator and undoing the damage done to Malachor nine years earlier—by destroying the planet itself.

The Battle

Once inside the academy, the Exile faced off against all of Kreia's dark forces and finally confronted Darth Sion. As they dueled, the Lord of Pain believed that Kreia would accept him back as her apprentice once the Exile is destroyed. But despite his abilities to regain consciousness with the dark side, the Exile defeated Sion and explained that Kreia was only using him to get to her. Knowing this to be true, Sion confessed that he "hated" her because of her beauty and became one with the Force.

Bao-Dur's remote succeeded in powering the generator from crashed Republic ships. However, it was intercepted by G0-T0, who was interested in Malachor staying intact, believing it would help him and the Exile bring stability to the galaxy.

Eventually, as the Exile confronted her former teacher, Kreia, now once again Darth Traya, in the Trayus Core, Traya failed to manipulate her. She was mortally wounded still attempting to break the Exile's will, yet she retained some benevolence towards the Exile, calling her the greatest of her apprentices and revealing the fates of her followers, the worlds they had visited, and the Republic. She died soon after giving the Exile the last of her knowledge, returning to the light side.

Meanwhile on the surface, after HK-47 arrived with his newly befriended HK-50s to stop G0-T0, the Mass Shadow Generator was activated, and the damaged Ebon Hawk was piloted out of the core and arrived to save the Exile from the collapsing Trayus Core. The ship took off Malachor, which fell apart behind it, finally silencing the echo in the Force that the Exile created during the Mandalorian Wars and ended the first ever Sith Triumvirate.

Behind the scenes

The following information is gathered from the files included in the PC version of the game.

  • During the G0-T0 and remote battle, HK-47 was supposed to arrive with HK-51 droids that he recruited from the HK Manufacturing Plant and destroy G0-T0 and allow the remote to complete its task, but this idea was scrapped because of the game's short development timetable. However, there are files of this event are found in the game files. See also Cut ending to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This was later made canon in the New Essential Guide to Droids.

In the alternate dark side ending, Malachor V is not destroyed.


  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (First appearance)


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