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Great Droid Revolution[1]


Raid on the Iziz Royal Palace[2]

Destruction of Ambria[3]

Old Sith Wars[4]


4,002 BBY[4]




Sith defeat[3]




Sith sorceress[3]


Sith sorceress[3]


Sith sorceress[3]

All life on Ambria[3]

The destruction of Ambria was one of the early events of the Old Sith Wars. An unidentified Sith sorceress had created a gigantic obelisk which served as a conduit for the dark side of the force. However, the obelisk had gone out of control and unleashed an uncontrollable wave of dark side energy that devastated the planet; killing all life including the sorceress and infusing the world with the dark side.

Later, the Jedi Master Thon arrived and managed to free the planet of its dark side influence by containing it in Lake Natth. Thus, the lake became a focus of dark side energy.



The planet Ambria had been home to an unidentified Sith sorceress who used the environment to perform experiments into the nature of the dark side. When she arrived on Ambria, she used her magic and created a gigantic obelisk which she imbued with the dark side of the Force.

Upon its completion, she attempted an ancient Sith ritual, one which proved far beyond her means of successfully performing. The result was an uncontrollable wave of dark side energy that completely devastated Ambria. All life on the planet ceased to exist, including the Sorceress herself. The landscape was also ravaged more than it was before, and the planet became infused with the dark side.

The arrival of Jedi Master Thon began the first stages in freeing Ambria from darkness. Thon's sole purpose for coming to Ambria was to liberate the planet of the dark side, and he succeeded in driving back the dark side, trapping it forevermore in the confines of Lake Natth. With all of Ambria's darkness held at bay by Thon, Lake Natth became a potent focus of dark side energy.[3]


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