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Part 1

Brief overview: The temporal cold war is brought into the 24th century when the commander of a faction invades the Federation. In the year 2401, a now aging Captain Maxwell meets up with Daniels to try to correct the changes.

Part 2

Brief overview: Journeying to 2387, Maxwell and Daniels join the fleet at the Battle of Beta Frontier to change history. Meanwhile, T'Pel must deal with persistant visions of her twin brothers S'Ruul and Sloval.

Background information

  • This episode marks the first appearance of S'Ruul, a character that would become a recurring villain in Season 2 and Star Trek: Unity II.
  • Originally, the invasion was to have come from a parallel universe (possibly the mirror universe) however it was changed to an invasion from the future to tie into a familar canon event (the temporal cold war).
  • This is the first appearence of Daniels in Pioneer.
  • During the entirity of part one the USS Pioneer is not featured.
  • The season finale "Time's Legacy" acts as a sequel of sorts to both this episode and the earlier episode "Beyond The Final Frontier". In it Daniels and Future Guy are again encountered where it is revealed the latter is infact Captain Braxton.

Memorable quotes

"A war is brewing in my time… a cold war… with battlefronts in nearly every century… I feared soon the war would escalate and it did."
"You… that’s possible… Oh Maxwell, why did you have to say that! Now for all I know I could be completing a predestination paradox and causing the very conflict I want to avoid. I hate time loops."
Daniels after arriving in 2387
"…Is this the “magnificent pink drink” I have heard so much about?"
T'Pel after seeing the captain drinking a strawberry milkshake.
"When everything else happened so exactly as I predicted, something tells me we haven’t seen the last of them…"
— T'Pel predicts S'Ruul and Sloval will not remain hidden for long.

Log entries

The following entires were made in an alternate timeline where the Federation lost the Battle of Beta Frontier.
  • "Computer, begin recording… Personal log, Stardate 79588.4, the commander-in-chief has arrived on Luna… this is the day I have dreaded, the information I have collected is concrete… it is defiantly him and today he will activate the time portal and bring from the future thousands more soldiers to control the Federation, sealing the galaxy’s fate. If only I still had the Pioneer and the crew had survived that terrible battle… things might be different… we might’ve been able to stop this… enslavement before it even began… but this… this is how it must end… what was once a day of peace, turned into the last day for the Federation. After their forces arrive, there will be absolutely no way to fight back. …Our fleet is lost… my comrades dead… all of them… every single officer on that ship died! Why would only I survive? Destiny? Was it the Federation’s destiny to be slaves to this… future… man? Who is he anyway? He appeared as if from nowhere and now he’s got control of the entire quadrant… I got word that Romulus fell a couple of days ago… and I doubt the Tholians can hold their borders for much longer. It must not end like this. We must go boldly where none have gone before, like it was meant to be. This will be my final recording… if my plan works I’ll die… but at least we’ll have a better chance of restoring freedom to the galaxy. End log."
--- A now aged Peter Maxwell
  • "Captain’s log, stardate 65007. We’re resuming our course for Trillius Prime after assisting with minor repairs to the station. Sadly we lost three ships in the battle and many more have been severely damaged, our thoughts go out to those who died saving our future.
--- Captain Maxwell

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