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"The boy is known by the legendary title of "Onion Knight." His strongest weapon is his brilliant mind. It is what allowed him to survive many enemy encounters in spite of his youth. The boy has supreme confidence in his own intellect. In a world that was slowly decaying around them, the boy traveled with Terra, a girl with magical powers, in search of their crystals– with the conviction that his brilliance will lead him to answers about the future."

Destiny Odyssey III, titled The Pride of Youth, is a storyline in Dissidia Final Fantasy. This storyline follows the Onion Knight's search for his crystal and has a difficulty rating of four stars. This is the first storyline to chronologically end and directly precedes Destiny Odyssey VI. This storyline is also notable for being the only storyline in the Destiny Odyssey series with Enigma tiles.



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The Onion Knight is traveling with Terra in search of their crystals. After the Onion Knight talks their way out of a battle with Exdeath, Terra senses a strange aura and soon looses control of herself and her powers, attacking the Onion Knight. The Onion Knight, rather than running away, stays to fight Terra and return her to normal, but is then whisked away by the Cloud of Darkness.

The Onion Knight then encounters Cosmos who tells him that the only way for him to retrieve his crystal his to defeat the Cloud of Darkness, which puts into question of whether the Knight's habit of only using his head instead of his heart is the right thing to do.

When the Knight finally finds Terra, the Cloud of Darkness appears to try and coax the Onion Knight into serving under her. The Knight finally realizes his inner courage and instead defeats the Cloud of Darkness and obtains his crystal.

Level Bonus

DP First prize Second Prize
0 100 gil 10 PP
1 300 gil 20 PP
2 600 gil 30 PP
3 1,000 gil 50 PP
4 Ultros 80 PP
5 Flame Rod 120 PP
6 Ice Rod 200 PP
7+ Rosetta Stone 300 PP



Destiny Odyssey III-1

"The boy and girl are swept into battle, not knowing the true meaning of strength..."
4 6
1 5 9
2 8
This first stage introduces the Enigma tile: what these contain are a mystery until the player examines them or at least places their home area adjacent to them. Expect to see more of these tiles in the following stages. The player begins with four Destiny Points.

1. Starting Position
2. Battle Piece (Counterfeit Youth)
3. Battle Piece (Delusory Knight) - Enigma
4. [TC] Red Drop
5. Battle Piece (Counterfeit Wraith) - Enigma

6. Battle Piece (False Stalwart) - Enigma (Berserk)
7. Battle Piece (Ephemeral Vision) - Enigma
8. Battle Piece (Imaginary Soldier) - Enigma
9. Stigma of Chaos

Destiny Odyssey III-2

"His greatest skills, intelligence and luck... For one clever enough to anticipate traps, even the toughest trials are treated as sport."
1 8 7
2 4 6 11
9 10
The second stage, unusually, features just one regular battle piece and three hard battle pieces, and has less enemies than in the first stage. Again, many pieces are hidden on Enigma tiles, including a Potion and a treasure chest. The player begins with five Destiny Points.

1. Starting Position
2. Battle Piece (Phantasmal Harlequin) - Enigma
3. Potion - Enigma
4. Hard Battle Piece (Delusory Warlock) - Enigma
5. Hard Battle Piece (Ephemeral Vision)
6. Hard Battle Piece (Counterfeit Wraith) - Enigma

7. [TC] Yellow Drop - Enigma
8. Strange Battle Piece (Capricious Thief)
9. Locked Area - two-star storyline completion bonus
10. Summonstone (Phoenix)
11. Stigma of Chaos

Destiny Odyssey III-3

"Overconfidence and curiosity... The naïve youth has yet to learn what's caused the severe mistake he has made."
8 11 10
6 12 9
5 13 4
1 2 3
The third stage contains the Automatic version of the Phoenix summon. It also contains the Expert battle piece, which is concealed by an Enigma tile. It guards the Full Metal Staff. The player begins with five Destiny Points. While the target is a Chaos Piece, there is no boss on this stage, rather it behaves like a regular Stigma of Chaos.

1. Starting Position
2. Battle Piece (Delusory Knight)
3. Battle Piece (Delusory Warlock) - Enigma (Berserk)
4. Ether
5. Battle Piece (Imaginary Champion) - Enigma
6. Hard Battle Piece (Counterfeit Wraith) - Enigma
7. Locked Area - opens when 5 and 3 are defeated

8. [TC] Hide Armlet - Enigma
9. Hard Battle Piece (Imaginary Soldier) - Enigma
10. Summonstone (Phoenix (AUTO))
11. Expert Battle Piece (Imitation Despot) - Enigma
12. [TC] Full Metal Staff
13. Chaos Piece

Destiny Odyssey III-4

"Ingenuity and intelligence are not infallible, but misfortune is never far away. Is the youth worthy of his title?"
2 11
4 3 8
1 5
10 9 6
In this stage, the player begins with five Destiny Points. Once again the goal is a Chaos Piece, which normally indicates a boss battle against a warrior of Chaos, but the warrior the Onion Knight fights is actually Terra.

1. Starting Position
2. Battle Piece (False Stalwart) - Enigma
3. Battle Piece (Phantasmal Harlequin) - Enigma
4. Hard Battle Piece (Ephemeral Vision)
5. [TC] Rosetta Stone - Enigma
6. Potion - Enigma

7. Strange Battle Piece (Capricious Thief)
8. Hard Battle Piece (Counterfeit Wraith) - Enigma
9. Locked Area - two-star storyline completion bonus
10. [TC] Rosetta Stone
11. Chaos Piece (Terra)

Destiny Odyssey III-5

"By understanding himself, and acknowledging others, the youth may recover a light brighter than any he's yet known..."
11 4 5
12 6
10 13 3 1
9 8 7
This is the final stage before the Onion Knight fights the Cloud of Darkness. There are a few locked areas that bar his way to her. The player begins with four Destiny Points.

1. Starting Position
2. Battle Piece (False Stalwart) - Enigma
3. Battle Piece (Delusory Warlock) - Enigma
4. Battle Piece (Capricious Reaper) - Enigma
5. [TC] White Drop - Enigma
6. Battle Piece (Imaginary Champion)
7. Hard Battle Piece (Imitation Despot)

8. Locked Area - opens when 6 is defeated
9. Potion
10. Locked Area - opens when 4 is defeated
11. [TC] Guard Stick
12. Locked Area - opens when 7 is defeated
13. Chaos Piece (Cloud of Darkness)

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