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Dessous getting out of his grave ready for battle.

Dessous is fought during the Desert Treasure quest. He is a vampire lord, and owns some undisclosed areas of Morytania. The player is told of him by Malak, one of the four guardians of the Diamonds of Azzanadra, who wants Dessous dead in order to claim his land for his own. If any part of the quest is not followed correctly (for example, if the pot is not blessed), Dessous will say "You will never defeat me" when reduced to 0 hitpoints and regenerate all his hitpoints ready to fight again, so be careful!.


Dessous attacks with a combination Magic/Ranged attack (a swarm of bats) each of which does double 5s for a total of 10 damage. He mainly attacks with a much stronger and rapid melee attack (attack speed of 7, equivalent to a shortbow or throwing rings on rapid) which hits up to 19. Using either Protection from Magic or Ranged will stop half of the damage done by the bats. Players are advised to use Protect from Melee and to take armour which is resistant to magic attacks. Another option is using Protect from Magic and your best melee armour. A third option is to bring splitbark armour or dragonhide armour, as it protects from both melee and magic attack. If players try to hit Dessous from a long distance away, he will teleport closer to them, and if Dessous teleports three times in total he will get "bored of toying with you" and go back to his grave (this means you have to refill the silver pot and start the fight again). Melee attacks don't work well on him, so using powerful magic spells up close is a good strategy since he has a low magic defence. In particular, Dessous is commonly thought to be most weak to any of the air spells although earth spells work comparatively well.

Dessous' magic/ranged attack has a loud, piercing cry when he uses it, so it could help to turn off the sound effects so it doesn't distract players when fighting him.


Dessous is found in the south-east of Mort Myre, in an area called the "Graveyard". To awaken him, players must use a blessed silver pot containing blood, garlic and spice on his grave.
Recommended route to Dessous' grave, from the secret entrance to the Myreque hideout.


Guardians of Diamonds of Azzandra
Damis Dessous Fareed Kamil

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