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Desrini District

Prior to 22 BBY[1]


Badly damaged and polluted in 22 BBY[1]

Location information



Northern Coruscant, near CoCo Town[1][2]


Heavily toxic after 22 BBY[1]

Points of interest

Waste Canister Delivery Port 84-D-21[1]




Rise of the Empire era[1]


Galactic Republic[1]

"The Desrini district of northern Coruscant is still closed following a catastrophic garbage launcher misfire that has killed at least 48 and has littered the entire district with dangerous industrial waste."
HoloNet News reporting on the misfire in the Desrini District.

The Desrini District was a civic district in the northern hemisphere of the Republic's capitol planet of Coruscant, near the Coco District. In 22 BBY, the entire district was evacuated after a garbage launcher misfired, spreading toxic waste over the area. Forty-eight individuals were killed, with more then 200 injured. Investigations into the matter led to the discovery of a group of squatters who had been living in the canister's launch tube, resulting in the misfire. The district was quarantined while clean-up was under way, and some Coruscanti politicians used the disaster to argue for more regulations on immigration into Coruscant, saying that the unregulated immigration had caused the Desrini District to become overpopulated, forcing the squatters to live in the launch tube. Due to the large amounts of biological toxins released by the disaster, a large amount of dianogas—large cephalopod scavengers—infested the district, killing at least 25 more residents.



"That disaster in the Desrini district was a horrible accident that was a direct result of port overcrowding. Those families living in the barrel were there because they couldn't find anywhere else to go."
―Minister of Ingress Zelebitha Effhod on the district's overcrowding.

The Desrini District was a civic district in the northern hemisphere of the Galactic Republic's capitol world of Coruscant, near the Coco Town District. The Desrini District was constructed sometime prior to 22 BBY,[1] and had several spaceports that were heavily overcrowded, some said due to illegal immigration into Coruscant. Due to the district's overpopulation, many of its residents were homeless, some of which lived wherever they could find shelter.[2] Several different species lived in the district, including Humans, Cereans, Trandoshans, and Advozses, among others.[3]

In 22 BBY, Waste Canister Delivery Port 84-D-21—a garbage launcher situated in the Desrini Disrict—misfired its payload of industrial waste sealed in a shielded container, destroying four city blocks and filling the district's atmoshpere with the container's hightly toxic payload. As a result, the district was forced to be evacuated while Coruscant Rescue Ops began a district wide sanitary clean up.[1] A month after the accident, most of the district's residents were left homeless, and large amounts of garbage began to pile up in the districts lower levels.[3]


"From the looks of it, there were at least four families of squatters living between the fourth and fifth accelerator gates."
―Captain Nigella Mure of Desrini Rescue Ops about how the obstruction that caused the canister misfire.
Member of the Coruscant Rescue Ops.

22 years before the Battle of Yavin, the Desrini District suffered disaster when a garbage launcher, Waste Canister Delivery Port 84-D-21, misfired its regularly scheduled payload of industrial refuse due to an previously unknown obstruction in its launch tube. The waste canister shreded into pieces in the launch tube, causing the entire cannon assembly to collapse, destroying four of the district's city blocks in the process. The devlivery port's collapse killed at least 48 of the district's residents and injured over 200 more. Rescue crews from the district's local Corucant Rescue Ops department arrived at the accident site in less than half an hour and immediately began to recover survivors and attend to the injured.[1]

Rescue Ops later indentified the cannon's obstruction as a small shannytown made up of at least four refugee families that were living in the launcher's barrel, between the canon's fourth and fifth accelerator gate. The squatters had tapped into the launcher's energy grid which disabled its obstruction sensors, which would have warned about the shannytown before the canister's launch.[1]

The waste canister contained 115 highly toxic metric tons of concentrated industrial waste—including hyperbaride run-off, tricorrinium hexifluorine and destabilized hrucium—which was spread over the disaster site when the canister exploded, and emergency workers were forced to dress in full toxgear to carry out rescue efforts. The Coruscant WeatherNet canceled prevailing winds in the area, but natural air currents caused by undercity convection began to spread a dangerous cloud of industrial toxins across the Desrini District, forcing all non-pressurized structures in the district to be evacuated. Once the evacuation was complete, rescue crews began a district wide cleanup of the hazardous waste.[1]

After the catastrophe, the Coruscant Ministry of Ingress—which regulated immigration into Coruscant—issued new restrictions on all in-bound interstellar flights into Coruscant, aimed at reducing illegal immigration into the Galacitc City. The new regulations were created partially due to the canister misfire in the Desrini District, with Ingress Minister Zelebitha Effhod claiming that the squatter families had been forced to live in the garbage launcher's cannon barrel because they had no where else to live, due to Desrini's overpopulation caused by large amounts of unauthorized immigrants moving into the district.[2]

Dianogas attack the Desrini District's residents.

One month after the canister's misfire, the Desrini District continued to be plauged with problems. Many of the district's residents were left homeless after the accident, and large amounts of garbage form the destroyed canister began to pile up district's lower levels. Due to the large trash pileup, many dianogas—large cephalopod scavengers—infested the district, attracted to the organic waste. The dianogas attacked the district's homeless, killing at least 25, and social activists on behalf of the destitute warned that the scavangers might spread to nearby districts, including Coco Town.[3]

The disasterous events of the Desrini District were reported on by HoloNet News in several small articles that year.[1][2][3]

Behind the Scenes

The Desrini District first appeared in the in-universe HoloNet News Vol. 531 50 article, "Garbage Launcher Misfire Kills 48; Closes Desrini", posted on the HoloNet News website April 4, 2002. The district later appeared in HoloNet News article's "Coruscant Restricts Immigration" and "Desrini Plagued by Dianogas", released in HoloNet News Vol. 531 51 on April 11, 2002, and in HoloNet News Vol. 531 55 on May 9, 2002, respectively. The Desrini district was also mentined in Star Databank entry on the Coruscant Rescue Ops, and was given its own entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, which was released on December 9, 2008.



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