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The Desolation
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Region
Part of: Elona
Kourna, Vabbi, Realm of Torment, Crystal Desert

The Desolation is a region of Elona which contains a portal to The Arid Sea in Prophecies.

This area has been ravaged by evil. A most hostile environment, this poisonous desert is filled with extraordinary inhumane hazards. It is under the control of demons and undead. Palawa Joko, Lord of the Undead, first invaded Elona from the Desolation. After completing the Gate of Desolation mission, you gain the ability to traverse the Sulfurous Haze by summoning a Junundu wurm to transport you.

In addition to elementals, undead, and the Junundu, Margonites seem to possess the ability to transverse the desolation unharmed, as does Warmarshal Varesh, although the last two may have been blessed with supernatural abilities by Abaddon in order to survive the Sulfurous Haze.





Challenge Missions

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  • The Desolation is technically part of the Crystal Desert of Tyria, but it is considered a separate region in-game in the same way that the Shiverpeaks are divided into three regions.
  • Anyone venturing into the sulfurous haze will quickly find out that you do not survive long in the yellow sand. However it should be noted when you die in the sand you do not suffer a death penalty.
  • In areas with Sulfur present, a player may walk along the edge of the map allowing them to traverse the areas without being in a Junundu.

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Halo 2


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Forerunner Arena

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Once a scientific outpost, this Derelict Forerunner facility waits patiently to be reactivated.

Desolation is a Halo 2 multiplayer map. The map was designed from the ground up by video game company Certain Affinity. Desolation is a remake of the multiplayer map Derelict, from Halo: Combat Evolved.



Desolation has an entirely new setting. Rather than a facility of some kind in deep space, as Derelict was, Desolation is located on Delta Halo. The architecture appears to be of Forerunner origin and looks similar to the structures seen on Delta Halo in Campaign.


It features a similar weapon set to its precursor, but adjusted to account for Halo 2's different arsenal. For example, the Assault Rifle spawn is replaced by a Battle Rifle. There is also an Energy Sword to accompany the Shotgun.

Desolation also has certain structural differences between itself and Derelict. The teleporters have been replaced by Gravity Lifts that propel players from the ground to upper level. However, the tunnels on the upper level have not been replaced by ramps that lead down the ground level, as Bungie said in a Weekly Update.


  • If you look up at one of the many lights on the upper level with your back lined up along the wall looking at the light, it appears to be in the shape of the Autobot symbol from the popular Transformers series.
  • Desolation is an elaborate remake of the Halo: Combat Evolved Multiplayer map, Derelict. In Desolation's official description, it is described as a "derelict forerunner structure awaiting to be reactivated." This is an obvious reference to the original map, Derelict.
  • On, the images for Desolation are in the /derelict/ directory, another obvious reference to the former version of this level.
  • Desolation is exclusive to the Xbox version of Halo 2, which is backwards compatible on Xbox 360.
  • Along with Backwash, Desolation is the only level in the Halo Trilogy to spawn a Sentinel Beam by default.
  • Although not an official map, the Bungie-made Sandbox, Pantheon, is considered the spiritual successor of Desolation and Derelict as it was featured in the Bungie Day playlist, "Bungie vs. World". In addition, the map features the same layout as its predecessors though lacking the Gravity Lifts found on Desolation.


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Uncanny X-Men #382
(July, 2000)


History of character is unknown.


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The Desolation was a barren and lifeless region of the planet Caarimon. It was located on the planet's north pole and was circular in shape, with a radius of about 100 kilometers. It was formed thousands of years before the Clone Wars, when the byproducts of metals used by the Caarites killed off all the life there.


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