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Desmond's On The Plane

  • Desmond is the Link of the survivors and the Island, If everything got "reset" then Desmond would not be on the plane.
  • Desmond wasn't actually on the plane. Once Jack looked at him and spoke to him, Desmond disappeared and he wasn't ever shown again in the context of the plane flight. No one else saw him.
  • Expanding on this: It's interesting to note that when Jack and Desmond see each other in the hatch (Season 2 when Desmond has a gun to Locke), Jack recognizes Desmond right away ("You?"). Because their encounter on the plane seems like more of a 'gut feeling', it implies that Jack and Desmond never met at the stadium in this timeline. They simply feel some sort of connection based on their lives in the Island timeline.
    • Actually, in the hatch, Jack didn't recognize Desmond until Desmond said, "Brotha". Desmond never said this on the plane, so Jack wouldn't have made the connection yet.
      • Actually Desmond called Jack "brotha" on the plane.
  • If the bomb worked, Desmond would have never known Penny because her father Charles Widmore would have died in the explosion. That one event would change Desmonds entire past, present and future.
    • The actress who plays Penny was born in 1974. Even if Penny's actual birthdate is up to three years later, she still could've been born regardless of her father's fate on the island.
      • Are you really citing real life? Come on, how many movies have you seen 30 year-old people playing high school students? Sonya Walger's birth date has nothing to do with Lost, that information is absolutely useless and doesn't apply to the show at all.
      • But Penny met Desmond picking up wine for her father from the monastery so if Charles died, Penny and Desmond would never meet.
        • If the plane didn't crash, none of the passengers would have had any ties off of the plane. Yet Kate meets Claire, Jack meets Locke... just because Des and Penny couldn't have met in those exact circumstances, does not mean that they could not meet.
          • It is possible that Desmond met Penny in the alternate universe. Charles Widmore was banished from island because he made trips off the island and had a child with an outsider. This means if Charles was on the island at the time of bomb detonation he would have died. This leaves Penny and Desmond to fall in love without Charles interferring with their relationship. This also means that Desmond never would have to prove himself by entering the sailing race. (Even if he did enter the race the island was underwater and he would not have washed up on the island). To quote from Charles Widmore's Wiki "Some time after the Purge, Ben had Widmore exiled from the Island and supplanted him as leader of the Others. As Widmore was led to the submarine by armed guards, Ben came to say farewell. Widmore, however, felt Ben had come to "gloat" about his victory in having him exiled. Widmore had been exiled for "breaking the rules": namely, for regularly leaving the Island, and for having a family off the Island (specifically, a "daughter with an outsider"). Widmore scornfully told Ben that one day he would have to choose between Alex and the Island. He was then led to the submarine and exiled. ("Dead Is Dead")"
          • It's also possible that aliens are orchestrating all of this, but more than likely its not. The first episode made it pretty clear that even though they didnt crash in the alternate timeline, what is destined to happen will happen. Jack saved Charlie, Hurley won the lottery without the numbers, Kate will probably deliver Aaron next episode, just as she did on the island; and Desmond will somehow meet Penny if that was his destiny. God did all you people forget everything that happen before this? But on the same note, it has been implied that Eloise and Charles Widmore had a part in Desmond and Penny meeting. "Whatever happened happened." If it is your path, that is what will happen. The universe has a funny way of course correcting, and that is exactly what is happening right now.
            • The purge didn't happen until the 80s. While it is very possible that Penny was born off the island, and even possible that Widmore was off-island at the time, it is extremely unlikely that Widmore's life, and by extension Penny's, would take the same path. Des may never have met her, which means he wouldn't be running off his frustration at a track at night, wouldn't have met Jack, and thus no reunion on the plane.
            • Desmond was running at the stadium because he was training for his race around the world, not because he was frustrated. And you're saying its "extremely unlikely" that they would take the same path. Don't you think its "extremely unlikely" that Hurley wouldnt win the lottery if he never heard the numbers? Yet in the new timeline he still won the lottery. Geez have some of you not watched the show before or what? You cant read cliffs notes on this show, you have to watch it start to finish in exact order or you're going to make yourself sound like an idiot. Stick to reading if you arent sure about something.
    • Also, in the Flashback where Ben is seeing Charles off to exile, he says that one of the reasons that Charles was being banished was that he "regularly left the island" and had "a family off island." This might be evidence that Penny had in fact been born and off island at the time of the explosion, not tying her existence to Charles' fate. However, if Charles is dead then there is no reason for Desmond to do the sailing race (nor would there be any Widmore money to finance the race).
      • Furthermore, when Desmond first met Jack in the stadium, Desmond told Jack he was training in preparation for the sailing race. No sailing race, no need to train, therefore no meeting Jack that evening in the stadium, therefore no meeting Jack in the alternate reality until they meet on the plane. Although it would be very Lost-like if it is revealed that they connected at some other prior point in the alternate reality-- were it not for the issue that it may be too convoluted for there to be flashbacks in the alternate reality.
      • See my point above as it applies here as well that regardless of Penny being born, she never would have met Desmond
        • Just because they didn't meet under once specific set of circumstances doesn't mean that they wouldn't have met under some other set of circumstances. Desmond is wearing a wedding ring on the plane. It is possible that he met Penny and they are already married because there was no Widmore to cock things up for them.
          • Right! The universe has proven to 'course correct' to ensure that things that happen happen.
  • Desmond is on the plane. He asks Jack if he can sit next to him for a while because the person seated next to him is snoring. When we return to the scene later we can presume Desmond returned to his seat but is still on the plane.
  • Desmond was on the plane, because of course correction and also, because he's replacong Shannon.
  • Desmond's phrase (which Jack appropriated when the Oceanic 6 left Penny's boat), "See you in another life, brother," now seems to have been prophetic.
  • Jack didn't recognize him, because if the Island sink he never has to do the race, so he never was in the stadium with Jack, Jack only feel as a deja vu.
  • The reason Desmond is not in his seat when Jack returns, is perhaps he was told to return to his original seat as the plane began to land.
    • I feel the writers put thought into every thing in an episode, and to make a point of having Jack notice that he wasn't there, and then ask about him, would seem to imply that there is more of a reason then that he was just relocated.
      • But that said, it would be very typical of the writers to give a red herring that there's more to Desmond leaving his new seat, where there might not be. (Which as suggested by the, 'he was told to return to his original seat' idea, may be the case here).
  • It was a 'temporary' Desmond, who appeared on the plane, much like he used to do before when he was time-skipping. Like in "The Constant". There is still much to be discovered about Desmonds abilities, this incident is directly related to that.
    • But if he never had to turn the failsafe, he never would have started jumping through time in the first place.
    • And when he WAS jumping through time, he was never a 'temporary' Desmond who appeared and disappeared anyway; it was just his present consciousness jumping to times when he was physcially there anyway.
  • Desmond is there because he must still cross paths with Jack the way he did before. Eloise previously explained to Desmond that it was his destiny to do what he did before, so despite the fact that history is completely rewritten in this timeline, all of them must still converge to do what they were originally designed to do regardless. Meeting Desmond on the plane, just like Charlie pronouncing he is supposed to die, reveals that even in this alternate reality they have attempted to create, it will all find it's way back to where it is supposed to.
  • Charles never dies from the H-Bomb because the H-Bomb doesn't go off without Daniel going back to correct time. It might be fair to assume that Desmond and Charles would not be connected though. In Ben hadn't taken leadership of the others or even been shot and taken to Jacob, Charles may still have been the leader of the Others.
  • Desmond has a singular consciousness between both timelines/realities
  • Desmond was indeed on the plane and the reason why he diseappear when Jack cameback from the bathroom was, because he felt that maybe Jack was having somekind of homosexual thinkings, so to be safe, he moved.

Desmond the new Jacob?

  • It would explain Desmond showing up all of a sudden on the plane. Talking to Jack causing Jack to have deja vu and than shaking his hand(touching him like Jacob did before). Than mysteriously disappearing off the plane. Maybe he knows what has happened and whats been changed and what was lost(penny?).Plus for the fact that he appears just as the plane is over the island.
    • There's no evidence that Desmond disappeared. He may have just gone back to his seat and we just didn't see him much like we didn't see Eko, Libby, Michael, etc.

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