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Desmond's photograph


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Desmond's Original Photograph in the first broadcast of the episode "Orientation"
In London near the River Thames, Desmond and Penelope pose for the photograph in front of a pull-down backdrop of a harbor --("Flashes Before Your Eyes")
The photo, found in Naomi's copy of Ardil-22 ("Catch-22")

Jack noticed this picture during his first moments in the Swan ("Orientation"). The woman in the photograph is Desmond's girlfriend Penelope Widmore, and the photo was originally taken as a backdrop screen behind them when they get their photo taken in London. It was also one of the objects to survive the Hatch implosion intact ("Flashes Before Your Eyes"). The real-life backdrop to the photograph is the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor in Honolulu.[1]

Desmond's photograph appeared again, and we discovered that Penelope has a copy of a similar photo. ("Live Together, Die Alone")

Another copy of the photograph surfaced in Naomi's possession, tucked into a Portuguese copy of Catch-22. ("Catch-22") Naomi claimed to have been hired by Penny and she instantly recognized Desmond. However, when Desmond later showed this photograph to Frank and the other freighter crew they denied any knowledge of Penny or the photograph. ("The Economist") He takes this copy on board the helicopter and it becomes very crumpled. ("The Constant")


  • The producers suggest that the origin of the photograph might be different in Desmond's two timelines. They further suggest this might explain the disparity in the apparent number of copies of the photograph that should exist. (Official Lost Podcast/February 20, 2007)

Continuity error

  • The actress that appears in the photograph from the original airing of "Orientation" was obviously not actress Sonya Walger, who played Penelope in "Live Together, Die Alone". In the rerun airing of "Orientation" on 6/14/06 (and on the DVDs), this continuity error was corrected by replacing the original photo with the one from the finale (showing Sonya Walger).
  • Desmond's photograph when being taken in "Flashes Before Your Eyes" is very different to the one used before and since. Here he is wearing a different shirt, orange in color compared to the bright red on the original. The original covered his neck while here it is bare. The background of the marina is different as is Penny's position and her facial expression.

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Desmond's photograph/Theories
  • How did Naomi get a copy of the photograph and why was she carrying it?


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