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The Desert of Shifting Sands.
The Desert of Shifting Sands after the merging of the world.

The Desert of Shifting Sands, also known as Quicksand Desert, is a location in Final Fantasy V.



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Bartz and the party went to cross through the Desert of Shifting Sands in pursuit of King Tycoon, who was rumored to have crossed the desert floating on air. The sands are always moving like rivers, making the trek by foot impossible. Cid Previa and his grandson Mid then proposes summoning the Sandworm that lived in the area, and after killing it, use its body to cross the desert, like a bridge. Although thinking it was a violent method, the party had no choice but to follow through with the plan. After defeating the Sandworm, the party crosses the desert to reach Gohn. As they move through, they came across a Pyramid, but could not enter it.

After the destruction of the Earth Crystal, the sands of this desert stopped flowing, and later, the party will be able to enter the Pyramid.




Outside (Merged World)

Musical Themes

"Sealed Away" from Final Fantasy V''
Image:FFV - Sealed Away.ogg
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"Sealed Away" (封印されしもの Fūinsareshi Mono) plays as the theme to the Desert of Shifting Sands.

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