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Desert Treasure involves the player assisting the Mahjarrat, Azzanadra, in his escape from his pyramid prison in the Kharidian Desert. Desert Treasure is a difficult quest, so be prepared. However, if you need the Ring of visibility for Ghostly robes (miniquest), then you do not have to do the diamonds in order!


Official quest description: Rumours abound throughout Varrock and Al-Kharid that an archaeologist has discovered some clues to a large hoard of treasure hidden somewhere deep in the desert south of Al-Kharid. Anybody prepared to offer him assistance in his treasure hunting could well find themselves benefiting from a very large reward indeed...
Release date: 18 April 2005 (Update)
Start: The archaeologist near the magic carpet stop at the Bedabin Camp.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Very long
Members only: Yes
Items needed:
Monsters to kill: 4 Guardians


Enchanting the mirrors

Starting off on one of the hardest quests in the game.

Items needed for this section:

Optional: Amulet of Glory and/or Digsite pendant saves time travelling from Desert to Digsite Exam Centre and/or the Broomstick, since it will take you directly to the Sorceress Garden, right next to Shantay Pass.

  • Go to the Bedabin Camp. Talk to the archaeologist, Asgarnia Smith, he can be found right next to the magic carpet merchant. He will give you etchings to take to the expert at the Digsite.
  • Travel to the Exam centre south-east of Varrock and talk to the Archaeological Expert inside. He will take the etchings. Talk to him again and he will give you a Translation Book to take back to the archaeologist.
  • Go back to the archaeologist in the desert. Make sure you have 650 coins. Talk to him and agree to split the treasure 50/50.
  • Go south to the bandit camp. Talk to the barman there, buy a drink (Bandit's Brew) for 650 coins and find out about the four Diamonds of Azzanadra.

'You should not wear or wield ANY Zamorak or Saradomin related items/armour, since every bandit will attack you simultaneously if so. Such items include Holy Book, Unholy Book, Zamorak cape, Saradomin cape, et cetera or Dagon'hai robes.’

  • Talk to Eblis who is east of the general store. He will tell you that he needs several items to create mirrors that can tell you where the diamonds are located. These items are:
Image Name
File:Ashes.PNG Ashes
File:Blood Rune.PNG 1 Blood rune
File:Bones.png 1 Set of Bones
File:Charcoal.png 1 Charcoal
File:Molten glass.PNG 6 Molten glass
File:MagicLogs.png 12 Magic logs
File:Steel bar.gif 6 Steel bars
  • Go back to the bank at Shantay Pass, and withdraw the items.

Note: You can take the items to Eblis in noted form. This can both save space and avoid burying bones instead of giving the bones to him. You have to use the items on him

Note: This will NOT work for Charcoal!

  • Return to Eblis, and use the items on him one by one. Eblis will tell you to meet him a little east of the camp. Go to a small hill to find Eblis standing between 6 mirrors.
Eblis and the enchanted mirrors.
  • Talk to Eblis again at the hill. If you'd like, look into each of the mirrors (although the locations of the diamonds are mentioned below), and you will see four locations across RuneScape and two which are not related to the diamond's location - the Pyramid and the Bandit Camp. The other four locations show where you will need to go in order to find the diamonds.
  • Note: If you are carrying any of the Diamonds in your inventory, a level 95 "Stranger" might appear and attack you. They use a dragon dagger (p) and cannot be attacked by anyone except for the one who carries the diamonds. He is fairly easy to kill, but it is still safer to keep the diamond in the bank. If you are carrying the diamonds around, carry an anti-poison and teleport just in case.

Blood Diamond


Items needed

The Map to Dessous’ tomb.

Items needed for this section:

Reaching Dessous

  • Travel to Canifis pub and a cut scene will occur. Talk to Malak in the pub and ask him all available questions including how to kill Dessous. He will tell you that a lord vampire named Dessous has the blood diamond. Malak will make a deal with you - you will kill Dessous for him and you can keep the Blood diamond. He will ask you to get a Blessed pot of Garlic and Spiced Blood in order to draw him out, and the ingredients won't make you travel far. Here's how you make it:

Go to Ruantun, who lives in the Draynor dungeon, or more commonly known as the sewers, right next to the Draynor Jail. Talk to him and he will make you a silver pot.

  • Go to the High Priest in Entrana and he will bless the pot for you.
  • Get the garlic and spices (you can get the spices in the Culinaromancer's Chest in the Lumbridge kitchen dungeon. And the garlic from the drawer from the house you start Vampire Slayer in.)
  • Make sure you have more than 5 hp, go to Malak, he will fill the blessed pot with your blood.
  • Grind the Garlic to get the Garlic powder, and then add the powder and the Spices into the pot of blood.
  • Go to the graveyard in the Mort Myre swamp. You should take with you:
  1. Weapon, armour and possibly runes, depending on how you are going to fight. See below for strategies.
  2. Blessed pot with blood, garlic and spice.
  3. Druid pouch with 10-20 charges - see Nature Spirit quest. (optional)
  4. One-click teleport such as the Ectophial.
  5. Lobsters or better food.
  • Once you arrive at the graveyard, pour the blood on the tomb and Dessous will appear.

Defeating Dessous

Dessous getting out of his coffin.
Dessous’ Magic/Ranged attack.
  • There are several ways to defeat Dessous:

Method One

  1. Use Protect from Melee prayer, and cast magic on him up close. He is weak against wind spells. Eat food when necessary. He will probably hit constant 5's, so eat a piece of food when your are down 25hp from normal. (A player with 75 Hitpoints would eat when his/her health is 50.) The objective is to defeat him as quickly as possible. A common mistake made by players whilst fighting Dessous is to panic and attempt to either devour large amounts of food or run around attempting to find a better spot. This should not be attempted, because if you try to find a spot, he'll teleport right next to you. This could prove be a critical mistake and cost you the battle or even your life. Another thing is that if you make him teleport more than 3 times, he says "I'm tired of playing with you" and goes back inside the coffin. It has also been proven that if you using Saradomin strike is very effective because he is a vampire.

Method Two

  1. Use melee up close with Protect from Magic prayer and armour with a high melee defence. If attempting this, you are advised to bring lots of sharks, 2-3 prayer pots, and a super set. This method is not recommended unless your melee combat stats are much greater than the other two types as he has a very high melee defence.

Method Three

  1. Use melee up close with Protect from Melee prayer and armour with a high magic defence. If attempting this method, bring a super set, 1-2 prayer pots, and sharks. This method is easier than the one above but still not easy.

Method Four

  1. Use a halberd (preferably dragon) to attack him through the fence, whilst using the Protect from Magic prayer. As soon as Dessous teleports through (after two hits), run around the other side of the fence, and use the halberd on him again. It is recommended to bring some food with this method (about 11 monkfish should do) as Dessous will land a hit every now and then as you are running to the other side of the fence. 5-7 prayer potions should also be brought to ensure continued prayer protection, though it is unlikely this many will be used. Remember that if you make him teleport around too much, he will go back into his coffin.

Method Five

  1. Use ranged. Use your best ranging armour (preferably with a Fremennik helm and Archer ring). Bring 5 prayer potions, the Ectophial or teleportation tabs, and fill your remaining inventory with good food: sharks or better. Use a rune crossbow and unholy book, equipping emerald bolts(e) or better (Broad bolts work well). Switch Auto retaliate, Protect from Melee, and Eagle Eye (if you have it) ON. As Dessous attacks, keep ranging him and eating. Dessous will cause you a bit of damage, but you should be able to kill him quite easily. If things are looking bad, teleport out, restock and try again.

Method Six

  1. Use a Dwarf Multicannon, and wear Red dragonhide armour or better. A full set of Mystic Robes will also work. Your inventory should be: The cannon parts, 60 cannon balls, D'Hide armour, one Druid Pouch, and the rest should be pineapple pizzas, due to the cheap cost, and the high healing. Rocktails would be a good choice, but are very costly and you will not take damage fast enough to justify their use. With this method, you could be eating all the time but the cannon will still keep attacking him. Use a Mithril Crossbow or better, with said type of bolts. You can also autocast a spell instead of using ranging. He commonly hits 18, so go in close, activate Protect from Melee, and kill him. He should drop fast. This way is the best way for pures, and low level players, but Dwarf multicannons could be too expensive for some lower levels.

Method Seven

  1. In order to kill Dessous this way, you will need to have completed The Chosen Commander. Also, you will need a friend and at least level 37 prayer.
  2. Wield your best Ranged armour, and bring Zanik's Crossbow. Also, bring an Unholy book. For lower levelled players, a Book of balance or a Holy book are recommended instead.
  3. Your inventory should contain good food (Monkfish or better), prayer potions, and a one-click teleport, such as the Ectophial or a teletab.
  4. Have your friend sit in the middle of the fence opening surrounding Dessous' tomb. Then, awaken him.
  5. Quickly run to the other side of the fence and use your Special Attack whenever possible. As Dessous is a devout Zamorak worshipper, the bonus will deal extra damage.
  6. Whenever he teleports, run to the other side. Your friend resting will most likely block most of these teleports, and when Dessous makes it over, you can run back to the other side. He should die in a matter of minutes if your Ranged level is at least 50 or your Prayer level is even higher.

Ice Diamond

Items needed

Items needed for this section:

Note: Inventory spaces are a commodity in this part of the quest. While the suggested number of items is included below in some cases, you should pick and choose what to include in your inventory depending on what your personal strengths and weaknesses are. For example, lower Agility levels might wear Boots of lightness instead of Climbing boots.

Note: It is VERY helpful to have a friend hold supplies such as food and potions for you. If they have not at least started the Desert Treasure quest, they will have to wait outside of the Ice gates. These extra supplies come in handy after the troll battle for fighting Kamil and/or after the fight with Kamil when the ice can still kill you because you have lower stats.

Also, there are many regular rocks you have to climb over. If you have lower stats, you will fall off of these rocks often. This causes some damage and can use up the food you brought. It is helpful to wear the regular climbing boots until you have to change into the spiked ones.

Reaching Kamil

  • Teleport to Trollheim (if completed Eadgar's Ruse quest, otherwise use the passage taken in Death Plateau. If you forget the boots, you can buy them from Tenzing for 12 gp. Put the climbing boots on when you pass his house.)
  • Climb down the hill, switch on Protect from Missiles, and travel towards the thrower trolls. Before you get to them you should see a passage to the north-west. Go up this passage until you see a small troll child standing by an ice gate. This is the entrance to the Ice Path. It should start to snow as you walk down the passage.
  • Talk to the child, and he will start crying. Give him the chocolate or normal cake. He will then tell you that his mum and dad have been captured by a bad man because they stole his diamond.
  • BEFORE entering the ice gate, you should have the following: Super restore potions (or prayer potions and restore potions), runes to cast fire magic (Fire bolt suggested), and food. Whilst you are in the icy area beyond the gate you will not be able to run (unless using the salt water spring spa), and every single stat will be reduced by 1 every few seconds, including Hitpoints, Magic, and Prayer.
  • Enter the ice gate and kill 5 or 6 Ice trolls by casting fire magic up close and using Protect from Melee. Note: There is a safe spot to the north-east of the entrance from the gate. .Try to line the trolls up so you can cast spells without having to use prayer potions. Drink from a restore potion when your magic falls below the required level and eat as required. The cave at the back is blocked by 5 chunks of ice, preventing passage. Every time you kill a troll, one chunk falls down, which can be verified by seeing the blurb "A chunk of ice falls away from the cave entrance..." in your message box. Once you have killed 5 trolls at the gate, the cave at the back should open. Return to the bank and wait for your stats to recover, drink a super restore. potion, or simply find a way to kill yourself (without any valuables on you!) to get them restored quickly. If you stop getting a message every time you kill an ice troll it means you have killed all the trolls necessary. The Duel Arena or similar safe pvp minigames works well for this. NOTE: Fremennik Yak hide armour does NOT protect you from the trolls.
  • Note: If you bathe in the salt water spring from As a First Resort... you will still be able to run in the icy area. It might be wise to go back and use the salt water spring after you talk to the troll because you don't have to talk to him again.
  • Beware that on the path to Kamil, you will be attacked by strong, aggressive Level 132 Ice Wolves. However using Protect from Melee limits their damage to 0.
  • Attempt to make sure that your stats are restored before taking on Kamil
  • Now you have to go and kill Kamil. He uses the ice spells section of Ancient Magicks, which freeze you when trying to attack; however, they will not hit as high as Ancient Magicks. For this, have
  1. Several Super restore potions or stat and prayer restores (4 or 5 should be sufficient)
  2. One-click teleport - Ectophial or a Teleport tablet as a fast escape.
  3. Food - high healing and one click recommended.
  4. Spiked boots - see the Death Plateau quest. Also bring some regular climbing boots if you aren't using Trollheim teleport.
  5. Magic armour and staff, and runes to cast a fire spell that is significantly below your magic level.

Defeating Kamil

WARNING: Kamil is a lot more deadly than his combat level suggests due to his unique ice spell similar to the one from Ancient Magicks. Even if you are a very high level, it is critical to bring lots of food.

Kamil attacking a player.

Method One

Because your Magic level will be drained slowly by a snowstorm whilst in the ice area, you do not want your spells to stop casting because your level has been drained below the level required to cast your active spell. If your Magic level drops below 35, you brought prayer potions instead of super restores, or you brought law runes as a teleport out instead of the ectophial or a teleportation tablet, your chances of survival are slim. Cast a fire spell with a Magic requirement significantly below your normal level, and you'll find it quite easier. The most commonly chosen spell is Fire Bolt, as its level 35 Magic requirement is much more manageable than the level 59 Magic requirement of Fire Blast and with Family gauntlets its max hit is only 1 lower. It is recommended that you use Fire Bolt instead of Fire Blast unless your Magic level is over 70, as otherwise the Magic will drain quickly and leave you unable to cast the spell. If this occurs, you will be unable to both eat food and drink restore potions fast enough and will probably either die before you can heal or be forced to teleport away having wasted valuable supplies. Fire wave could be used but only if you have a very high magic level (90+). Choice of armour can be chosen depending on the type of player. Balanced stat players (non-pure) should use magic boosting/resistant equipment. 1 or low defence players (pure) should use magic resistant and/or prayer boosting equipment. Magic potions may also be a good idea, to further boost your stat.

Method Two

It has been proven that Kamil can be killed by a Dwarf Multicannon. Kamil walks up to you so set up the cannon and use it to shoot and hide behind a rock. It’s also advised to use Dragonhide armour as he uses a weaker version of Ice Barrage which can do about 15 damage. However, his melee attack is much more powerful and he uses it more often, so Protect from Melee is suggested.


  • Kill Kamil - Go back to Trollheim and back to the ice gate. This time, go through the cave at the back and follow the path round until you come to an open area, where you will find Kamil. Attack him with fire spells up close and have Protect from Melee prayer on at all times, as he can hit up to 22 with melee. It is also possible to safe-spot Kamil using the Icy Rocks. Through the first half of the fight, he freezes you frequently. While you are frozen, you will be unable to cast a spell, and after each time he freezes you, you will stop autocasting your spell. It is best to cast your spell manually from your spell book during this portion of the fight, however right clicking for the spell could prove to be a bit tedious. About half way through the fight, he stops freezing you so frequently and you will be able to make headway on casting spells on him. After about half way, he drops fairly fast, but watch your health, your prayer points, and your Magic level. Kamil drops 1 Super restore potion and 2 Chocolate cakes.
The ice shelf, this is where spiked boots come in handy.
  • Find Parents, getting to Ice Path - Once he is dead, you need to follow a very hard to see path - on low detail it is all-but invisible (oddly, while it can be almost impossible to see in your minimap it's quite clearly marked on the RuneScape World Map so check that and you'll have a good guide). Just keep clicking around on your minimap and try to weave your way through the ice. Travel west a little then north. Then east, and north again until you can go no further, then west and south until you reach the edge of the Ice Ledge.
Approaching the frozen troll parents.
  • Find Parents, Ice Path - Put on your spiked boots and climb up the ledge. You will fall as you walk along the ice path and take damage. Drinking a little super restore might help here, because you fall less often if your Agility level is higher. Follow the ice path all the way to the top until you see another gate and a bridge. On the other side, the Troll's parents are encased in ice. Do not underestimate the length of this walk; it's a fair distance to the ice ledge and then another long walk to the parents.
  • Free Parents - Attack the cases (they have 10 Hitpoints each and are easier to melt with magic) and free the trolls. Bring an extra restore potion or two; otherwise it's very hard to break. A runeless teleport is also essential. Otherwise, your magic might be too low to teleport away. You can always use the Lumbridge home teleport, however, if you haven't used it for at least 30 minutes. After freeing the troll parents, they will take you back outside the gate and give you the ice diamond.

Smoke Diamond

Items needed

A torch in the smoke dungeon.

Items needed for this section:

Reaching Fareed

  • Take all of the items listed above and travel to the Smokey well. It is marked on the world map; hug the cliffs on the west side of Pollnivneach and head south to find it.
  • Enter the well. In each of the four corners of this dungeon there are torches that you need to light using your tinderbox. Plan your route through the dungeon first, but then run and light all the torches, sipping energy potions or using summoning familiars such as the Spirit Terrorbird as you run, and when all four are lit, go to the centre of the dungeon and open the Burnt chest that contains a key. The lamps will burn out if you take too long. If you walk, the first lamp will burn out by the time you reach the chest.

File:Smoke dungeon.png

  • 0 entrance
  • 1-4 torches (best route)
  • 5 chest
  • 6 Fareed
  • Once you have the key, there's no need to run any more. Stroll to the east part of the dungeon where there is a gate. Use the key with the gate and Fareed will appear.

Defeating Fareed

  • WARNING: Wear Ice gloves, no matter what type of combat you are using! If you are using ranged, wear Ice Gloves and use Ice arrows! If you do not, you will not be able to wield any sort of weapon or shield. If you don't have the gloves, simply mage [with update of Sept 2009 it is now possible to autocast without a staff; it was previously impossible to autocast without the gloves].
  • When fighting Fareed, using Protect from Melee is extremely important, as his melee attacks can hit up to the high 40s. His magic attack is weak, though Magic-resistant armour, such as leather, will aid in defending against this.
  • Melee is a very efficient way to kill him, but using water spells or Ranged with ice arrows can be effective as well.
  • Once he is dead, the character will automatically pick up the smoke diamond.
  • IT IS POSSIBLE TO SAFESPOT HIM WITHOUT ANY DAMAGE TAKEN! Get a friend who has done Desert Treasure to go in before you, and when you enter, Fareed will be in front of him unable to attack or move. So it is a great idea to range or mage him this way to save prayer potions, food and other fight enhancing items.

Method One

Have a friend come to help you. He/she should have done that part of the quest. Have him/her stand in front of you from the gate(east), and when Fareed appears, mage him with water spells. Of course it is possible to do this without the friend, simply maging Fareed while using protect from melee.

Method Two

Attempt the same thing as above, but with a halberd. This is harder to do,and takes longer, but is less expensive.

Method Three

It IS possible to cannon Fareed, and it will damage him, despite not being an ice or water attack. Bring one, and water blast or wave him and he should die quickly before needing any food. Fareed is NOT in a multicombat area, so familiars cannot attack him, but a cannon can.

Method Four

This is by far the best method for low leveled players who aren't using a friend and that can't buy cannons. Bring runes to cast snare (about 25-44 casts), and about 60 casts of whatever water spell you are using. Fill up the rest if your inventory with food.

Method Five

Enter the fight and run to the north side. Attack him with ranged for as long as possible. When he is about 5 squares away from you, run to the south side of the area, passing through Fareed. You will go straight through him and he will have to spin around to attack you. Since he is so slow to turn, he will do no damage to you. You must run right straight through his square for this to work. Repeat this, going from the north side to the south side then back to north again.

Method Six

This is a very easy method for players with high melee combat skills (60 attack + 70 strength recommended, 43 prayer essential). Bring in a fast weapon such as an abyssal whip or dragon scimitar, 1 or 2 prayer potions, magic-resistant armour such as dragonhide and at least 10 pieces of good food (lobsters or better). A dragon dagger (p++) could be useful for the special attack. Make sure you remember the ice gloves! Go in with protect from melee on and attack him. This is very simple, just drink your potion when your prayer is low and eat when your health is depleted from his magic attack. Be absolutely sure that your health never falls below 36! If it does, you may die from a hit by his magic. Fareed will die very quickly and if your attack and strength are good enough you may not even need to drink any prayer potion.

Shadow Diamond

Obtaining the gilded cross.

Items needed

Items needed for this section:
  • 5-15 Lockpicks
  • Anti-poison potion or two
  • Good food (preferably Sharks)
  • Fighting equipment depending on your chosen fighting style (see below for strategies).
  • Gloves of silence (unconfirmed, but players have reported that fewer lockpicks were used after they tried wearing gloves of silence)

Reaching Damis

  • Travel north-west of the Fishing Guild to where there are several Moss Giants. Just to the north of there is a fenced-in area by the Baxtorian Falls you'll find Rasolo walking around this area. Talk to him and he says he will give you a ring of visibility if you retrieve his gilded cross that was stolen by Laheeb in the Bandit Camp.
  • Take several lockpicks or a Hair clip (Note: The hair Clip may break on this chest), an anti-poison potion or two, and some food to the Bandit camp in the desert south of Al Kharid. In the southern tent is a Secure chest. Use your lockpicks on it until you manage to open it and get a gilded cross. There are three locks which you must get through, all of which reset themselves if any attempt should fail, making this very frustrating and possibly requiring as many as 200 picks. (Bring a friend along with a full inventory of picks to give you when you run out.) Each failure will use up a lockpick and will deal damage. There is also a chance you may be poisoned, so do not underestimate the value of an anti-poison potion or food. Pickpocketing the Bandits at the bar will sometimes give you lockpicks and anti-poisons, so bring lots and pickpocket more when you run out. you CANNOT sell noted picklocks to the general store, so if you run out you must re-bank at Shanty's Pass or have a friend bring more. Temporary boosts such as Bandits' brew may help with this chest. A level 65 thief could probably do it with one inventory, but loses about 50 HP, íf he uses antipoison potions. It's always handy to buy a Bandit's brew for 650 coins.
  • Return to Rasolo and exchange the gilded cross for the ring of visibility. Note: If you die with the ring, you'll ALWAYS lose it. Even if it's the only item you carry. If you die while fighting Damis (or if you die with the ring, perhaps in The Curse of Zaros miniquest, just talk to Rasolo for another free ring.

Note:You can start the Curse of Zaros or Shadow Sword miniquests with your new ring right when you get it if you'd like; you do not have to finish Desert Treasure to start the miniquest.

  • When you wear it, a ladder will appear to the east of him in the picnic spot inside fences. This reveals the entrance to the Shadow Dungeon.

File:Shadow Dungeon.png

  • When you climb down the ladder, head East as far as you can, then North as far as you can. Head East and go South as far as possible at the first option. Go East again. You will see a little cave to your South as you go past: If you run into this you can recharge hitpoints and run energy without using vital supplies. After this, take the next turn North, then go East, and you're in Damis's cave. Run around for a while and he'll appear. Be aware that this is a multi-way combat area!
  • Attack and kill Damis's first form, which is somewhat easy, since he uses a slow melee attack.
  • There are many methods for fighting the second form of Damis, and a few will be listed here. See which one looks best for you and try it. If you die while fighting the second form of Damis you will immediately fight his second form when you return.
It is possible to trap Damis on a stalactite. All you need to do is go back (once he has spawned) and go down then east. You should see a large stalactite; hide behind it.
IT IS POSSIBLE TO KILL DAMIS WITHOUT TAKING ANY DAMAGE OR USING VALUABLE SUPPLIES! Get a friend who has done Desert Treasure to lead you in the tunnels. When your in the room, follow him until Damis appears. You're friend will block him from moving and attacking, and with a high defense, he can tank the skeletons. Leaving you to kill him with mage or range, and using little food or prayer! This works for both forms!

Note: If you have killed Damis' first form, then you will only have to fight the second form if you die or leave the fight.

Method one

Note:Remember your Ring of Visibility or you won't find the entrance.

Combat: Magic (possibly melee or range, not recommended, but an Abyssal Whip works well.) Note that you can use safe spots.

Inventory: A one click teleport, runes, 6-20 prayer potions, and with the rest of your inventory full of sharks or better food. Optional: A couple of super energy potions to be used for shortening the journey through the maze. If you use safe spots you will need no more than 2 prayer potions and 100+ Earth Blast or Bolt or Wave.

Tactic: This is basically making Damis into a regular fight, just a bit harder. If you have ever fought another creature that only uses melee with prayer, this is basically the same only you will be using more potions. Use earth wave/blast and drop him fast and drink from your prayer potion when your Prayer goes to about 10. It is possible to use melee or range, but he is weak to earth spells and incredibly strong against melee, so it is not recommended, especially if your melee weapon is something slow like a two-handed sword or a halberd. Also, if the player is extremely lucky, they may be able to position themselves with a Giant skeleton in front of them, and Damis behind the skeleton, allowing for a monster-induced safespot.

Note: Every time Damis hits you, you will lose 4-6 prayer points (more with protect from melee), even if he hits for a 0. Remember to pick up the shadow diamond after Damis is dead. If you and Damis die at the same time or you teleport immediately after the fight then you can go back to Damis's cave and pick up the diamond.

Also Note: It is possible to combine the melee attack of a whip with a ddp method below, poisoning regularly using the special attacks, switching to whip for regular damage.

Method two

Combat: Melee

Inventory: A dragon dagger (poison is a big advantage), a one click teleport, a few prayer potions, and the rest of your inventory full of sharks or better food. Optional: A couple of super energy potions to be used for shortening the journey through the maze.

Tactic: As soon as you see Damis, put on prayer and use all of your dragon dagger special attacks on him. This will lower his health and poison him, but it's the poison that helps. As soon as you have done this, run into the safe room to the north-west, do not go too far from Damis, if you do he will disappear and you will have to come back in to fight from scratch, lead him slowly up into the north-west room whilst trying not to get hit. Hide in the north west room until you can see that his poison damage is as low as 2, and hit him with another 4 specials. Repeat until he is dead. Alternatively hide behind the torch on the south west wall of the dungeon, this is far easier to do. Take a friend to help hand you food and supplies (they have to have done that section of the quest)

Damis, entangled and fire-waved

Method three

Recommended inventory for fighting Damis

Combat: Magic

Inventory: Runes (Nature, earth, water, blood/death, and air), a one click teleport, and the rest of the space divided between prayer potions and sharks. Optional: A couple of super energy potions to be used for shortening the journey through the maze.

Tactic: Cast snare/entangle on Damis when you see him, and start using earth spells on him. When he breaks free, run away, snare/entangle him again, and repeat. It's also a good idea to use the time when he's stunned to use your prayer potions; that way, they're not all but negated by Damis attacks.

Method four

Combat: Magic

Inventory: Runes (Earth, water, blood/death, and air), a one click teleport, and the rest of the space divided between prayer potions and sharks. Optional: A couple of super energy potions to be used for shortening the journey through the maze.

Tactic: Once you encounter Damis, activate your protect from melee prayer on. Once you have done that, exit out the way you came and go south, then head towards east. From there you should see a Giant rat. Position yourself behind the rat and you can attack Damis with mage (earth spells recommended) without Damis having to block you. This method saves you the time from having to gather a friend or paying someone to help you block Damis. If you are having trouble, try attacking the rat to keep it in one spot, this way the rat attacks you the whole battle, but you don't have to worry about the rat moving and you are free to mage or range Damis without needing prayer or food. There is another rat in a nook to the north-west of where Damis spawns.

Tip: If you are lucky, you can also run into the caves and put a rat between you and Damis, thus creating a safespot for yourself. Also, if you have completed Underground Pass it would be well worth it to use the Iban Blast Spell. But please note that you can now autocast Iban Blast as of Sept 2009

Method Five

Combat: Magic or Ranged

Inventory: Runes (Enough for 300 casts of your spell if using magic), arrows and bow (If doing ranged), a 1-click teleport (Examples include: Ectophial or Teleport Tablet, NOT rings/amulets/runes for spells), Food (Recommended but not necessary). Optional: Super Energy potions/Explorer's Rings/Strange Fruits (For getting through the maze faster).

Tactic: Once in the room with Damis, run directly north until you see a hook-shaped room. Once there, using run and protect from melee, attempt to get Damis and his minions (skeletons, shadow hounds, etc.) on the other side of the rock formation sticking out of the floor. Usually this does not take long, and doesn't cost many hitpoints, so food and prayer are optional. Most Importantly: Don't panic. If you have to teleport out, you'll know the time.

A friend being used as a Safe Spot.

Method Six

Combat: Magic or Ranged

Inventory: Runes (enough 50 Earth Blast/Wave) or Arrows You can bring more, but remember if you die, you will need to get the ring of visibility again and run through the catacombs back to your stuff before it disappears. 3 Prayer potions, 6 sharks. Note: when fighting turn off auto retaliate

Tactic: Bring a friend who can use protect from melee or has high defence and owns a ring of visibility; your friend will act as a damage absorbing mobile safe spot maker. You will require less food and expensive gear if you have a friend suck the damage. Since your friend (who has done the quest) is not affected by Damis' prayer drain, he can have protect from melee prayer on for a longer period of time. Have your friend bring food, lobsters or better (10-15 pieces) and 2 prayer potions, 1 for you as back up and the other for himself.

Your friend will attack all the monsters near you, drawing away their attacks and you can stand behind your friend and safely mage/range Damis As the image here shows

Method Seven

Combat: Any

Inventory: Food, things you need for your combat, potions such as supersets (especially super defence), 1-2 Prayer Potions

Tactic: For the first form, use your prayer to save food for the second form. During the second form, let your pray just run out, because its a huge waste of time to keep drinking prayer points. This is by far the best method for a non-pure.

Find a sidestep spot if you wish, but it is not necessary. Simply tank Damis and you should only use around 5 sharks if you're good. If you're lower level, you might need a whole inventory. Depending on your level, bringing a familiar for extra sharks might be good.

Method Eight

The location of the corner at which Damis can be trapped.

Combat: Magic or Ranged

Inventory: Food, runes for 50+ casts of the spell of choice preferably earth)/bow and arrows, one or two prayer potions.

Tactic: It is simple to just "corner trick" Damis. Walk up to the corner near the southern entrance/exit, having Damis follow you, and run to the other side of the corner. If he has not become stuck, just try the other way until he cannot chase you. Now you can mage or range him without taking the hard hits (although you WILL be attacked by the other creatures, so it is advised you use the prayer Protect from Melee throughout the battle).

This works through both forms, so killing Damis should mean practically no damage (depending on the level). You can also use a dwarf cannon.

Method Nine

Combat: Magic

Inventory: Food, runes for casting Claws of Guthix, 3-5 prayer potions.

  • 80+ magic is required

Tactic: When you arrive at Damis's chamber cast the level 80 spell Charge while you have on the guthix cape obtained from the Mage Arena minigame. While wielding a void knight mace or guthix staff (due to an update) to set your auto cast to Claws of Guthix. The spell will hit hard on Damis ensuring an easy kill.

Method Ten

Combat: Magic or Ranged

Inventory: Food, runes, Ectophial/teleport tablet, prayer potion, Rune crossbow/Magic shortbow, adamant or better arrows, pet dog, or cat. Dragonhide armour or mage armour.

Tactic: When you arrive at Damis's lair, go left from the tunnel until you see a little piece of land sticking out of the lair. Head over there and drop your dog or cat quickly. Then Damis, the level 80 skeletons, and the Shadow Hounds will not be able to kill you. Next use Earth Blast (recommended), or range with your crossbow or magic shortbow and you should be able to kill Damis quite easily. After Damis is dead, pick up the Shadow Diamond and teleport out of there.

Method Eleven

Combat: Range or Magic

Inventory: Food, runes, One-click Teleport (Ectophial/Teleport Tab), 1 or 2 Prayer potion (4), Rune crossbow/Magic shortbow, adamant or better arrows/bolt, dragonhide and Magic armour.


When you arrive at Damis go through the tunnel (refer to the above tunnel map). When you reach there attack his first form. When his first form is/almost dead run north to a little hook tunnel and lure him inside the hook tunnel and use the stalactite inside as a safe spot. This is one of the easiest ways of killing Damis without using much prayer pots and food.
The location of the stalactite where Damis can be trapped.

The Pyramid

The central chamber.

Methods for running the pyramid

In each method, the player uses weight-reducing items. This is important, as traps on Levels 1-3 can cause the floors of the pyramid to collapse under a heavy player, depositing the player outside the pyramid and required the pyramid to be run from its start again. The floors are less likely to collapse for lighter players (20kg or less) and will not collapse at all for a player with a weight of 0kg or less. (Players with high agility levels also avoid many of the traps.)

The traps do not stop your forward motion so opening you house options will prevent most if not all traps from triggering. Being attacked closes the options so be sure to reopen.

If using protect from melee, drink a dose of prayer potion whenever your prayer falls below 15.

Always have run turned on. Whenever your run energy falls below 30, drink a dose of super energy potion.

Desert heat is not a factor inside the pyramid, but almost all of the interior is dangerous, with level 103 Mummies roaming about, level 92 Scarab swarms occasionally boiling out of the floor, and level 92 mummies sometimes spontaneously popping out of sarcophagi. All monsters use only melee, and the scarab swarms can also poison (even if protect from melee is on). The scarab swarms, spontaneous mummies, and traps cannot be detected in advance. The room containing the altar on Level 4, however, is safe.

Prayer method

The blood diamond obelisk

In this method, the player will use the Protect from Melee prayer to run the pyramid. This prayer prevents all damage from the monsters except being poisoned by the scarab swarms. The player wears prayer-enhancing and weight-reducing items and carries antipoison potions. Suggested items:

Many items can be substituted and provide similar effects, but the above list is effective without being too expensive to acquire. For example, a Crozier could be used in place of the sickle or mace but is more expensive.

Note: If you can use the Oo'glog spa facilities (especially the prayer and run energy pools), you should be able to carry fewer energy and prayer potions.

Armoured method

The 4 Diamonds

In this method, the player will use armour to run the pyramid. This reduces the damage from the monsters. The player wears light-weight armour and weight-reducing items and carries antipoison potions. Suggested items:

Non- armoured method (mainly for pures with no protection prayers and low hit points):

To avoid traps wear boots of lightness (other weight reductions if you have them) and use 1 super anti(4) and 2 super energy(4) and bring one summer pie and 15 rocktails and you should be set.

Opening the pyramid

  • Return to Eblis and talk to him (make sure to have the four diamonds in inventory).
  • Go to the pyramid south-east of Eblis and place one diamond in each of the four obelisks at the outside corners of the pyramid. Each obelisk takes a specific diamond. You should be able to determine the diamond from the appearance of the obelisk, but trial-and-error placement also works. (You do not lose a diamond if you try to place it in the wrong obelisk.) A diamond is correctly placed when its obelisk pulses with light.
  • When all four obelisks are activated, the pyramid is open and can be entered from the top.

Running the pyramid

The levels in the pyramid are numbered in the order the player encounters them in the quest.


Diagram of the pyramid's exterior
  • Enter the pyramid from its top (The entrance to Level 4 and the Ancient Magicks altar can only be used after the quest). NOTE that you may fall into a trap which respawns you outside the pyramid without taking any damage - simply retrace your steps and try again.

Level 1

Level 1 of Jaldraocht
  • Run from the entrance ladder to the Level 2 ladder. The purple line on the map marks the route. This level is the smallest in area, with the fewest mummies roaming about.

Level 2

Level 2 of Jaldraocht
  • Run from the Level 1 ladder to the Level 3 ladder. The purple line on the map marks the route. This level is the second smallest in area, with a few more mummies roaming about.

Level 3

Level 3 of Jaldraocht
  • Run from the Level 2 ladder to the Level 4 ladder. The purple line on the map marks the route. This level is fairly large in area, presenting more of a challenge to players traversing it. A significant number of mummies are roaming about.

Level 4

Level 4 of Jaldraocht
  • Run from the Level 3 ladder to the altar room. The purple line on the map marks the route. This level is quite large in area, with very many mummies roaming about everywhere except the altar room.
  • Speak to Azzanadra in the altar room to complete the quest and to be granted the ability to use Ancient Magicks. (If Azzanadra is not present in the room, use the altar first and he should appear.)


Desert Treasure Reward

  • 3 Quest Points
  • 20,000 experience
  • Ability to use Ancient Magicks. At any time you can pray at the altar and change between the standard and Ancient Magicks spellbooks. Be warned that changing spellbooks will drain your prayer to 0. You can still change spellbooks if your prayer is already 0. After completing the pyramid the first time, you may enter via the back-door of the pyramid to gain a short cut to the altar.
  • You can also buy an Ancient staff from Eblis once for 80,000 Coins. If you lose the staff, you will have to kill Mummies inside the pyramid or the chaos tunnels to get another one, purchase a new one at the Grand Exchange, or obtain it from killing a player in PvP worlds. The staff is tradeable.
  • Access to the Zaros gravestone.
  • Ring of visibility which allows you to complete the Ghostly Robes, Goblin High Priest and Shadow sword miniquests. If you ever lose your Ring of visibility, you can obtain another one from Rasolo, but you will always lose it when you die, no matter what killed you or the way you died or where you died.


Music tracks unlocked:


  • The name Eblis is the word Iblīs (Arabic) which is the name of the primary devil (Shaitan or Satan) in Islam.
  • In the Pyramid, there are some spider webs that have the investigate option. However, clicking them gives the message: "You need the guard's permission to do that". This is because they are the same webs from the Murder Mystery quest, which were accidentally slipped into the quest.
  • You can finish the quest at as low as level 28 combat, but due to the danger, it is highly unlikely .
  • When not wielding the ring of visibility you will not be able to move onto the square that the ladder leading to Damis' lair is on.
  • The ring of visibility may be a reference to J.R.R Tolkien's famous novels of "The Lord of the Rings", because of the One Ring featured throughout that allowed the wearer to become invisible.
  • During the cutscene with Malak, there is reference to Gadderanks, the man who collects blood tithes for the vampyres.
  • Before the release of While Guthix Sleeps, this was considered a grandmaster quest by some people.
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