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Vivi inspects a Bloodstone in the Desert Palace

The Desert Palace is Kuja's lair in Final Fantasy IX, located in the desert on the Outer Continent. It is an immense underground fortress, filled with traps. It can only be entered through a mock Antlion pit. This is the only place where one can find the Namingway card, which can be shown to a man in Daguerreo in order to rename your characters.

The Desert Palace is one of the locations from Terra that ended up on Gaia 5,000 years ago due to Garland's failed attempt to merge the two planets into one.



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Desert Palace Artwork

When the party is captured by Kuja, they are nearly killed when the floors of their cells drop away. However, Cid Fabool IX manages to save them and release them from their cells. The party then searches for a way to escape Kuja's fortress.

Navigating the dungeon is tricky and requires the completion of several puzzles, which involve candle lights and hidden passages. The security system of the Desert Palace is the Valia Pira, which the party can make weaker by turning off the Bloodstones scattered across the palace. The Bloodstones also yield treasure for the party.

Many players experience incredible hardship in the Desert Palace on their first playthrough. Because of Kuja's request for Zidane, and the anti-magic nature of Oeilvert, players tend to send Steiner, Freya and Amarant with him, because of their main reliance on physical attacks. This forces the player to rely on magic (and, to some extent, Quina's fork) in the Desert Palace, becoming a bit exhausting on your Ether supply.



  • Hourglass Key
  • Promist Ring
  • Anklet
  • Shield Armor
  • N-Kai Armlet
  • Black Hood
  • Venetia Shield
  • Namingway card



Mojito's Mogshop

Item Price (gil)
Diamond Sword 4700
Trident 3580
Mythril Claws 6500
Magic Racket 1350
Healing Rod 1770
Fairy Flute 4500
Cypress Pile 3200
Silver Fork 7400
Pinwheel 200
Rising Sun 500
Chimera Armlet 1200
Egoist's Armlet 2000
Diamond Gloves 2000
Mantra Band 1500
Dark Hat 1800
Green Beret 2180
Cross Helmet 2200
Brigandine 4300
Judo Uniform 5000
Gold Armor 2950
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 200
Phoenix Down 150
Echo Screen 50
Soft 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Magic Tag 100
Remedy 300
Annoytment 150
Tent 800


  • Complementing Kuja's tastes, the Desert Palace contains many works of fine art, including a trio of statues arranged in a triangular fashion. Two of these are decidedly demonic looking, replete with bat-like wings and tridents, and are referred to as the "Promise of the Evil God" and "Truth of the Devil". The white angelic statue in the middle is called the "Illusion of the Goddess". This is a pointed allusion to the Warring Triad from Final Fantasy VI.

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