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Desert Baretta
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NES Name Ankylo
PS Name Desert Baretta
GBA Name Desert Baretta
PSP Name Desert Baretta

Desert Barettas are large beasts covered in bony armor that prowled the deserts of the northern continents in the original Final Fantasy. These creatures appear alone in the great desert (Yahnikurm Desert), and may be somewhat challenging, especially if the player attacks with magic attacks, as it doesn't have any weaknesses and has a pretty high Magic Defense stat. Even though it looks physically armored, the monster has a lower Defense stat as compared to its magic Defense, and thus it is best to focus on physical attacks.

They appear very often in the desert, along with Allosaurus, and they do not appear in groups. It is unknown why they drop only 1 gil, as it is a normal random encounter.


The original Japanese name for this creature was Desert Bulette. A bulette is a monster from Dungeons & Dragons, known as a "land shark". The name was changed to Baretta for the PSX and GBA releases, most likely to avoid copyright problems.

In the original NES release of Final Fantasy, the Desert Baretta was named Ankylo. This is short for ankylosaurus, a large, armored dinosaur.


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