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Teleplay by: Ronald D. Moore & René Echevarria
Directed by: Alexander Singer
Episode no.: 6x26 and 7x01
Production no.: 252 and 253
First aired: 21 June 1993
Date: 2369
Stardate: 46982.1


Introduction (blurb)

The Borg are back -- and nastier than ever. No longer mindless, inhuman drones but cyborg soldiers on a mission to assimilate all intelligent life, their new goal is the complete destruction of the Federation. And in the midst of facing the Borg again, Captain Picard learns that he may be the cause of the change.

Commander Data is changing as well. For the first time in his life, Data feels a genuine emotion -- and that emotion is deadly, destructive rage. When it is revealed that the Borg are commanded by an old enemy out of Data's past, Data must choose between his allegiance tot he Federation and the one thing he wants above all else...


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Albert Barnaby • Corelki • Crosis • Beverly CrusherData • Goval • HarlockHugh • Kalin • Geordi La ForgeLoreAlynna NechayevJean-Luc Picard • Powell • Remmis • William Riker • Salazar • Solario • Zandra Taitt • Torsus • Towles • Deanna Troi • Trossin • Wallace • Worf
Albert EinsteinStephen HawkingIsaac Newton
Referenced only 
BrooksCopernicusGalileoAdolf HitlerLocutusMichelangeloWolfgang Amadeus MozartNoonien Soong

Starships and vehicles

USS AgamemnonUSS Enterprise


Ohniaka III • rogue Borg planet • Federation space
Referenced only 
Devala Lake

Races and cultures

Referenced only 
Borg Collective

States and organizations

rogue Borg
Referenced only 
Federation • Starfleet


acting captain • logEM fieldcombadgeemotionVISORphasertorpedo • tachyon matrix • transwarp conduitatmosphereensignmeters • brother • humor • brain damage • Dr. Soong's chip • carrier wave • ethical program • phased kedion pulse • savior (idea) • caverns • pain receptors • nanocortial fibers • brain cells • positronic matrix • interlink system • [[tranceiver] • phased pulse • phase modulation circuitry • flux inhibitor • transporterwarp engine • shields • metaphasic shielding • rads • Celsius • hull • sailingswimming • buoyancy • kilometer • servos • neural net


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