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Teleplay by: Ronald D. Moore & René Echevarria
Directed by: Alexander Singer
Episode no.: 6x26 and 7x01
Production no.: 252 and 253
First aired: 21 June 1993
Date: 2369
Stardate: 46982.1


Introduction (blurb)

The Borg are back -- and nastier than ever. No longer mindless, inhuman drones but cyborg soldiers on a mission to assimilate all intelligent life, their new goal is the complete destruction of the Federation. And in the midst of facing the Borg again, Captain Picard learns that he may be the cause of the change.

Commander Data is changing as well. For the first time in his life, Data feels a genuine emotion -- and that emotion is deadly, destructive rage. When it is revealed that the Borg are commanded by an old enemy out of Data's past, Data must choose between his allegiance tot he Federation and the one thing he wants above all else...


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Albert Barnaby • Corelki • Crosis • Beverly CrusherData • Goval • HarlockHugh • Kalin • Geordi La ForgeLoreAlynna NechayevJean-Luc Picard • Powell • Remmis • William Riker • Salazar • Solario • Zandra Taitt • Torsus • Towles • Deanna Troi • Trossin • Wallace • Worf
Albert EinsteinStephen HawkingIsaac Newton
Referenced only 
BrooksCopernicusGalileoAdolf HitlerLocutusMichelangeloWolfgang Amadeus MozartNoonien Soong

Starships and vehicles

USS AgamemnonUSS Enterprise


Ohniaka III • rogue Borg planet • Federation space
Referenced only 
Devala Lake

Races and cultures

Referenced only 
Borg Collective

States and organizations

rogue Borg
Referenced only 
Federation • Starfleet


acting captain • logEM fieldcombadgeemotionVISORphasertorpedo • tachyon matrix • transwarp conduitatmosphereensignmeters • brother • humor • brain damage • Dr. Soong's chip • carrier wave • ethical program • phased kedion pulse • savior (idea) • caverns • pain receptors • nanocortial fibers • brain cells • positronic matrix • interlink system • [[tranceiver] • phased pulse • phase modulation circuitry • flux inhibitor • transporterwarp engine • shields • metaphasic shielding • rads • Celsius • hull • sailingswimming • buoyancy • kilometer • servos • neural net


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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

This article lists the enemy abilities used in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, which enemies use them, and what the ability does. For or more detailed look at the abilities, visit the individual enemy pages.

See also: List of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Enemies and List of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Abilities.

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Enemy abilities


Ability Description Enemies
100% Wool Bestows Shell and Protect. Reaker


Ability Description Enemies
Abyss Deals area damage and may inflict Poison. Biskmatar
Acid Corrosive liquid. Inflicts a random status ailment. Cream, Ice Flan, Jelly
Alpha The fatherspell of Omega and Ultima. Deals incredible Area Damage. Li-grim
Amber Gleam Neutralizes all enemies status enhancements. (Target All) Li-grim
Angel Whisper Angelic sigh. Heals HP and bestows Auto-Life on one ally. Deals damage to zombies. Titania


Ability Description Enemies
Bad Breath Incredibly foul breath inflicts five of the following status ailments, chosen at random: Blind, Confusion, Frog, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow. Big Malboro, Malboro
Blaster Releases shining energy, Petrifying target. Coeurl
Blizzaga Most powerful Ice spell. Fires a huge chunk of ice at a cross-shaped area. Ice Flan
Blizzara Powerful Ice spell. Fires a larger chunk of ice at a cross-shaped area. Ice Flan
Blizzard First Ice spell. Fires a chunk of ice at a cross-shaped area. Ice Flan
Block Arrows Guards against bow and greatbow attacks. Vampire
Blowup Self-KO. Deals massive damage to adjacent enemies. Bomb, Grenade
Bolt Breath Electrically charged cloud. Deals lightning damage in a T-shaped area emnating from the caster. Thundrake
Breath of God Envelops surrounding units and deals damage. Adrammelech, Famfrit, Mateus


Ability Description Enemies
Chill Spreads chill from caster, causing area cold damage. Grenade
Circle Mystical circle. Lowers target's weapon attack and magic power. Ahriman
Counter Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack. Adrammelech, Ahriman, Antlion, Bomb, Famfrit, Firewyrm, Floateye, Goblin, Icedrake, Jelly, Lamia, Lilith, Reaker, Red Cap, Red Panther, Sprite, Thundrake, Titania, Toughskin, Zombie


Ability Description Enemies
Demi Deals damage equal to 1/2 of targets current HP. Famfrit
Descent Summons a Random Totema. Li-grim
Devil Gaze Gaze Silences and inflicts Darkness in an area two spaces in front of the Floateye. Floateye
Dragon Force Releases the Dragon soul within. All stats improve for duration of the battle. Thundrake
Drain Touch Evil touch. Absorbs HP in the amount to damage dealed to target. Zombie


Ability Description Enemies
Fira Powerful Fira spell. Fires a larger ball of flame at a cross-shaped area. Jelly
Firaga Most powerful Fire spell. Deals incredible fire damage in a cross-shaped area. Jelly
Fire First Fire spell. Generates a damaging ball of flame at a cross-shaped area. Jelly
Fire Breath Incendiary breath. Deals fire damage in a T-shaped area emnating from the caster. Firewyrm
Firestream Fire damage to all units in line. Adrammelech
Flame Attack Spews fire from within to deal fire damage. Attacks one enemy within a 3-panel range. Bomb
Friend Summons random spirit from Summoners skillset Reaker
Furycircle Damages and knocks back surrounding units. Biskmatar


Ability Description Enemies
Goblin Punch Deals damage based on Weapon Attack power, then slightly varied positively or negatively. Goblin
Goo Sticky ooze. Immobilizes target. Big Malboro, Malboro
Guard-Off Fire breath. Lower target's weapon def. and magic resis. Firewyrm


Ability Description Enemies
Hand Slap Flat handed slap. Deals damage and delays target's next turn. Lamia
Hastebreak Slows target. Stops Hasted target. Coeurl
Heart Render MP damage equal to target's HP. Biskmatar
Howl of Rage Lowers Speed of surrounding units. Adrammelech


Ability Description Enemies
Ice Breath Icy cold breath. Deals damage in a T-shaped area emnating from the caster. Icedrake


Ability Description Enemies
Judge Sword Damage and steals up to two Judge Points. Judge


Ability Description Enemies
Karma Deals damage for each unit the target has KO'ed. Tonberry
Kiss Sweet kiss. Charms and dooms one target. Lilith
Knife Knife stab. Reduces HP to one-tenth of maximum HP. Masterberry, Tonberry


Ability Description Enemies
Lawshift Primal power. Randomly changes the laws to three new laws. Li-grim
Life Render Damages and may inflict Doom. Biskmatar
Lightspeed Damages unit and bypasses reaction ability. Adrammelech, Famfrit
Limit Glove Deals heavy damage when own life is threatened. If the Blade Biter has a critical HP level, this skill can do over 900 damage. Blade Biter
Logos Word of God. Lowers Attack Power, Magic Power, and may inflict Charm. Ultima Crystal
LV 3 Def-Less Lowers weapon defense and magic resistance of enemies whose level is divisible by 3. Antlion, Jawbreaker
LV 5 Death Inflicts Knocked Out to units with levels divisible by 5. Antlion, Jawbreaker
LV?D Holy Deals harsh holy damage to all units with a level equal to the current day. Titania
LV? S-Flare Dark damage to all units with same level as caster. Vampire


Ability Description Enemies
Magi Primal chaos deals massive damage to all enemies. (Target All) Li-grim
Magic Hammer Mystical hammer. Deals damage to MP. Red Cap
Matra Magic Switches target's HP and MP. Toughskin
Meteorite Shoots a small meteor to damage one enemy. Sprite
Miasma Area damage and Poison. Vampire, Zombie
Mighty Guard Raises Weapon Def. and Magic Res. for one battle. Icedrake
Mog Aid Recover some HP and cure status ailments. Reaker
Mog Attack Damages and knocks back target. Reaker
Mog Rush Double damage, Half accuracy. Reaker
Munch Crushes weapons with sharp teeth and powerful jaws. Monster takes damage. Blade Biter
Mutilate Absorbs HP from target. Red Cap


Ability Description Enemies
Night Call to the darkness. Puts all units but the caster to sleep. Lamia


Ability Description Enemies
Omega As powerful as Ultima. Deals massive double damage. Biskmatar, Li-grim


Ability Description Enemies
Palaistra Damage to surrounding units. Judge
Poison Frog Turns target into a Frog and poisons. Lamia, Lilith
Presence Damages and knocks back a unit using the fear of god. Famfrit


Ability Description Enemies
Rend Attacks target's weak spot to deal damage. Red Panther
Resonance Back sword quivers to create resonance. May Disable enemies with metallic weapons. Toughskin
Resonate Back quivers to create resonance. May Disable enemies with metallic weapons equipped. Blade Biter
Reveal Finds and reveals any Concealed units. Coeurl, Red Panther
Ripcircle Damages surrounding units. Biskmatar
Roulette Instantly KOs a unit chosen at random on the battlefield. Must have Auto-Life in order to learn successfully. Ahriman


Ability Description Enemies
Sacrifice Self-KO. Fully heals one adjacent allies HP and cures status ailments. Jelly
Sandstorm Dark tornado. Damages and inflicts Darkness on enemies adjacent to caster. Antlion
Shieldbearer Allows shieldwielding, regardless of job. Reaker
Slow Inflicts the Slow status. Famfrit
Soul Sphere Area MP damage. Adrammelech
Soundwave Grating noise. Neutralizes status enhancements, similar to Dispel. Big Malboro
Spellbind Dark arm that attacks soul, damages, Slows, and delays next turn of one target. Mateus
Star Cross Uses the power of the stars to deal Holy damage to all enemies. Mateus
Stare Fearsome gaze. Confuses all units facing the caster with 100% accuracy. Floateye
Suffocate Choking attack. target loses next turn. Jawbreaker


Ability Description Enemies
Tail Wag Inflicts Charm. Reaker
Thundaga Most powerful Thunder spell. Fires a huge bolt of lightning at a cross-shaped area. Cream, Mateus
Thundara Powerful Thunder spell. Fires a larger bolt of lightning at a cross-shaped area. Cream
Thunder First Thunder spell. Fires a bolt of lightning at a cross-shaped area. Cream
Twister Whipping whirlwind. Reduces HP by half in a cross- shaped area. Lilith


Ability Description Enemies
Voodoo This attack carries a powerful, deadly curse. Deals more than 900 damage. Masterberry


Ability Description Enemies
Weapon Atk + Improves weapon attacks to deal more damage. Blade Biter, Bomb, Grenade, Lamia, Vampire
Weapon Def + Reduces damage from weapon attacks. Floateye, Goblin, Toughskin
White Wind Fluttering fairy wings. Restores HP equal to own HP in a cross-shaped area. Sprite


Ability Description Enemies
Yellow Card Adds a Yellow Card to the target. If not removed by Judgemaster Cid's Yellow Clip ability, a penalty will result like the unit was actually carded normally. The reason for being carded will be random. Despite no weapon damage being dealt, it is counterable with Bonecrusher. Judge


Ability Description Enemies
Zombify Inflicts Zombie Vampire

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.


Haden Blackman


Fillbach Brothers


Michael David Thomas


Dave Nestelle


Jeremy Barlow, Dave Marshall (Asst.)

Publication information

Dark Horse Comics



General information

Rise of the Empire era


19 BBY

Part of

Clone Wars Adventures

Published in

Clone Wars Adventures: Volume 4

"Descent" was a story from Clone Wars Adventures: Volume 4.


Shortly after Order 66 was executed, Triton Squad was given a new order: destroy the Wookiees. Approaching a group of elders and pups, the clone troopers were met with an unpleasant surprise as Tarfful and Chewbacca swooped down with a team of warriors. Engaging in ferocious combat, the Wookiee team soon dropped down into the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk, leaving Triton Squad to follow. Setting a maze of traps involving local flora and fauna, the Wookiees soon narrowed the squad down to a few troopers, quickly dispatched by an ambush. After the carnage, Chewbacca and Tarfful remarked on how there would be many more battles to come.


This article uses material from the "Descent" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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