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Various armor
Profession: Dervish Image:Dervish-icon.png
Campaign: Core
Bonus: Attribute +1



This chart shows the different types of attribute headgear available to Dervishes.

+1 Earth Prayers +1 Mysticism +1 Scythe Mastery +1 Wind Prayers
Dunewalker Hood Mystic Hood Reaper Hood Windwalker Hood

Acquisition, detailed view, and customization

Note: All hoods are available in four versions, one for each attribute with an empty insignia slot. They all have the same cost and look the same.


Nightfall Campaign - Crafting


Location Crafter Armor Gold
Istani Sunspear Elonian
Kamadan Mehinu 25 20 Gold 1 Hide  
Jokanur Diggings Pasu 40 75 Gold 2 Hide  
Blacktide Den Sulee 55 200 Gold 3 Hide
3 Cloth
3 Hide
3 Iron
Consulate Docks
Command Post
70 1 Platinum 25 Hide
4 Linen
25 Hide
4 Steel


Location Crafter Armor Gold
Elite Sunspear Vabbian Ancient Primeval
Command Post Ahamid 70 15 Platinum 50 Hide
5 Steel
The Kodash Bazaar Mateneh 5 Platinum   25 Cloth
4 E. Leather
2 Ruby
2 Sapphire
Bone Palace Palmod 10 Platinum   50 Hide
5 E. Leather
Throne of Secrets Keeper of Armor 15 Platinum   50 Bone
5 E. Leather

Nightfall Campaign - Collector

Collectors throughout the land are willing to trade you armor for the following items. To find out who and where the collectors for each item are, click on the item's name.

Core - Crafting

Every piece of Obsidian Armor costs 15Platinum, plus the following materials:

15 Ectoplasm
15 Shards
50 Hide
5 Elonian Leather

Image gallery

Nightfall Standard Headgear

Istani Sunspear Elonian
Female Male Female Male Female Male

Nightfall Elite Headgear

Elite Sunspear Vabbian Ancient Primeval
Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male

Core Headgear

Obsidian armor
Female Male

Eye of the North Elite Headgear

Asuran Monument Norn
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Rata Sum Eye of the North (outpost) Gunnar's Hold
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