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This region is subject to conquest.


  • Derfland Pear
  • Ginger
  • Gyshal Greens
  • Olive Flower
  • Olive Oil
  • Wijnruit




Located deep within the Pashhow Marshlands, far from the reach of Bastokan and San d'Orian forces, the Quadav began building their main stronghold after their defeat in the Great War. To continue the construction of their city, they have relentlessly stolen large quantities of the non-rusting mythril from Bastok, as well as the techniques used by the republican craftsmen.

Beadeaux is a unique place and the topography of the area, with a little help from rudimentary constructions, forms a natural fortress. The only entrance to Beadeaux is from Pashhow Marshlands, and as one would enter the territory, they would find themselves surrounded by earthen walls on all sides and standing in the marsh. Somewhat mazelike, to travel from place to place, an adventurer would often have to burrow into the earth before coming up somewhere else. At multiple locations, the Quadav have constructed massive Artifacts that will curse any who near it who do not have a silenced status. There are giant "Mutes," similar structures, that will grant the negative effect to players who select it, but the presence of the two two types of structure makes traveling through Beadeaux one or more of tedious, slow, annoying, or dangerous.

In general, the deeper into Beadeaux, the tougher and higher level the Quadav become. Deep within the further reaches lies Qulun Dome, throne of the Adamantking.

Crawler's Nest

This web-filled cave plays home to the pests that plague the Rolanberry Fields: the crawlers. While the extermination of these insects by adventurers is approved and rewarded, not once has the Jeunoan military led a full-force attack on the nest. Theories suggest that the lack of support from Jeuno is due to the economic benefits the duchy receives from the sale of silk, a valuable commodity that often accompanies the yellow and black pests.

During the great Crystal War, the Crawler's Nest was host to an outpost of the alliance of enlightened nations. Most of the fortifications and constructions built in that time have disintigrated.

Crawlers, as the name would imply, are the most common of creatures in the nest, but there are other creatures that make their home here ranging from funguar, scorpions, lizards, beetles, flies and bees. Some of the crawlers and bees near the entrance of the nest are not aggressive, but as adventurers work deeper, past the worker crawlers, they will encounter soldier and rumble crawlers and the other insects here, all of which are aggressive.

The map to the crawler's nest is a particularly large task. While there is nothing inside the crawlers nest now of particular historic importance, the quest to gain the map actually involves spanning most of Quon and Midertia in search of stones inscribed by Gwynham Ironheart.

Pashhow Marshlands

In direct contrast to the highlands that surround it, the Pashhow Marshlands are located near sea level, resulting in a wet, swampy landscape. The countless bogs and floating islands of vegetation make the area extremely difficult to traverse, but it is the presence of the Quadav is what causes many travelers to shun this dangerous territory. The Quadav stronghold Beadeaux is located in Pashhow, so there is a significant presence of the armored beastmen.

The creatures that make Pashhow their home are not atypical to marshy conditions. Leeches, flies, and crawlers are the most numerous wildlife and none of them are aggressive. There are also Goobue, though, who dislike the presence of people in their natural environment.

There are no landmarks of particular importance in Passhow Marshlands, but the outpost for Derfland Region is located here in the northern portions, near Rolanberry Fields.

Qulun Dome

This dark chamber beneath the Beastmen stronghold of Beadeaux is the domain of the Quadav leader Za'Dha the Adamantking.

Rolanberry Fields

For centuries, this area has been used to cultivate fields of the sweet fruit known as the rolanberry. Considered a delicacy by Humes and the Elvaan, the farmers in this region have perfected their methods of agriculture and are now able to harvest the sweet berries year round. Three great bridges at the Rolanberry Fields' northeastern tip connect the region with its neighboring areas: the Lord Bolicevre Bridge leads to the Batallia Downs, the Market Bridge leads to the Grand Duchy of Jeuno, and the Great Jeuno Bridge grants access to the Sauromugue Champaign.

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