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The Deretta Destroyers was a mixed Alliance to Restore the Republic starfighter squadron named for heavy assaults on Imperial depots. Among the members of the Destroyers was Tenk Lenso, a talented gunner, who would later go on to serve with the elite Rogue Group.


The Deretta Destroyers were based on the moon of Deretta. They consisted of both T-65 X-wing and BTL-S3 Y-wing starfighters. The Destroyers were named for their ordnance-heavy proton torpedo attacks on Imperial depots. One notable squadron member was Tenk Lenso, a gunner who proved his skill in their service.

During one such depot attack run sometime prior to the Battle of Hoth, the Destroyers were largely routed in an Imperial ambush. After hypering into their target zone and softening up the opposition, they were prevented from escaping due to the presence of an Immobilizer 418 cruiser. With nothing to do but wait, the squadron was forced to endure several painfully slow minutes until the bulk of the Rebel strike force arrived, during which all twelve Destroyers fell. The Rebel force did eventually win the day, though the loss of the Destroyers was a great blow.

Only one member of the squadron survived the encounter—Lenso—who managed to miraculously eject from the cockpit of his Y-wing moments before it was destroyed by a TIE/ln starfighter. He was recovered by an Alliance medical frigate and transferred to the secret Echo Base on the planet Hoth, where he was assigned to the elite Rogue Group.


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