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Deputy Weld
race: Protectron robot
affiliation: Megaton
role: Guard
location: Megaton
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: None
actor: Wes Johnson
base id: 0001FB39
ref id: 0001FB3A

Deputy Weld is a Protectron robot that guards the gate of Megaton. He appears to have been programmed to have a somewhat 'western' personality, as when the player speaks to him he refers to them as "partner".

He is also known to ally himself with the player and fight against any hostile creatures that approach the city gate.



  • "Welcome to Megaton. The bomb is perfectly safe, we promise. Please hold for threat level assessment. Threat level minimal. Open the gates. Open the gates. Welcome to Megaton."
  • "Have yourself a nice visit, partner."
  • "Need some grub? Try the Brass Lantern."
  • "Welcome to Megaton. Friendliest town around."
  • "Thirsty, partner? Try Moriarty's. Coldest drinks in the Capital Wasteland."
  • "Welcome to Megaton. Please stand clear of the gate."
  • "Welcome to Megaton. Enjoy your stay."
  • "Have yourself a good stay, partner."
  • "Ya'll better be careful with that thare weapon, Ya hear."


If the player destroys Deputy Weld before entering the armory, a different robot, Deputy Steel, will replace him (he resides in the armory, hence he won't show up if you have already been there and killed him).

Also, if you decide to destroy Megaton, Deputy Weld's faceplate will survive the atomic explosion and continue to welcome people to Megaton, and state that the bomb is safe, albeit in a garbled manner.

Deputy Weld can be deactivated by hacking a Computer Terminal in in the Megaton Armory. A skill of 75 is required to hack it and you can also deactivate Deputy Steel. If you use the Robotics Expert perk to sneak-deactivate him, he still says his phrases and later on in the game will return to normal.

If you kill Deputy Weld, then go into town or just leave for a few days, he'll respawn. Other times, he may be somehow killed by a Wasteland creature or raider attack, but then mysteriously re-appear perfectly fine several days later. While he is not a significant threat for level 10 or above players, he can be a serious nuisance, coupled with Stockholm. Sometimes, he may not be at Megaton's gates, but randomly patrolling the wasteland. After watching him die by a Giant Soldier Ant, he reappeared about a week later (in-game time) walking on the road directly in front of Vault 101.

Weld can be killed by many random encounters that usually happen when the player exits Megaton through the main gate.

If you attack Deputy Weld, Deputy Steel will come out of Megaton and help fight you.


Weld appears only in Fallout 3.



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