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The party faces the Mysterious Girl and Bahamut.

The Depths of the True Moon is the final dungeon of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It consists of 29 floors, and the party will fight bosses from the original Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy VI. The Creator has summoned them from Crystals (contrary to popular belief, the Creator did not destroy the worlds they're from). It is interesting to note that the color of the crystals and chests on their respective floors match the same color used for the logos from the games the bosses originally appeared in. For example, the floor with V's bosses uses purple, while VI's uses red.

The Depths

Despite that it is in an orbiting moon, the Depths bear a resembelance to the Ronka Ruins from Final Fantasy V, in that it looks like ancient ruins with plants and high technology. This is due to the fact the Creator's moon is the remains of a space fleet that his race piloted. There are also crystals emerging from the floors of the Depths, and broken shards scattered on some.

The last floors of the Depths is where the Maenads are fought, including Bahamut. Like in the Subterrane, there are save points on some floors where the player can choose to rest to initiate a cutscene between two characters, and learn a Band ability such as Spiral Blow.


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