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Deployment is the first episode of the first season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.



The Dominion War has begun and the recently repaired USS Swiftfire-A is immediately sent to join the Fifth Fleet on the front. Friction appears between the Security division on the ship and the Starfleet Marines. The only way Captain Jonathan Masters can solve it is to let them both go to war...with each other!

Memorable quotes

"Haven't you heard? We've gone to war with the Dominion."
— The crew been notified of the start of the Dominion War.
"You look worried, Ensign."
"Of course I am. I shot at the Captain!"
"True, but you missed."
--Lieutenant Karak and Ensign Frank Cole
"I’m glad you missed. Getting shot by your own crew. I’d never have lived that down."
Captain Jonathan Masters to Ensign Frank Cole.
"You were right, Susan."
"About what?"
"Everything. The past is important but the present and future are vital. And this is my present and future. I’ll miss them, the old crew and ship. But this new one is more important. I have a responsibility to the United Federation of Planets, Starfleet, this ship, this crew, you and myself. It’s important I understand that and I do now. The present is in danger and the future is unsure but it is my duty to make the present safer and the future sure and I can’t do that if I let the ghosts of the past haunt me."
--Captain Jonathan Masters and Commander Susan Core

Background information

  • This story takes place shortly after the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 season five finale, "Call to Arms".
  • "Deployment" was the third story rewritten in the Star Trek: Swiftfire continuity but is the first episode of season one of the series.
  • The main characters of Terri Letac, Frank Cole, Maxine Benton and David Tiki make their first appearance.
  • The female Marine that is involved in the fight with Captain Masters is meant to be Rachel Stevens. Originally these two characters would be paired off and this event would be used as a comic device for how they first met.


142nd Tactical Squadron; 268th Tactical Wing; Battle of Torros III; USS Bonestell; Brand, Cameron; Cattermole, Paul; Dominion War; Fifth Fleet; Harvey, Victor; Normandy-class; Rekris, Andrew; Sector 432; Starbase Mariner; Starfleet Starfighter Corps; Stevens, Rachel; USS Swiftfire; Transporter wristband; War games

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