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Dephs are powerful creatures in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, summoned by Queen Remedi during the final battle with Marche. Dephs are essentially advanced purple versions of three of the Totema that Marche battled in his effort to return the world of Ivalice back to normal. Upon defeat, they condense into deep purple crystals surrounded by a crimson light.


During her fight with Marche, Remedi summons a total of four Dephs.


As the Battle Queen

Clan Nutsy against the Battle Queen and her Dephs.

After unsheathing her white sickle, Remedi summons two Dephs, Famfrit on her right and Adrammelech on her left. The two Dephs have much more HP and MP than when Marche fought them as Totema. They have retained their Expulse and Magestorm abilities, and will use these spells with a higher frequency than before. Once Remedi's HP has been depleted, these Dephs will disappear.

As Li-Grim

Clan Nutsy against Li-Grim.

Upon transforming into the Li-Grim, Remedi summons two more Dephs, both of the avatar of Humans, Mateus. The two Dephs appear in the same starting position as Famfrit and Adrammalech did. The clones of Mateus have even more HP than the original Totema battled in the fifth shrine. It may be necessary to defeat both Dephs before concentrating on the Li-Grim. If you attempt to rush the Li-Grim and fail to defeat her before she and her minions are able to act, you will have three devastating spells to deal with at once, such as Magi and Star Cross, which can affect all of your party members at the same time.

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