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Department of Paranormal Science Investigations

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Department PSI

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Backlash #12



The Department of Paranormal Science Investigations (P.S.I.) is part of a privately owned organization that works for the United States government as a sub contractor for paranormal research as well as monitoring S.P.B. (Super Powered Being) activity in the United States.

Department P.S.I. was founded by Antonio Giovanni and act as Director of the organization. He proposed the organization to the U.S. government due to his belief that Stormwatch, as a U.N. organization, was incapable of policing the rampant S.P.B. activity which existed in the United States. P.S.I. was created to act as the United States' own S.P.B. police body, as well as help S.P.B.s develop and learn to control their powers.

Marc Slayton, aka Backlash, approached Giovanni for help when he was looking for Doctor Gilbert Branum, a scientist capable of clearing Amanda Reed (Taboo) of criminal charges. Later, Giovanni helped Taboo get a pardon for her criminal activities but requires that Backlash join Department P.S.I. as part of the deal. Backlash reluctantly agreed.



An alien threat known as the D'rahn came to the attention of Giovanni. Together with Backlash, he helped form the team Wildcore to combat the D'rahn. Giovanni also began providing aid to the rogue covert ops team Black Ops, sending the group to retrieve some experimental biotech hoping to use it against the D'rahn.

The D'rahn were an ancient enemy of the Kherubim and Daemonites, who appeared again after a millennium of absence and planed on taking over the world and the galaxy. The D'rahn claim the Kherubim, their former allies, betrayed them and therefore want revenge on the Kherubim first and foremost. Backlash, being half-Kherubim, and Ferrian, a full-blood Kherubim, are both members of Wildcore, making Wildcore a primary target for the D'rahn. Giovanni also called on Zealot of the Wildcats and later Mr. Majestic who had experience fighting the D'rahn. Together they led an assault against the D'rahn that resulted in the D'rahn being defeated with the surviving D'rahn disappearing.

Soon after, when an encounter with the witch Tapestry leaves Wildcore member Styrian dead, Giovanni began to have doubts about keeping Wildcore operational. His doubts came to a frightful realization when most of the Wildcore team was killed during a riot at the super prison Purgatory Max. Backlash and Taboo survived, but Backlash lost a leg (later replaced with a bionic leg). It is unknown which other Wildcore members (if any) survived. Giovanni has not been seen since then.

Marc Slayton

After the incident at Purgatory Max, Slayton continued to work for Department P.S.I. but was less active in the field. He began working alongside Internal Operations (as International Operations had been renamed), with his old Team 7 comrade, John Lynch. Together they helped bring down Tao's crime Syndicate.

Since then, Department P.S.I. and Internal Operations appear to have merged with Slayton becoming the Deputy Director and Lynch becoming an I.O. Commander.

World's End

After the events of Number of the Beast and the occurrence of Armageddon, Slayton was deep underground within Internal Operations Research and Containment Facility #42 in New Mexico. As the only survivor, he fought his way out and received a message from John Lynch for Team 7 to reassemble.

With the current state of the world, Department P.S.I. appears to be a defunct organization now.


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