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Series: The Lost Era
Author(s): Jeff Mariotte
Publication information
Published: Paperback - December 2003
Pages: 368
ISBN: ISBN 0743464095



From the book jacket
The Years Are 2355-2357.
Two men. Both defined by the personal tragedy that drove them apart. Both driven by their desire to serve, and their devotion to duty. Both haunted by the past, and uncertain of the future....And both unable to reach across the chasm that separates father and son.
In the wake of the Tholian attack that nearly cost him his life, civilian strategic consultant Kyle Riker becomes the target of an apparent conspiracy within Starfleet Command, forcing him off Earth and beyond Federation territory to evade the attempts on his life. But danger is never far off, even on a backwater world where Kyle's very name brings the promise of death.
At the same time, the Starfleet career of Kyle's estranged son William Riker is under way in earnest, from his turbulent formative years at the Academy to his first perilous missions as an ensign aboard the starship Pegasus. And even as Kyle searches for the truth behind the events that have made him a fugitive, Will is pursued as well -- by a family legacy he fears he will never escape.


John Abbott • Charlie Bender • Bisbee • Horace Bonner • Boon • Boothby • Marc Boylen • Barry Chamis • Clantis • D'Emilio • Ross Donaldson • Dugan • Elxenten • Estresor Fil • Lars Gunnarson • William Hall • Dennis Haynes • Maxwell Hsu • Inis • Kathryn Janeway • Drake Kimball • Geordi La ForgeLeonard McCoy • Felicia Mendoza • Kul Tun Osir • Owen ParisErik PressmanKatherine PulaskiPaul RiceKyle Riker • Ritthar • William Riker • Teresa Santangelo • Benjamin SiskoJake SiskoJennifer Sisko • Simon Urs-Sistal • Sistek • S'K'lee • F'lo'kith Smeth • Hasimi Thorp • Trbovich • Vyrek • Naghmeh Zand
Referenced only 
Clyde Barrow • Latriso Bistwinela • Napoléon BonaparteCurzon Dax • Epaminondas • Sul Sul Getreden • Charles Heidi • Antoine Henri Jomini • James T. Kirk • Munro • Tom Paris • Bonnie Parker • Jean-Luc Picard • Annie Riker • Jamie Riker • Thaddius Riker • Roone • William T. ShermanSpock • Li Tang • Sun Tzu • Carl von Clausewitz • Wulthrim




Alcatraz • Cozzen • Earth • Embarcadero • Fisherman's Wharf • Golden Gate Bridge • Hazimot • Pacific Ocean • Sacramento • San FranciscoStarbase 311Starfleet Headquarters • Twin Peaks
Referenced only 
Alaska • Arctic Circle • ArkansasCoit TowerCoridan • Daly City • El Salvador • Iamme IV • Inferna PrimeJupiterJupiter StationMaxia Zeta • McGill's Hardware • Myetra • New Berlin • New France • Paris • Pine Bluff • Quazulu VIII • Rigel VI • Savanna • Taipei • Taurus IITelegraph HillValdezVenus • Vienna • Wyoming


Andorian • Aurelian • BolianCoridanian • Cyrian • DeltanHuman • Kreel'n • TholianTrillVulcan • Zimonian
Referenced only 


Morning StarUSS Pegasus
Referenced only 
USS Al-BataniUSS BerlinUSS EnterpriseUSS LaSalleUSS LivingstonUSS StargazerUSS Zhukov

Starship classes

Referenced only 

States and Organizations

Cyre • Omega Squadron • Intaglio Shipping and Freight • StarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet SecurityUnited Federation of PlanetsZeta Squadron
Referenced only 
Starfleet Corps of EngineersTholian AssemblyUnited States Navy


Air tram • Aldorian ale • Alvanian brandyAmerican Civil War • Antillean feenetchluk • Battle of Antietam • Battle of Pine MountainCadetCartoonChief Petty OfficerDaboDilithium • Dutch • Father's Day • The Flintstones • Gilded Age • Great Depression • Hippocampus • Hovercraft • Jefferies tube • "Johnny Reb" • Logic • Monorail • Orion slave girlPlasma cannon • Police • Popeye • Prime DirectiveReplicatorSanta ClausScotchSkimmer • Spaceport • SuperintendentTholian webVISORWorld War IIIYeoman


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Home Fires
Chapters 4-9
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The above chronology placements are based on the primary placement in 2355.
The Pocket Books Timeline places events from this story in two other timeframes:
Previous Adventure:
Lefler's Logs
9th entry
Part Two
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Final Entry
3rd and 4th entries
Previous Adventure:
Chapter 6, Section 2 and Chapter 10, Sections 2-3
Part Three
Next Adventure:
Chapter 16

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