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Althought mostly disabled, it appears to have some sort of internal emergency power supply that will allow it to become active for short periods of time. It's hard telling what could happen when you switch it on.

Looted from the IG-88 Heroic Instance. You must bio-link it to use it.
When activated, it gives one of the following random effects:


  • <Comm> Functioning of the bio-entity diminished. Activating Electrostimulation: 9000 health and 9000 action immediately restored
  • IG Shield: Increases your energy and kinetic protection by 5000 and increases your probability to receive a glancing blow by 50% for all melee and ranged attacks (duration: 30 seconds)
  • <Comm> Your combat capabilities are sorely inadequate, activating targeting assistance. IG-assisted Aim: Score for opponents to block your attacks is reduced by 300.00 + Score for opponents to dodge an attack is modified by 300.00 +Score to land a glancing blow on your target is reduced by 300.00 + Score for opponents to parry your attacks is reduced by 300.00 (duration: 30 seconds)


  • Intruder detected! Exterminate!: Increases chance for trivial hit, and chance to bypass your opponents armour by -1000 (Duration: 10 seconds)
  • <Comm> Disassemble Intruder!: You're snared for 60 seconds
  • You're rooted
  • Your probability to land glancing blows is increased

Cooldown: 30 minutes
Required level for effect: CL 85

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