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Real Name
Current Alias

D-Man, Brother D-Man, Demolition Dunphy, Serf




6' 3"

315 lbs (143 kg)



Adventurer, formerly Wrestler

Dunphy played college football, but no professional team would draft him after his college career ended. Without any better prospects, he accepted an offer from Power Brokers, Inc. to enhance his physical abilities. The treatments worked.

Place of Birth
Detroit, Michigan

First appearance

Thing #28
(October, 1985)



With his newfound power, he could not safely compete against regular athletes. Power Brokers gave him a place in the new Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation (UCWF), where he could use his augmented strength against other similarly augmented wrestlers. He fought with the Thing (Ben Grimm), among others, and called himself "Demolition Dunphy."

Unbeknownst to Dunphy, Power Brokers was a criminal organization. They supplied pills to their clients, purportedly to stabilize their metabolisms after the treatments, but in reality to keep them addicted to the pills and under their control. Grimm and Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura) (a fellow client of Power Brokers and UCWF wrestler) discovered that approximately half of Power Brokers' clients had come out of their treatments with brain damage or deformities. Power Brokers commanded some of their clients, including Dunphy, to capture Grimm and Ventura, and threatened to withhold their pills if they refused. Dunphy followed his conscience. Although he went through a harrowing two weeks of withdrawal, he freed himself from Power Brokers' control.[1]

Captain America (Steve Rogers) took an interest in Power Brokers because of one of its clients, the Super-Patriot. Dunphy allied himself with Rogers, created a costume based on those of Daredevil and Wolverine, and captured Karl Malus, the head scientist. Soon afterward, Power Brokers captured Dunphy and put him through more treatments, which resulted in a heart attack.[2] While recovering, Dunphy operated Rogers's telephone hotline.

After US Agent supplanted Rogers as Captain America, Rogers became the Patriot. Dunphy, Nomad (Jack Monroe), and Vagabond joined Rogers on several missions. After a battle with Titania nearly killed him, Dunphy lost confidence in himself.[3] Soon afterward, the Commission on Superhuman Activities arrested and interrogated him.

Upon his release, he found Rogers trying to reconstitute the Avengers and joined on an informal basis. To help Battlestar, Dunphy and Rogers flew to the Arctic to rescue Battlestar's partner, US Agent (the former Super-Patriot), from ULTIMATUM. Dunphy, still unsure of himself, waited in a Quinjet while Rogers and Battlestar investigated. When Rogers learned that ULTIMATUM was about to trigger an electromagnetic pulse, he asked Dunphy to crash the Quinjet into the base. Before Dunphy could eject, two ULTIMATUM goons tried to plant bombs on the aircraft. One bomb went off. The Quinjet crashed into the base and stopped the pulse, but Dunphy sank into the ocean with the Quinjet wreckage and was presumed dead.[4]

Dunphy miraculously survived the crash and lived with an Inuit tribe, but he lost his voice and much of his vitality. The Falcon and US Agent rescued him after he was kidnapped by ULTIMATUM. Rogers, with the help of other Avengers, nursed him back to health.[5] Dunphy then discovered Zerotown, underground home of the Zero People, and became their protector.[6]

During the Morgan Conquest, when Morgan le Fey reshaped reality to her liking, every living Avenger became an unwilling member of the Queen's Vengeance, her bodyguards. Dunphy took the name Serf.[7]

Possibly as a delayed after-effect of the Power Broker treatments, Dunphy became schizophrenic. He believed that a voice was instructing him to collect the Infinity Gems. Instead he stole ordinary gems. Daredevil convinced Dunphy to get treatment for his illness.[8]


Civil War

Most recently, Dunphy sided against the Registration Act in the Civil War.

Powers and Abilities


Dunphy possesses various superhuman physical attributes as a result of undergoing various treatments designed by the Power Broker to grant him superhuman powers.

Superhuman Strength: Dunphy possesses superhuman strength sufficient to enable him to lift up to 15 tons.

Superhuman Stamina: Dunphy's musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. Dunphy can physicall exert himself at peak capacity for about 24 hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to impair him.

Superhuman Durability: The tissues of Dunphy's body are much harder and more resistant to physical injury than those of an ordinary human. Though it is possible to injure him, Dunphy has withstood high caliber bullets, impacts of tremendous force, falls from great heights, and exposure to great temperature and pressures without being injured.


His background in professional wrestling, as well as training from Captain America, make Dunphy excellent hand-to-hand combat skills.


The process that granted Dunphy his superhuman powers has resulted in a dangerous heart condition that has plagued him on several occassions.


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