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Dennis Allen (1940-1995) was a comedian who performed on The Leslie Uggams Show (1969) and spent a stint on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In from 1970 until 1973. With a lanky frame and sad, bassett-hound face, Allen performed physical pantomime scenes on Laugh-In, playing a marathon basketball dribbler, and also played speaking roles such as newscaster Eric Clarified and philosopher Bud Homily.

Allen put his distinct visage to use in a Sesame Street film insert in the 1970s, playing a clown who removes his make-up in reverse motion. The final shot contrasted the melancholy Allen's "everyday face" and the clown make-up.

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Mentioned-only character
Dennis Allen
race: Human
affiliation: U.S. Army
Brotherhood of Steel
role: Sergeant
mentioned in: Fallout

Sergeant Dennis Allen[1] was a Brotherhood of Steel member, probably one of the members of Roger Maxson's original team.

In 2134[2], a faction led by Allen gained strength, and they urged the Elders to let them explore the ruins of West Tek to the southeast (called the Glow after it was hit by a nuclear bomb) for artifacts. The Elders refused, so Allen and his separatist group split away from the Brotherhood of Steel, taking some technology and weapons with them. Other members of the team included Soto, Jensen and Camarillo[3].

They made it to West Tek Research Facility after 20 days. The radiation levels began to shoot up as soon as the giant crater was in sight. They concluded that with their armor and Rad-X supplies they'd be fine for a least a day of exploring and that the technology they had the potential of recovering was worth it.

They climbed down the crater to the first level and as there wasn't much of value on this level, they pushed on. Unfortunately for them, the security sensors had been burned out on the first two levels, but not on the third. Jensen was killed before he knew what had happened. Allen tried to regroup, but only Soto and Camarillo made it back up here to the first level with him. All three of them eventually died because of power armor failure. Before he died, Allen logged what happened to the expedition into a holodisk which was later found by the Vault Dweller[4].


Allen appears only in the first Fallout (as a corpse).


  1. The first name is given only in the Fallout Bible timeline. In the game itself he is only referred to as "D. Allen".
  2. The date is also given only in the timeline, it was 57 years after the war, so Allen should be quite senile, if he was member of original Maxson's squad.
  3. The exact number of Allen's followers is not known
  4. Assuming that the Vault Dweller joined the Brotherhood of Steel


This article uses material from the "Dennis Allen" article on the Fallout wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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