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Denjax Teppler
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Five Worlds

Denjax Teppler was a handsome Human male and was formerly married to Five World Prime Minister Aidel Saxan. After their divorce they remained cordial. His brother was a CorSec agent assigned to protect Saxan.

At the start of the Second Galactic Civil War in 40 ABY, Saxan and Teppler's brother were assassinated by the Sith Lady Lumiya during negotiations with Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon of the Galactic Alliance. Teppler was called in to take her place as acting Prime Minister and sought the aid of Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo in thwarting Thrackan Sal-Solo, who was suspected in Saxan's assassination.

He was Prime Minister during the Battle of Tralus, but by the next day he had apparently been ousted in favor of Sal-Solo, although how is not known.

Teppler remained involved in politics, however, obtaining the post of Minister of Justice for the Five Worlds after Dur Gejjen became Five Worlds Prime Minister. He later met with Lando Calrissian and the Solos in a Coronet cantina. The meeting resulted in the group being chased out of the cantina by the Corellian Defense force, who was tracking Denjax as well as the Solos.

He later became the Minister of Information and was present when Centerpoint Station destroyed the Galactic Alliance Second Fleet. He also took it upon himself to heal the rift between the Corellian Prime Minister Sadras Koyan and the Confederation Supreme Commander Turr Phennir when the latter cut off supplies to Corellia. Teppler acted on Phennir's suggestion that Koyan should be replaced and he manipulated Koyan into walking right into an Alliance shuttle, resulting in his death.

Teppler seemingly hoped to form a coalition with Corellian Commander Genna Delpin. By 43.5 ABY he had become co-Chief of State of Corellia; but whether or not this was with Delpin is unknown.



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