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Release date Unknown edit
Race Demon, disguised as Human
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? Yes - Shadow of the Storm, Demon Slayer
Location The demon throne under Uzer
Sells items? Yes Dark Robe Top and Dark robe bottom
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes
Gender Male
Examine He works evil magic. / A practicer of dark arts.
Notable features Agrith-Naar in disguise.
Denath (top left) summoning Delrith in the Demon Slayer quest.
Denath mostly appears in Shadow of the Storm quest, where he gathers a group of mages to raise the demon Agrith-Naar. In fact, it is revealed he is Agrith-Naar (hence the similar mark on his chest), trying to get sent back to his own plane. The player must kill him by summoning him again.

However, he is briefly seen in Demon Slayer, where he helps summon Delrith. When he sees Silverlight, he mumbles that he shouldn't be there and flees, most likely because he is a demon. Therefore Silverlight would be very powerful against him.

After the graphical update of the stone circle south of Varrock, he's the first nonfriendly non-player character to be killed after getting away in the previous quest.

It is revealed when asking Evil Dave about his attempts to 'give up' evil, that though he finds the prospect of trying to be 'good' distasteful, he also fears for the consequences of evil, stating that he does not want anyone to get hurt, like Denath, implying that Dave and Denath had known each other and were part of the same cult of Dark Wizards trying to summon Delrith.

Arise, O mighty Delrith! Bring destruction to this soft, weak city!...Ha ha ha! At last you are free, my demonic brother! Rest now, and then have revenge on this pitiful city!...Noo! Not Silverlight! Delrith is not ready yet! I've got to get out of here...
— Denath, Demon Slayer
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