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Series: Doctor Who -
BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
Release Number: 20
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Companions: Sam Jones, Fitz Kreiner
Enemy: Tullus Gath & Henri Blanc, Painting demon
Setting: Vega Station
Author: Justin Richards
Publisher: BBC Books
Publication: March, 1999
Format: Paperback Book, 284 Pages
ISBN: ISBN 0-563-55572-6
Previous Story: The Taint
Following Story: Revolution Man


Publisher's Summary

The Vega Station -- a haven for gamblers, art lovers and duty-free shoppers, the one place where the Battrulians and their erstwhile enemies, the Canvine, meet and mix, in neutral space. A pressure point, an explosive mixture. And just as the new President of Battrul is about to arrive, the TARDIS crew turn up.

Fitz is in trouble. He’s accidentally got himself hired as an assassin while trying to emulate James Bond. And he’s upset Bigdog Caruso, the unofficial Canvine leader on Vega.

Sam is in trouble. She’s become involved with the key witness to a murder, and the witness has vanished.

The Doctor, meanwhile, has been roped in to help with investigations into robbery, sabotage and the murder, as well as to sort out Fitz’s problems, Sam's problems and the President's safety. He’s in his element.

And if they should get bored, there’s a hitman on the loose, monsters roaming the station corridors, an exhibition of art by a painter who depicted his own death, and the opera.


  • The Doctor in his fourth incarnation visited Vega Station 50 years ago.
  • Has his portrait painted.
  • Is painted into a picture, but is able to use the equipment within the painting to escape.
  • Does not drink alcohol.
  • Fitz tries to act like James Bond, but no one cares or indeed recognises that he's pretending, most just think he's weird.
  • Gets mistaken for the assassin who was hired to kill the Doctor.
  • Newark Reppare
  • Departs intending to teach.
  • Ambrose Forester
  • Vermilion Kenyan
  • Is painted into a painting, without the necessary technology to escape.
  • President Robyn Drexler
  • President of Battrul.
  • Bigdog Caruso
  • Harris Stabilo
  • In charge of Vega Station.
  • Hazard Solarin
  • An assassin hired to kill the Doctor.
  • Toulour Martinique
  • Famous painter, who is dead but appears.
  • Tullus Gath
  • Henri Blanc


  • The Doctor mentions his everlasting matches.
  • Canvines are large upright wolves who went to war more than 50 years ago with Battrul.
  • Toulour Martinique's painting technique is similar to matter transmission.

Foods and Beverages

  • The Doctor drinks ginger beer with Sam.
  • Fitz drinks several Martinis 'shaken not stirred'.
  • Beer and crisps are eaten predominantly by the Canvines.


  • Newark Reppare goes on from this story to appear in BNA: Dragons' Wrath placing this novel and Dragons' Wrath in the same time period.


External Links

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BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
Previous Release:
The Taint
Next Release:
Revolution Man

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