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Exdeath commands the Demons to destroy the party.

The Demons of the Rift are a group of thirteen enemies in Final Fantasy V.

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When Exdeath sought to obtain the power of the Void, he released the legendary Demons of the Rift, some whom he sent out into the world to stop the Warriors of Light, others guarding the way to the center of the Void, should the Warriors of Light make it inside. According to them, they believed Exdeath would create a new world of darkness for them to inhabit.

The Demons of the Rift are:

The unnamed red demon's sprite appears to be a red lizard-like creature, but that is speculation. In a cutscene he told Exdeath that he would kill the warriors and left followed by Wendigo and Triton. He faced the warriors at the last tablet and stated the demons' shared belief that Exdeath would create a world for monsters and prepared to fight them. However, Leviathan appeared and destroyed the demon and fought the warriors himself. As a result, a battle with this demon never occurred.

There is also the possible implication that Byblos could be related to the Demons of the Rift, particularly with his resemblance to Apanda and his loyalty to Exdeath. Nothing is confirmed in-game, though.


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