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"Ah, so that’s it—easy to get in, and hard to get out."

Demon Wall (デモンズウォール Demonzu Wōru), also known as EvilWall and Demon's Gate, is a recurring boss in the Final Fantasy series. It is usually depicted as a large, demonic monster encased in a giant slab of stone. Mostly set as traps in tombs and temples, Demon Walls often utilize attacks that cause Petrify and slowly move towards the player party with the intent of crushing them into the wall parallel to it, giving the player a time limit to defeat it.



Final Fantasy IV

The Demon Wall in Final Fantasy IV Nintendo DS
Main article: Demon Wall (Final Fantasy IV)

The Demon Wall, known as EvilWall in the SNES and PlayStation translations, is the final barricade to get the final Dark Crystal in the Sealed Cave. The Wall moves slowly towards the party, using a weak physical attack. However, when it reaches the party it uses Crush, an instant death attack with a 100% success rate.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Demon Wall in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Main article: Demon Wall (The After Years)

The Demon Wall returns in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years as an enemy of Rydia's challenge dungeon. They appear frequently throughout the dungeon, and follows the same strategy as it does in Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy VII

The Demon's Gate in Final Fantasy VII
Main article: Demon's Gate

The Demon's Gate attacks the party at the end of the Temple of the Ancients, just before the Black Materia room. Demon's Gate is insanely fast, and uses very powerful attacks to attempt to quickly wipe out the party. The Demon's Gate does not slowly move forward in Final Fantasy VII, however it does have an attack called Demon Rush in which it charges up and comes forward to hit the entire party for heavy damage.

Final Fantasy XII

The Demon Wall in Final Fantasy XII
Main article: Demon Wall (Final Fantasy XII)

The Demon Walls are the two guardians of the Tomb of Raithwall, and are said to have Raithwall's likeness. They both slowly move towards the party, and if they reach the end of the hallway, the party gets an instant Game Over. Instead of trying to overpower the party, they try to slow the party's attacks by inflict status effects and using their unique attack, Telega, which inflicts X-Zone on all targets in range.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Demon Wall in Final Fantasy Tactics A2
Main article: Demon Wall (Final Fantasy Tactics A2)

The Demon Wall appears in the second half of the sidequest The Stone With No Name in the Ruins of Delgantua. It inflicts multiple status effects that stop movement on characters. Then, it uses Repel to push character of the edge of the battlefield to their death.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

Demon Wall in The Crystal Bearers.
Main article: Demon Wall (The Crystal Bearers)

The Demon Wall appears as a boss in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

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