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Final Fantasy VII Boss
Demon's Gate
Level HP MP
45 10,000 400
Attack Magic Defense
150 96 100
M. Defense Dexterity Evade
450 120 0
3,800 400 4,000
Elemental Affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- - - -
Earth Wind Gravity Poison Holy
Halves - Immune Immune -
Japanese デモンズゲイト
Romaji Demonzu Geito
Location Temple of the Ancients
Steal Nothing
Item Dropped Gigas Armlet
Morph N/A
Abilities Falling Rocks, Cave-In, Petrif-Eye, Demon Rush
Enemy Skill N/A
Status Immunity Death, Sleep, Poison, Confusion, Silence, Frog, Small, Slow Numb, Petrify, Death Sentence, Manipulate, Berserk, Paralyze, Stop, Darkness
Other Information Abilities whose names are not shown when used are highlighted in italics.
The party cannot escape.

The Demon's Gate is a boss from Final Fantasy VII.


Demon's Gate tends to be an extremely fast boss with relatively high Attack power. Your best hope is to cast Slow right away to break his Speed. Throwing weapons at the monster also works well. Just continue with Big Guard while your others characters chip away at his health. His attacks are very strong and most of them hurt the entire party at once, so Big Guard is a must, and Regen helps as well. As Aeris is in the party, her healing Limit Breaks can be of great help.


  • Rockdrop: This is a very lethal and if any of the player party is under level and it hits them, it does massive damage that sometimes kill a party member in one shot, but it only uses on one party member may repeat and do it again if that character is revived. He usually does this to the party member who has lots of healing powers.
  • Cave in: This is an Ice-based attack and it hits all party members.
  • Demon rush: This is his most deadly attack, but the player can tell if he is going to do it soon, as he goes all wild and moves closer. He will use it when its his turn again.

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