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Headquarters: London, UK

Founded: 1980

Founded by: Jake Riviera, Andrew Lauder and Elvis Costello




Active Roster

Inactive Roster

Key Releases

  • Elvis Costelllo - King Of America


A label started up by Jake Riviera and Elvis Costello, which was very successful, thanks in part to having Elvis Costello on the roster. Demon tends to handle Elvis Costello's UK releases as well as his music publishing. In 1998, they were bought out by Westside.

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Dr Who

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See also Demon (disambiguation).

A Demon is an evil creature in the mythology of the Humans, although similar deities have appeared in the religions of races such as the Kaleds and the Draconians (DW: The Satan Pit). They are generally depicted as being humanoids, often with horns.


Demonic beings

Self-described demons

The Destroyer, The Beast and Abaddon all share similarities. All three fit the depiction of demons and the Destroyer said he wished to "devour" Earth. Abaddon has the alternative name of "the Destroyer".

Evil entities

Similar beings


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Demon or demons could refer to:

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DC Comics

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Character Template Character Template
Real Name
Jason Blood, Etrigan the Demon





Base Of Operations


6' 4"

452 lbs (205 kg)



Unusual Features
Horns and other demonic features, Yellow skin


Marital Status

Rhyming Demon

Jason Blood was Bonded together with Etrigan, by Merlin for aiding Morgaine Le Fey in the taking down of Camelot.

Place of Birth


First appearance



Etrigan was a demon from Hell who usually found himself allied to the forces of good. Etrigan resembled a squat, muscular human with orange (or yellow) skin, horns, red eyes, and ears resembling bat wings.

He was originally summoned by the wizard Merlin as part of a last-ditch defense of Camelot against the evil witch, Morgaine le Fey. When it became clear that the kingdom would fall regardless, Merlin sent the demon away and bonded him into a human named Jason Blood to wait until he was summoned.

Centuries later, Jason was called to the crypt of Merlin and discovered a poem that could change him into Etrigan. Unfortunately, he was followed by the long-lived Morgaine who lusted for Merlin's secrets. That led to Etrigan's first major battle, and to the solidification of Morgaine as a major enemy. In addition, he later gained another enemy in Klarion the Witch Boy, a permanently prepubescent mage who created trouble with his magic.

Some time later, Etrigan began speaking entirely in rhyme, as the result of a promotion, with the rhyming speech being a badge of his new rank in the infernal hierarchy.

The poem that released Etrigan was:

Yarva Demonicus Etrigan.
Change, change the form of man.
Free the prince forever damned.
Free the might from fleshy mire.
Boil the blood in heart of fire.
Gone, gone the form of man,
Rise the demon Etrigan!

Jason Blood's first transformation into the Demon occured when reading the inscription on the surface of a stone tomb:

Change! Change,
O' form of man!
Release the might from fleshy mire!
Boil the blood
in the heart for fire!
Gone! Gone! -- the form of man --
Rise, the Demon Etrigan!!

Generally, only the last two lines were actively recited, and the words have been known to vary slightly; the phrase "yarva daemonicus etrigan" has occasionally been used, but not consistently.

The reverse spell was "Gone, gone O Etrigan! Rise again (or once more) the form of man!" The spell itself did not need to be recited by Jason or Etrigan to be effective, merely within their range of hearing. In emergencies when Jason could not speak (such as one time when he was turned into a fly) writing it was sometimes sufficient to effect the change. On one occasion, Blood released Etrigan by using a parody of the spell ("Gone o little man so tame / and rise the demon Whatsisname").

After emerald archer Green Arrow's resurrection, Batman and Oliver recruit Blood for his occult knowledge as to how Oliver could have been resurrected. It is found that Oliver is a Hollow - a soulless husk of a human, created by Hal Jordan with the Spectre's powers to soothe his guilt. Blood called on Etrigan to kill Oliver (being a Hollow left him vulnerable to possession, which could have been very bad). He was stopped in his attempt by a Fire Extinguisher Arrow. Batman, in response to the unusual weapon said, "I will never ever mock your trick arrows again."

Etrigan eventually lost the restrictions imposed upon him by Merlin which turned him from evil, caused by his "murder" at the exact moment he was transforming from his human guise Jason Blood into his demon self. It turned out that the incident resulted in Jason Blood being able to exert some will over Etrigan's violent nature, whereas previously the two remained separate, only one existing at a time.

Powers and Abilities


Even among demons, Etrigan is considered to be extremely powerful.

Superhuman Strength: He has above superhuman strength (mystically enhanced)

Superhuman Durability: He has a high degree of resistance to injury

Immortality: being an immortal creature, he cannot die.

Superhuman Stamina:

Hellfire Projection: can project hellfire from his body; usually from his mouth.

Sorcery: He has a very high command of magic: other powers include:

  • Mystically Enhanced Fangs and Claws
  • Mystically Enhanced Senses
  • Mystically Enhanced Super Speed
  • Mystically Enhanced Agility
  • Telepathy
  • Limited Precognition

Regenerative Healing Factor: His healing factor can handle an incredible amount of damage, up to recovering from wounds that have removed large sections of his body.

His powers can be extended by other magical devices, such as the Crown of Horns.


Occult Knowledge: Etrigan is also provided with insight to religious aspects and other forbidden or secret knowledge.

Strength level

Class 100+; Etrigan can lift over 100 tons and is said to have strength comparable to Superman.


Demonic Laws: Etrigan has all the limitations usually associated with a demon, including a weakness towards iron.


  • On the parallel world known as Earth-97, Etrigan was a human occultist, and leader of a coven of warlocks known as the Dark Circle. An initiate named Zatanna bargained with Etrigan for inclusion in the Dark Circle, and Etrigan replied by promising her a seat if she succeeded in locating an artifact known as the Green Lantern. Zatanna spent three years in search of the Lantern, and eventually discovered it in the possession of its keeper, Jason Blood. Jason Blood was a pirate, cursed to act as "Keeper of the Lantern". After incapacitating Zatanna, Blood promised to heal her, if she agreed to take up his position as Keeper of the Lantern. Zatanna agreed, and became the new Green Lantern. Note: Zatanna's role as the Green Lantern, is but one of three possible origin stories, and may not necessarily be considered canonical as per Earth-97 continuity. [1]

See Also

Links and References


  1. Tangent Comics: Tales of the Green Lantern #1
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Final Fantasy

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

From the Nightfall manual:

"Outside the world we know, other dimensions exist, realms beyond what we can see and experience. Human residents of Tyria, Cantha, and Elona know that when they die, their souls pass on into the Mists, the realm of the afterlife. Some spirits linger in this world, or find ways to walk back into the realm of flesh...yet there are other creatures who watch them and wait, drawn to the energy of countless souls."
"Sometimes souls are not enough. In dimensions alien to the physical world, sentient entities scheme of ways to enter the realm of flesh, dreaming of the havoc they can wreak. Just as ghosts can defy death by returning to the land of the living, demons find ways into our world, where they feast on suffering, despair, and the vital energy of intelligent creatures."
"Demons are more than creatures of the Mists—they are made from the Mists themselves, bits of etheric matter that have gained malignant sentience and power. Whether they appear as monstrous humanoids, bestial abominations, or radically inhuman horrors, they share many of the same aspirations: the strong consume or dominate the weak, reveling in their feasts and victimization. As they are not native to the real world, demons hold an abiding hatred of its denizens. They are also ruthlessly intelligent, more than willing to enter into arrangements that allow them to routinely prey on humans and other foolish living creatures."

Known Subtypes


Region Army Creature Collectable Drop
Guild Wars Prophecies
"Nightfallen Tomb" Torment creatures2 Warrior28 Grasp of Insanity
Mesmer24 Scythe of Chaos
Guild Wars Factions
Shing Jea Island Nightmare Horde Assassin9 Lesser Oni Oni Talon
Assassin16 Oni Oni Claw
Kaineng City Shiro'ken Warrior28Shiro'ken Warrior1
Ranger28 Shiro'ken Ranger1
Monk28 Shiro'ken Monk
Necromancer28 Shiro'ken Necromancer
Mesmer28 Shiro'ken Mesmer
Elementalist28 Shiro'ken Elementalist
Assassin28 Shiro'ken Assassin1
Ritualist28 Shiro'ken Ritualist
Soul Stone
Echovald Forest Nightmare Horde Assassin28 Oni Keen Oni Claw
The Jade Sea Nightmare Horde Assassin28 Oni Keen Oni Talon
Assassin28 Shadow of Kanaxai n/a
The Deep Nightmare Horde Image:NA-icon-small.png28 Kanaxai Aspect of Death
Image:NA-icon-small.png28 Kanaxai Aspect of Decay
Image:NA-icon-small.png28 Kanaxai Aspect of Depletion
Image:NA-icon-small.png28 Kanaxai Aspect of Exposure
Image:NA-icon-small.png28 Kanaxai Aspect of Failure
Image:NA-icon-small.png28 Kanaxai Aspect of Fear
Image:NA-icon-small.png28 Kanaxai Aspect of Lethargy
Image:NA-icon-small.png28 Kanaxai Aspect of Pain
Image:NA-icon-small.png28 Kanaxai Aspect of Scorpions
Image:NA-icon-small.png28 Kanaxai Aspect of Shadows
Image:NA-icon-small.png28 Kanaxai Aspect of Soothing
Image:NA-icon-small.png28 Kanaxai Aspect of Surrender
Image:NA-icon-small.png28 Kanaxai Aspect of Torment
Image:NA-icon-small.png30 Kanaxai
Assassin24 Oni of the Deep
Guild Wars Nightfall
Istan Torment creatures Warrior12 Grasp of Chaos  ?
The Desolation,
Realm of Torment
Margonite Warrior24 (26) Margonite Executioner
Ranger24 (26) Margonite Bowmaster
Monk24 (26) Margonite Cleric
Necromancer24 (26) Margonite Warlock
Mesmer24 (26) Margonite Seer
Elementalist24 (26) Margonite Sorcerer
Paragon24 (26) Margonite Ascendant
Dervish24 (26) Margonite Reaper
Margonite Mask
The Desolation,
Realm of Torment
Margonites Monk28 (30) Margonite High Priest3
Paragon28 (30) Margonite Patriarch3
Margonite Mask
Torment creatures Image:NA-icon-small.png24 (26) Torment Claw
Warrior28 (30) Blade of Corruption
Ranger28 (30) Arm of Insanity
Monk28 (30) Word of Madness
Necromancer28 (30) Shadow of Fear
Mesmer28 (30) Herald of Nightmares
Elementalist28 (30) Rain of Terror
Paragon28 (30) Spear of Torment
Dervish28 (30) Scythe of Chaos
Demonic Relic
Realm of Torment Torment creatures Warrior28 Grasp of Insanity2
Mesmer24 Scythe of Chaos2
Elementalist28 Wrathful Storm2
Domain of Anguish Margonites Warrior28 Margonite Anur Vu
Ranger28 Margonite Anur Mank
Ranger28 Margonite Anur Tuk
Monk28 Margonite Anur Ki
Necromancer28 Margonite Anur Dabi
Mesmer28 Margonite Anur Kaya
Elementalist28 Margonite Anur Su
Paragon28 Margonite Anur Rund
Dervish28 Margonite Anur Ruk
Margonite Gemstone
Stygians Warrior28 Stygian Brute
Warrior28 Stygian Horror
Ranger28 Stygian Fiend
Necromancer28 Stygian Hunger
Dervish28 Stygian Golem
Stygian Gemstone
Torment creatures Warrior28 Flesh Tormentor
Ranger28 Spirit Tormentor
Monk28 Heart Tormentor
Necromancer28 Soul Tormentor
Mesmer28 Mind Tormentor
Elementalist28 Mind Tormentor
Paragon28 Sanity Tormentor
Dervish28 Earth Tormentor
Torment Gemstone
  1. Also encountered in Unwaking Waters.
  2. Although these demons are technically torment creatures from a lore perspective, they are not considered torment creatures by the monster hunt lightbringer blessing, and are not subject to Lightbringer's Gaze.
  3. In the Desolation, Margonite High Priests and Margonite Patriarchs are only encountered during A Deal's a Deal.

Hard mode levels are in brackets


  • Tortureweb Dryders are considered "demonic servants of Abaddon" by Lightbringer's Gaze, however testing on other Dryders with weapons of Demonslaying indicates that Dryders are not demons.
  • All Nightfall-exclusive Titans are considered "demonic servants of Abaddon" by Lightbringer's Gaze, however Titans are not considered demons by weapons of Demonslaying.
  • All Nightfall Shadow Army creatures are considered "demonic servants of Abaddon" by Lightbringer's Gaze, however Shadow Army creatures are not considered demons by weapons of Demonslaying.
  • Creatures which drop Demonic Remains and Demonic Fangs and creatures referred to as "demons" or "demonic" by in-game dialogue are not necessarily demons from a game mechanics perspective.
  • Lightbringer skills treat many non-demon creatures in Nightfall as "demonic servants of Abaddon", see the Lightbringer rank article for details.
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This article is about the Covenant term. For the XBox 360 achievement, see Demon (Achievement).

"Demon" is the Covenant name for all Spartans[1][2][3], but is most commonly used in reference to John-117. This is primarily due to the fact that the Covenant fear the Spartans, because of their ability to destroy hundreds or thousands of Covenant soldiers. They particularly fear the Master Chief because of his destruction of Alpha Halo, and other Forerunner artifacts. Because they treat these as relics and the Forerunners as gods, it is possible they see the Master Chief as the opposite, a demon.

Demon could possibly mean a particularly powerful foe, and they might call Spartans "demons" because they rarely ever die, comparing to a demon's immortality and are bringers of great destruction and defeat (Master Chief and Installation 04). This is supported in Halo 3: ODST where enemy Grunts refer to the player, who plays as an ODST, as a "demon". Also, a demon's immortality could be part of the UNSC myth of how Spartans never die, they only go MIA or WIA.


In gameplay, when Covenant warriors encounter the Master Chief in combat and sight, they usually engage him with extreme caution. Grunts and Jackals have a tendency to retreat upon the Demon killing their Elite or Brute commander, or if they are the only soldier remaining. The Prophets and Brutes also refer to the Master Chief as the Demon[4]. The Prophet of Truth is the only member of the Covenant that has referred to John-117 by his alternate name of Master Chief.[5] It is theorized that Truth says this so the player knows who the demon is, as the term is not used in Halo: Combat Evolved.(however in Halo CE enemies will refer to you as "devil", like upon your death grunts will say things like "dead devil")

If any Covenant soldier actually kills a Demon, it may be assumed they are given a very high reward for their success against this potent and dangerous adversary. This can be noted in gameplay during Halo 1: when John-117 dies, the nearby Grunts laugh crazily or shout "I did it! I'm the one!" and similar things. Also the nearby Sangheili laugh. In Halo 2 when the Master Chief dies, the nearby Elites say something along the lines of "The Demon is dead, I killed it! I killed the Demon!"; "The Prophets shall reward me well for that!"; "The Demon is dead! By my hand!"; "I have earned my Journey!"; or more rarely, "Ha! And I'm not even the Arbiter!". Grunts can sometimes be overheard after John-117 dies exclaiming "I get his helmet!".

When the player throws a grenade, an Elite (and sometimes Grunt) in Halo 2 will usually say "Demon Flare! Scatter!", regardless of the grenade type.

Halo 3

While fighting alongside your allied Elites, mostly Major Elites and Spec Ops Elites they will call you Demon, perhaps out of respect and deference or to signify your rank as a Spartan. Later in the game, the Elites begin clarifying and referring to you as Spartan, or sometimes, Human Champion; if you were to be killed anytime during gameplay, and the Elites witness this, one of them might say "The Human Champion is down!" The theory that "Demon" translates into "Spartan" is disproved in this game when Rtas 'Vadum and The Arbiter refers to you as "Spartan" after destroying a Scarab on The Ark. The Arbiter, Minor Elites and some Spec Ops Elites will sometimes refer to Master Chief as "Reclaimer", just like 343 Guilty Spark. This is most likely as a result of the new Human-Elite alliance, which makes the derogatory term Demon inappropriate. The Arbiter has probably taken the term from 343 Guilty Spark, who always refers to the Master Chief as Reclaimer. Like Rtas 'Vadum, however, he will usually simply refer to the Chief as Spartan. For example, when Johnson is killed by the Monitor, he says "I am sorry Spartan." If you die at the hands of Covenant soldiers like Brutes and Grunts, they will say things like "The Demon is dead!", "We are the Champions!" or on rare occasions, might say things like "I got the Demon's boots!", or "I call his helmet!". Often, one will shout (IWHBYD Skull off)"Ding-dong the Demon's dead!", "Who's dead now? Not me! Ha ha ha!"


  1. Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, page 243, "Voro strained to isolate the human word for demons from their objectionable speech... Spartans".
  2. Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, page 349, "They would take no chances with these human demons, these 'Spartans' ".
  3. Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, page 372 - "The Fleet Master Elite snarled at Kurt, and the translation filtered through his helmet's speaker: 'One last fight demon' ".
  4. Gravemind cutscene, "Kill the demon!".
  5. The Heretic cutscene, "But this demon, this "Master Chief"..."

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

(The) Demon
Image of (The) Demon
Real name Brandon Michael Myers
Ring Names {{{names}}}
Height 7'1" in (2.16 m)
Weight 326 lb (148 kg)
Date of birth February 29, 1972 (age 37)
Place of birth Haddonfield, Illinois, USA
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Garland, Texas, USA
Billed from Parts Unknown; The Depths of Hellfire & Brimstone
Handled by
Win/Loss Record {{{winloss_record}}}
Debut April 2006
Retired {{{retired}}}

Brandon Michael Myers (born February 29, 1972), better known as (The) Demon, is an American-born professional wrestler currently working for Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling. He also has appeared for TNA in the past, having three separate stints. He also had several appearances in other promotions such as World Championship Wrestling.


General Information

Family background

In a small town located in Illinois, Brandon was given birth by Loretta Burke, a waitress at a local dinner. Brandon's biological father was Donald Myers, whom he had an affair with Loretta while being married to his wife Edith. While Brandon was born, his father already had three half-siblings, Laurie Ann, Judith, Strode, and Michael. The former three would later on be murdered by their own little brother, Michael, and he would then become to be known as a mass murder and an infamous figure during the late 70's and the first half of the 80's.

Growing up

During the age of seven, Brandon's mother had died in what was to be known as a house fire. However, reports had stemmed out that it was Brandon himself who had killed his own mother and burned down the house. But with no concrete evidence being found, a young Brandon was to be put in a foster home and had started to become misguided in life. Sine his days as an adolescence, Brandon was notorious of having a bad behavior as he would be a common threat to kids his age. After being dropped out of high school during his freshman year, Brandon had become an underground boxer as he would earn a minimum wage to keep himself up in life. Then during his last in-ring boxing match, Brandon's opponent had collapsed on the floor near the end of the fight as Brandon would continue swinging away at his opposition. After the mauling, it was ruled that Brandon had committed murder. However, as his testimony had stated that he was furious the night before by not being paid, Brandon had been distraught and was on an emotional high. Because of those reasons, and others from his past, Brandon had been ruled by the judge to be placed in a mental institution until his status had become better. During his stay at the Haddonfield Mental Institution for Care, he had ran away and his whereabouts were not certain. After months of running away to various towns and cities in the U.S., Brandon had arrived at Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, where he would work as a steel miner as a young adult.

After the age of 18, Brandon had rode a Union Pacific train that would bring him down all the way to the ports of southern California. After wanting a fresh start in life, he would go on and work the nightlife in Los Angeles as a bodyguard and a bouncer for various clubs until the age of 27. But still working the streets part-time, Myers found himself at a gym where he had met with a bodybuilder with a reference in the pro-wrestling world. After their conversation, that's when Myers met up with an interest with wrestling. After years of working his body into the ring as well as training during the day while he worked the clubs at night, he had finally found himself in his comfort zone along with a phone call that would change his life. In early 2006, Myers was called up to work with Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling, a place where he would be very fond of in the future.

Wrestling Career

Early Career (April 2006 - June 2006)

The Demon chokeslams Special Guest Referee, Drew Carey, in his first appearance on live television

After a meeting with Sunny, the owner of TNA Wrestling, Myers was set up to debut in his professional wrestling career. His first appearance, Myers had ran in to interfere during a match with Triple X. The ensuing night after, Myers was to be known as the Demon. As the Demon, Myers found his niche in its hardcore division. As he piled up through the ranks, he was soon given the opportunity of a life time as he was placed in a match against Mike Dimter for the first-ever TNA Hardcore Championship. With the victory, Myers was crowned as the first person to be crowned the Hardcore title. With weeks leading to his first pay-per-view match, Myers began a feud with Dimter, as well as his family. After a brutal beat down of his younger brother, the eldest Mike had no choice but to offer Myers such compromise. As collateral, the only female family member of the Dimter siblings, Ashley, had to serve Myers as a valet to the wishes of Myers himself. After a couple weeks of mind games, Myers' strategy had backfired as he lost his belt against against a raging Kriz Viper, whom was having a relationship on and off screen with Ashley. Then weeks afterward, that match would prove to be his final match in TNA as the company had drifted away from Myers and had nothing else planned for him.

David Sands getting a taste of the Demon's boot.

While holding the TNA Hardcore Championship, Myers was in need of cash so he had decided to wrestle for AIW for a short period of time while under his "Demon" character. That ended up being a one show event as he went on to defeat Dave "The Hammer" Sands in the pilot episode. Afterwards, the Demon needed a boost in his career or else a change would be needed. So in turn, Myers joined AMX Wrestling. However, he did not make an appearance for the promotion. After being being sat out by his first company while the last two had closed its doors, Myers had second thoughts in the wrestling industry. However, Myers was to receive a shot in WWE's repackaging of WCW.

World Championship Wrestling & Extreme Championship Wrestling (June 2006 - July 2006)

While TNA had lost its taste in the hardcore division for while while AIW and AMX being shut down, WWE had recruited some of the brightest talents that were available in order to create a "new" WCW. Myers happened to be one of those names as he was the first to receive those calls and he quickly signed on, yet again as the Demon. As usual, he made a name for himself as he went on to be the (only) WCW Hardcore Champion since the company had folded.

Before winning the Hardcore Championship, Myers had been part of an eight-man tournament to name the brand's top champion. After making it all the way to the final match to determine the WCW Champion, Myers would be defeated. That would be the closest that Myers would ever get to a World Championship. In turn, Myers also signed onto another company's revival, this time ECW, however it would still be controlled by the WWE. While being in the "land of extreme", Myers was booked to capture the ECW World Championship by facing off against Super Nova in the tournament finals. With the possibilities of holding two championships, Myers thought he would get the push that he was looking for. However, not until WWE had decided to pull the plug and close down both sub-divisions. That left Myers with no job, and a little hope left for professional wrestling.

Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (July 2006 - July 2007)

The Demon making his return to TNA

After Myers had returned to being a bouncer but in South Beach, Florida, he had revisited his old stomping ground back in TNA. During the same night, TNA had been hosting a live show when he was spotted by Benjamin Jameson. Then after the show, Myers was brought to the back where he would have a conversation with Jameson and then-General Manager, Stormy. After discussing some matters at hand, Myers was asked and reluctantly agreed to coming back to TNA. The return was immediate as both sides would quickly form a deal and Myers had now come back with a job and with a vengeance.

Myers (still being the Demon) came back to TNA as a possessed, serial stalker as he had attacked and kidnapped various women on Xplosion. After spending the entire 2006 and part of 2007 squashing opponents and being part of comic segments, the Demon resurfaced as one of the high-caliber Superstars in TNA after being in a feud with Edge. Then after weeks of uncertainty, Myers had been paired in a match with Edge to face off against April Murdock and Country Girl for the NWA World Tag Team Championship at Memorial Day Massacre. The un-even duo gained mainstream status and marked themselves in the record books as the duo defeated the "powers that be" and had become household names. Around the same time, Myers had started an on-screen romance with Jackie, who at the time was split from the Game. Also the Thursday night before, Myers had appeared on iMPACT! after Benjamin Jameson had defeated Mr. Kennedy. In an impromptu title match for the Hardcore Championship defended by Jameson, Myers had gained victory as he received the Hardcore title once more in his career. However because of that match, it led to Jameson being out for three months as he (legitimately) tore his latissimus dorsi. That led to Jameson making a comeback at Slammiversary while Myers had started to make a name for himself.

Jackie, who had been stalked for weeks by the Demon, made an allegiance with him

Then during the ensuing months that went by, Myers had defeated about every challenger that wanted to face him for his Hardcore title. However, the streak would come to an end when Myers was defeated by Jeff Hardy for the Hardcore title. Myers had been struck by luck because at the same time he had another chance at the World Championship as he feuded against Cole Henry and the Joker for the #1 contender spot of the TNA World Championship. However, good things had come to an end when Myers had lost a triple threat contest at Slammiversary with the former two names as participants. From then on, his career started to dwindle down as he would go onto jobbing against mid-carders.

After his match at Slammiversary, Myers had strayed away from TNA more and more as his appearances had diminished along the coming weeks and months. The reason being given by the fact that the creative did not had a plan for him made Myers even more outrageous. Then it was announced in late September that Myers would be let go early from his contract that would have ended two months after his release. However, it didn't do any damage to him as Myers was to be signed onto a familiar name brand, AMX Wrestling, again.

All Magnitude X Wrestling (July 2007 - December 2007)

While being inactive in TNA, Myers was in the process of returning in AMX. It proved to be true when the AMX website had confirmed the acquisition of Myers stating, "the 'Demon' has come to AMX." As Myers had returned he would wound up facing against his nemesis, Mike Dimter, as the two would continue their bitter rivalry. However, Dimter had an upper hand as he would wound up winning the match and go onto the semi-finals of a tournament that would name the AMX World Champion.

The Demon making his signature entrance

On the same night, Myers had interfered in a match containing Benjamin Jameson but this time, he would be attacked by Adam "Pacman" Jones. After battling back and slamming "Pacman" through the announcers table, it had been clear that Myers had violated stipulations that "Pacman" was to go through (in which that he could not physically participate in a match and could not be laid with a touch of a finger). That would leave tremendous heat on him and it was unclear whether or not Myers (along with anyone else including "Pacman") had planned out that spot during the show. Because of his actions, it put Myers on a blacklist in the wrestling world as well as having to have AMX Wrestling being jeopardized. Nevertheless after it was all said and done, Myers was told not to return to AMX and that repercussions were to be paid by AMX. However, those repercussions were not upheld when the company had shut its doors down for good.

Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (December 2007 - February 2008)

Then in 2008 as Myers had been in his home near Tampa, he had received a message pertaining to him returning to TNA once more. Myers had quickly obliged citing a poor income as well as having an "itch" to return. Then on the night of New Year's Eve, Myers (as the Demon) had returned in a Triple Threat match by interference and had been reinstated by then-assistant General Manager Benjamin Jameson. It was then said that Myers would go on and participate in a major feud involving Benjamin Jameson and Sting. However, after wrestling a couple more matches TNA had decided to not use Myers in their program and was to be let go.

Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (December 2007 - February 2008)

Myers made his return to TNA after a Triple Threat bout between Dimter, Matt Phoenix, and Calvin Payne. This marks his fourth time being part of the company.

Wrestling Facts

The Demon begins to finish off Josh Davis with a chokeslam

Finishing and signature moves

  • Chokeslam
  • Hell Raiser (High-Angle TKO)
  • Highway to Hell / Devil's Synn (Pumphandle Slam)
  • Big Boot
  • Corner Clothesline
  • Double-handed Chokebomb
  • Double-handed Chokelift
  • Powerbomb
  • Rising Clothesline
  • Standing Spinebuster
  • Top-Rope Flying Clothesline
  • Uppercut

Managers & Valets

  • Ashley Dimter
  • Jackie


  • The Abominable Aybss
  • The Deacon of Destruction
  • The Guardian of Hell
  • The King of Fire & Brimstone

Theme Music

  • Highway to Hell by AC/DC (used in first stint with TNA)
  • Iron Man by Black Sabbath (used in second stint with TNA)
  • No Chance by Dope (used in AIW, first stint with AMX, ECW, & WCW)
  • Slow Chemical by Finger Eleven (also used in second stint with AMX and third stint with TNA)

Championships and accomplishments

Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling

  • NWA World Tag Team Champion (1x; w/ Edge)
  • TNA Hardcore Championship (2x)

World Championship Wrestling

  • WCW Hardcore Championship (1x)

External Links

  • TNA Website

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Demons are a class of creature; many are characterized by a mix of human- and beast-like features, often in hellish black or red colours. (Abyssal demons, however, look quite different.)

Demons usually come from other realms, and most if not all are servants of Zamorak. They are generally considered to be fairly strong, except for imps, and have low defence strengths. The ability to slay stronger and stronger demons is often a personal landmark for many players. Demons are especially weak towards magic but not so weak towards melee attacks. The magical swords Silverlight and Darklight are enchanted to be especially effective against demons.


Types of Demon

The following monsters are demons.

There are also several demonic monsters in quests:

Demons in Construction

Demons that cannot be attacked


  • Slayer Masters sometimes mention a Bloodveld as a "strange, demonic creature" or a "half-ton demon". However, bloodvelds drop bones when killed, whereas all or almost all other demons drop ashes. This calls into question whether bloodvelds are truly demonic. It has, however, been confirmed that magical swords Silverlight and Darklight have their special effects when fighting bloodvelds. In Portuguese, bloodvelds are called like "Demônio do Sangue", in English "Demon of Blood" or simply bloodveld.
  • Slayer masters describe hellhounds as 'a cross between dogs and demons'. Hellhounds drop bones when killed. It is confirmed that hellhounds are IMMUNE to Darklight and Silverlight effects.


  • With 11 different bosses, Demons are one of the most common, if not the most common, race(s) to be quest bosses.
  • According to Evil Dave, Hellrats are demons and are the lowest form of demon, weaker even than imps. Players cannot kill hellrats, but pet cats can.
  • Reldo in Postbag from the Hedge reveals that all demons have true names, however, they do not reveal their true name because "names have powers". Demons that reveals their true names are those that are so powerful that the name cannot bound them anymore. K'ril Tsutsaroth is an example.
  • In Armies of Gielinor, a game from FunOrb, you are able to summon Greater Demons which are Zamorakian followers. They are level 4 to summon and have 45 Strength.


Wikipedia has an article about:

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

"The law says when you deal with a demon you must expect to get burned."

Demon was a generic term for a malevolent supernatural creature, which was used to refer to creatures in a number of cultures' mythologies. Worlds which had some form of demon myth included Somov Rit (the Swamp Demon)[1] and Ootoola[2]. It is unknown if they were somewhat related to the mythological Hell.

In a thousand of different myths from various human subcultures, demons sported pointed ears and horns (just like the Dark Side entity Smoke Demon), which explains the feeling of discomfort most humans experienced when meeting a Devaronian[2][3].

Many creatures or species were designated as "demon" as well, in an analogy comparing their dangerous nature to that of a demon. Among these were the demonsquid, the Force Demon, the Ice Demon, the Nightmare Demon and the Maelibus. They were also referred to through the name of the volcanic planet Demonsgate. Don-Wan Kihotay considered the Behemoth from the World Below to be a demon.



Notes and references

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From TibiaWiki

This creature is in the Demons class and has history.

8200 Hit points
6000 Experience points per kill

Summon/Convince: --/--
Abilities: Melee (0-520), Huge Fireball (150-250), Great Life Drain Beam (300-460) , Energy Hit (Only from close; 210-300), Mana Drain (0-120), Self-Healing, Haste, Fire Field, Distance Paralyze, Summons up to 1 Fire Elemental.
Pushable: ?
Push Objects: ?
Est. Max. Damage: 1530 (1880 with the Fire Elemental) hp per turn
Immune To: Fire, Drown, Life Drain, Invisibility, Paralysis.
Strong To: Physical (-30%), Death (-30%), Energy (-50%), Earth (-40%)
Neutral To:
Weak To: Holy (+12%), Ice (+12%)
Sounds: "Your soul will be mine!"; "CHAMEK ATH UTHUL ARAK!"; "I SMELL FEEEEAAAAAR!"; "Your resistance is futile!"; "MUHAHAHA".
Behavior: Demons attack the enemy with extremely powerful attacks until death.
Field Notes: Demons are the servants of evil. More or less devoted servants of Zathroth, they cause strife and havoc wherever they appear. Their masters are known as Demonlords, Demon Overlords and Archdemons. Long time ago, Demons used to drop Magic Swords and Coconuts. It is said that in one room behind Hero Cave, a Demon can spawn even if there's people inside, but it has not been confirmed. You can use a Blessed Wooden Stake on a slain Demon to get Demon Dust.
Location: Hero Cave, Demon Helmet Quest, The Annihilator Quest room, Ferumbras' Citadel, Goroma, Ghostlands, Warlock area (unreachable), cave under Liberty Bay bank (unreachable), deep in Pits of Inferno (found in every Throneroom except Verminor's), deep Formorgar Mines, during The Demon Oak Quest and Yalahar.
Strategy: If you don't have some kind of healing, don't even look at them because if you do you are dead. Stand in a diagonal position to avoid the lethal Great Life Drain Beam and, as a blocker, kill the Fire Elementals quickly. You can start blocking them at Level 80 with good Skills with a big waste (blockers with Level lower than 80 will probably die in 80% of the cases). You can hunt them with a team of Mages using Icicle Runes. It's better to use Boots of Haste instead of Steel Boots because Demons are fast and staying diagonal can be hard. Mages can actually block them with full mana using Magic Shield at lvl 80 with Great Mana Potions while someone shoots (not profitable).

Paladins can run them with Boots of Haste, Time Ring and kill them with Assassin Stars or Arbalest with Power Bolts in wide respawns. Using Divine Healing after Demon's Huge Fireball (Radius as high as Ultimate Spells) will keep you out of danger. Just focus in your speed and in your Mana. You can't stairhop them anymore.

Knights can kill them but it will most likely be a huge waste as Demons are strong against Physical Damage.

Mages should use the same strategy as a Paladin, however, using Magma Set and Magic Shield below Level 130 is very recommended. All vocations can use Garlic Necklace to reduce damage from Great Life Drain Beam
Loot: 0-310 gp, 0-1 Platinum Coin, 0-6 Fire Mushrooms, Devil Helmet, Double Axe, Golden Sickle, Small Emerald, Fire Axe (semi-rare), Giant Sword (semi-rare), Great Health Potion (semi-rare), 0-3 Great Mana Potion (semi-rare), 0-3 Ultimate Health Potion, Golden Ring (semi-rare), Ice Rapier (semi-rare), Orb (semi-rare), Purple Tome (semi-rare), Stealth Ring (semi-rare), Talon (semi-rare), 0-5 Assassin Stars (rare), Demon Horn (rare), Demon Shield (rare), Might Ring (rare), Platinum Amulet (semi-rare), Ring of Healing (rare), Golden Legs (rare), Mastermind Shield (rare), Demon Trophy (very rare), Demonrage Sword (very rare), Magic Plate Armor (very rare). (Loot Statistics)
See also: Creatures.
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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

The Demons are a lifeform in the Generation One continuity family.

Known to its modern population as Demons, Cybertron's original inhabitants were sealed away underground by Primus. Except for the occasional escape, they have remained sealed away by Primus's power ever since, known to the surface only in legends.

Demons are very large creatures (towering above Transformers) that can absorb energy without harm, up to direct weapons fire. At least one has demonstrated the ability to breathe fire. They "feed" on Transformers by absorbing their lifeforce, eventually killing them.

However, if a demon absorbs too much energy, it will explode.



Marvel Comics

Two of the Demons escaped from their prison following an incident between Tailgate and the Mutants. Some time after killing three Decepticons that beset the Autobot Seawatch, they were destroyed by Emirate Xaaron, who consulted ancient Cybertronian lore to find their weaknesses. Demons!

After Primus's death, another group of the Demons escaped. They were defeated by Grimlock, who consulted his fist down their throats. (The reinvigorated power of Grimlock's life-force following his sudden conversion to an Action Master may have also played a hand -- the demons were repulsed by his 'light'.) Still Life!


Mini-Cons killed them dead. It was jolly good fun. You should try it sometime. Kidding! We swear!


  • The appearance of the Demons differs, wildly, depending on the artist.
  • Cybertronian legend refers to them as "the flipside of the Matrix's good creatures".
  • It is unclear in the stories if the Demons were the original inhabitants of the world Primus fashioned into Cybertron, or an attempt by Primus to create life that predated the Transformers. However, writer Simon Furman later clarified in an interview that he envisioned them as being botched creations of Primus.
  • The demons' origin resemble that of the Trans-Organics in some ways. Both races were built as precursors to the Transformers, but locked away by their creators.

External link

  • Interview where Furman reveals the nature of the demons
  • Demons at In Space, No One Can Hear Starscream

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