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Delta Vega may refer to:

  • Delta Vega sector, a sector of space.
    • Delta Vega, a planet in the Delta Vega sector.
      • Delta Vega station, a lithium cracking station on Delta Vega
  • Delta Vega, a planet in the Vulcan system.
  • Delta Vega: Meltdown on the Ice Planet, a video game set on the Vulcan system's Delta Vega.
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Delta Vega
Star system: (unknown)
Class: G
Surface: Desolate

Delta Vega was a planet located near the galactic barrier, in the Delta Vega sector. During the mid-23rd century, it was the site of a Federation lithium cracking station, one of the most distant Federation outposts. During the 23rd century, the planet was uninhabited, visited by ore ships every twenty years at most. (TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before", TNG: "Aquiel")

Lithium cracking station located on Delta Vega.


When the USS Enterprise suffered warp drive damage from crossing the galactic barrier in 2265, it limped to Delta Vega so that engineer Lee Kelso could make repairs. By the time of their arrival, the danger posed by Gary Mitchell - who had been affected by the barrier - was undeniable, and Captain Kirk planned to maroon his old friend on the planet. Mitchell objected, escaped, and fled into the hills of Delta Vega. Kirk tracked him, and with the help of Elizabeth Dehner, was able to kill him. The remains of both Mitchell and Dehner were left behind on Delta Vega, and they were noted for giving their lives in the line of duty. (TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before")

By the 24th century, Starfleet had established Starbase 237 in the vicinity of Delta Vega. (TNG: "Aquiel")

In Star Trek: Arcadia, Delta Vega boasted a thriving colony by 2378, at the site of the old lithium cracking station.

In 2383, the USS Pendragon was diverted from a survey of the galactic rim to retrieve the bodies of Mitchell and Dehner from Delta Vega. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "Whispers As Loud As Thunder")

Delta Vega in 2387 (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "In Thy Image")

In Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR) continuity, Gary Mitchell survived and transformed Delta Vega into a paradise. On it he created a race of beings which possesed similar powers to his own, though not as advanced. A group of them led by Mitchell stole the USS Pioneer in 2387, intending to control the Federation. Fortunately they were stopped. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "In Thy Image")

Colonel Green's bunker on the surface

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This article uses material from the "Delta Vega" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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