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Delilah Deerborn
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Initiative recruits


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Initiative trainee

First appearance

Doc Samson #1
(January, 1996)



Delilah "Dee Dee" Dearborn was a student at Empire State University. While monitoring a surge in the University's new experimental Particle Accelerator, she is stuck by power which surged out of the machine. Time passes and she begins to have nightmares of changing into a huge monster-like green creature, killing and tearing women apart.

Meanwhile in the same area where she lives, women have turned up dead, two killed each month, all killed late at night. When the women bodies were examine there was traces of gamma radiation and parts of one woman was sewn to another. Doc Samson was called as a consultant, to work with Detective Sharps NYPD (On locating the gamma creature). She-Hulk was also called to handle the more "Super Hero" side of the project (Confronting and fighting the gamma creature).

Soon after, both discover and fight two different gamma monsters, similar in appearance, they both believe that there's is the killer, but Samson discover his to not be the killer. As She-Hulk is beaten and drained of her power, it is now obvious that She-Hulk has found the killer. The killer leaves She-Hulk alone stating he already has two women for that month.

Samson takes his Gamma creature to a cell and watches it as it slowly copies his gamma power, "Like a Geiger" Samson says. She changes, not back to her original (completely human) form but instead a more "female Samson" look (Like Samson but if he was a female). They team up and search for the real killer knowing he will be on the hunt for another girl. After trail and effort they are finally able to defeat the killer known as Patchwork.

Geiger is seen at the military base Camp Hammond, as an official recruit for the Initiative, which is a super-human military draft. She is introduced to Camp Hammond along with Ant-Man, Crusader, Melee, Geldoff, Dragon Lord, Red Nine, and Diamondback. She was one of the trainees that attacked KIA and were defeated.

Following after the Skrull invasion, Geiger graduated from the Initiative[1] and was assigned to New Mexico's Initative team the Mavericks (Earth-616).

Powers and Abilities



She can have the power of any Gamma beings.


Due to a Gamma radiation accident, Geiger has the ability to mimic the powers of any gamma-powered beings in her immediate vicinity, potentially making her as strong as the Hulk, as intelligent as the Leader, etc.


She has little control over her powers, a downside exacerbated by the fact that she also takes on personality aspects of whoever she is mimicking as well. So if she mimics a villain she herself could become a villain. At one time she was able to focus on one gamma powered being for she would not become another, this took much effort on her part and left her momentarily helpless as she focused.


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  1. Avengers: The Initiative #21

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