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This article/section contains information officially created to be part of the Lost mythos
but ultimately rejected. It may be endorsed by ABC, or feature cast members.

These are the deleted scenes from the DVDs. In Season 2, in addition to the regular Season 2 DVD Disc 7 Bonus Disc, there was also a special disc available from Best Buy and one in a TV Guide Insert, which are listed separately below.


Season 1

See Season 1 deleted scenes transcript for an accurate transcript of all scenes, excluding Easter Eggs and TV Guide bonus disc material.

Regular Disc 7 Deleted Scenes

Additional bonus material from TV Guide Disc listed separately at bottom.

  • Smoking: Sawyer is smoking then Charlie comes and says, "Are you sure you should be smoking with the plane...stuff." Then Charlie asks Sawyer for a cigarette. This scene was deleted from "Pilot, Part 1".
  • Chicken or Lasagna: Hurley asks Locke if he wants some chicken or lasagna, but Locke doesn't respond. This scene was deleted from "Pilot, Part 1".
  • Kate and Sayid: Sayid is with Kate. He is telling her that the other survivors know of what they saw when they were searching for the pilot. He also said that Kate and Jack don't want to frighten the Others by telling them, but Charlie is telling everyone what he saw. This scene was deleted from "Pilot, Part 2".
  • The Climb: We see Sawyer, Boone, Sayid, Shannon, Charlie and Kate climbing a cliff on their way to pick up the French transmission. Charlie asks Shannon if she's ever heard of Drive Shaft, and some funny dialogue ensues. This scene was deleted from "Pilot, Part 2".
    • Easter Egg: There is a secret and humorous alternative take to this scene, in which Charlie asks Shannon if she's ever seen "Lord of the Rings."
  • Finding The Tell: Walt is walking with Locke, and asks him to teach to bluff. Locke explains that if you want to be a great poker player, you need to be able to spot a liar. This scene was deleted from "Pilot, Part 2".
  • Partners (extended version): This is an extended scene of when Sun help washing Jin's hand after he got shackled. This scene was deleted from "House of the Rising Sun".
  • Claire's Doctor Visit: Claire is being inspected by Jack after her return. She's talking about how she is being avoided by the other survivors. This scene was deleted from "Outlaws".
  • Secrets: Kate and Jack are talking about people's secrets. Jack accuses Locke of burning down the raft, and also said that he was gone for five hours and when he comes back, he makes a speech about The Others. This scene was deleted from "...In Translation".

The Lost Flashbacks


  • At The Airport: Claire: We see Claire talking with the pilot and appearing nervous. She confides that she is only flying because of what the psychic told her, and feels stupid about it. The pilot in turn tells her that his mother once went to a psychic, who told her she would dump her husband for another man. Shortly afterwards, that Bernard sold his business for a million dollars. Though there is similarity with the name Bernard, he is not likely to be the Bernard in our story, because he is a computer programmer (not a dentist), and the scene was not left in.
  • At The Airport: Sayid: We see Sayid shopping in an airport clothing store for a tie to wear when he sees Nadia in Los Angeles. One of the employees helps him make his decision, and as he is paying for the tie, airport security come and take him for questioning about the bag he left with Shannon. Sayid is noticeably perturbed by what can be seen as racial profiling.

TV Guide Bonus DVD (Season 1 Footage) 2006

The August 27, 2006 issue of TV-Guide sold in stores (but not distributed to subscribers) contained a Lost themed CD-ROM to accompany the feature article on Lost. The CD-ROM included a clip on Madison, as well as a clip of Evangeline Lilly with one of the Aaron babies, as well as several short deleted scenes: Note: These features were included on the Blu-ray Disc edition of season 2.

  • Where Did You Go?:Charlie has a conversation in the jungle with Jack, despite Jack currently being trapped in a cave-in. This scene was deleted from "The Moth".

"The Lost Chronicles" Book DVD

  • Sun Cries: Sun cries in the caves after Boone's death, and Jin enters behind her and sees. This scene was deleted from "Do No Harm".
  • Toasting Jack (Extended Scene): Jack is outside on the phone (presumably with his dad) saying that he assumes he won't be there for the rehearsal because he hasn't arrived yet. Jack's friend Marc tells him to get inside to start the rehersal. Marc gives a toast to Jack, during which Sarah tells Jack that she's going to say something, too. Sarah gets up and gives her toast. This scene was deleted from "Do No Harm".
    • Sarah's toast features more lines than in the final cut.
  • How Do I Know You?: Claire walks up to Rousseau while she's preparing for The Black Rock and asks her where she knows her from, assuming that she saved her from Ethan. Rousseau denies ever meeting her. This scene was deleted from "Exodus, Part 1".

Season 2

See Season 2 deleted scenes transcript for an accurate transcript of all scenes, excluding Easter Eggs and Best Buy/TV Guide bonus disc material.

Regular Disc 7 Deleted Scenes

Additional bonus material from Best Buy/TV Guide Disc listed separately at bottom.

  • Seeing Walt: Sun talks to Shannon about seeing Walt in the jungle. Shannon denies this, claiming she was "tired after Boone" but Sun continues to press Shannon for information on what Walt was trying to tell her. Shannon says Walt will be miles away from the Island, and that "they are the lucky ones while they wait". This scene is deleted from "Man of Science, Man of Faith".
  • A Little You Time: Charlie tries to wake Locke up from sleeping in his hammock, to get answers about the Hatch. Claire tells him not to, and then Charlie offers to look after Aaron aka Turnip Head so Claire can have some "you time", but his real motive is to wake Locke up. He claims Jack, Kate, Sayid and Hurley are "out", but then Claire points to Hurley by the sea. It ends in Charlie shouting "Hey!" to Hurley. This scene is deleted from "Everybody Hates Hugo".
  • Sawyer's Visitor: Libby gives Sawyer water and comforts him, but she refuses to let him out or talk for a long time. This scene is deleted from "Everybody Hates Hugo".
  • Special Delivery: The Tail Section survivors haul a crate to the shore, with the logo for Melbourne Walkabout Tours stenciled on the crate. They are hopeful it contains food, but it instead contains boomerangs. This scene is deleted from "The Other 48 Days".
    • This scene was shown on ABC after the episode aired, but it included a brief scene showing Emma and Zach telling the Tailies that they found something and then everyone running towards the box.
  • Ana Lucia's Prisoner: Sayid is being held captive by Ana Lucia and Libby tries to talk to him. They exchange names and Libby explains that it was a mistake and deep down Ana Lucia is "a good person." This scene is deleted from "Collision".
    • Originally released as part of the campaign for the DVDs.
  • Libby and Claire: Claire and Libby start talking, and it is revealed Claire is wearing Libby's shirt. Claire is shocked, and Libby tells her to keep it, and they laugh. The idea of this scene may have been taken for a brief scene between Kate and Alex in "The Glass Ballerina" in which Alex remarks that Kate is wearing her dress. This scene is deleted likely from "What Kate Did" or "The 23rd Psalm".
  • Connected: Michael comes into the Hatch to do "Button Duty", replacing Kate's shift. Michael asks Locke about the station and computer, curious why there is so much equipment for entering numbers. Locke reminds him he can only put the Numbers into the computer, offers to stay and "play ping pong" but then leaves. Michael looks at the computer. This scene is deleted from "The 23rd Psalm".
  • The Doctor's Solution: Mr. Eko is drawing on bark with a stone. Ana Lucia arrives and suggests borrowing a pen for it. Mr. Eko does not want this, and then does not agree with Jack's plan to attack the Others. Mr. Eko believes they may be safe here, and then Ana Lucia asks where the man who killed two of them is. Mr. Eko coldly replies, "He is right here, sitting beside a tree, talking to you." This scene was deleted from "Fire + Water".
  • What's Your Story?: Hurley and Libby are washing/drying clothes in the Swan and Hurley finds some of Libby's underwear in his, and holds on his finger, saying "Oh, erm, I think these are yours." Libby asks if he is sure they are not his, and Hurley laughs but is slightly put out. Hurley then talks to Libby, who reveals she is a shrink specialising in marriage and family relationships. She reveals, including annulments, she has had three marriages but now "knows what not to do." She then asks what Hurley's story is, and he tells her he won the lottery, and is pleased she believes him. Hurley then asks Libby out on a walk, who agrees on the condition he does not stand on her foot- a reference to before the flight. This scene was deleted from "Fire + Water".
  • Weakness: Jack and Sayid argue about Jack's idea to trade Henry for Walt. Sayid disagrees with this, saying Henry knows too much about them (himself, Jack and Locke) and that he knows that they cannot agree on anything, and that is their weakness. This scene was deleted from "S.O.S."
  • Are You All Right?: Sun asks Rose if she is all right, after the earlier argument between Rose and Bernard. Rose reveals she has a daughter, who has passed. This scene was deleted from "S.O.S."
  • I Miss...: Hurley and Libby exercise, listing what they miss. Suddenly she tells Hurley that she'll be back and leaves. This scene was deleted from "Two for the Road".
    • The scene continues in the episode as Libby talks to Ana Lucia and she tells her that Henry tried to kill her.
  • Easter Egg: There is a previously unseen clip in the Season 2 DVD Lost Connections from Eko to Richard Malkin. Malkin tells Eko that he was paid $16,000 by a couple in Los Angeles to convince a pregnant girl to board a plane, taken from "?". There is also a longer version of Locke and Nadia meeting from "Lockdown", seen in 2 different angles, depending the character is chosen.

The Lost Flashbacks


  • The Wake: Shannon and Sabrina Carlyle are having a conversation in the kitchen during the funeral for Adam Rutherford, and they discuss the late Adam Rutherford. Among the topics discussed is beef stroganoff ("Dad loved beef stroganoff"), and the fact that the one thing they have in common is their shared love for him.
  • The New Au Pair: Shannon meets Philippe for her new Au Pair job looking after his children, Sophie and Laurent. After Philippe makes a sly advance towards Shannon, Philippe introduces his wife, Dominique.


  • Locke's Father: Locke and Helen are meeting with the priest organizing Anthony Cooper's "funeral", discussing Anthony. Locke admits he didn't know his father incredibly well.

Best Buy Bonus DVD 2006

In Season 2, there was a bonus DVD available exclusively at Best Buy chain stores in the USA, inside specially marked packages. It contained the bonus episode "Reckoning" (a mid-season catch-up clip show), bonus "Lost on Location" featurettes, and bonus deleted scenes: Note: These features were included on the Blu-ray Disc edition of season 2.

  • Easter Egg: From "Everybody Hates Hugo", Hurley walks Rose back to the beach. She tells him not to worry, because it's only a "pantry full of food". As Rose walks off, Hurley stares ahead (possibily an alternate transition into a flashback).**
    • This scene was also featured as an Easter Egg on Latin American versions of the regular DVD.

TV Guide Bonus DVD (Season 2 Footage) 2006

The August 27, 2006 issue of TV-Guide sold in stores (but not distributed to subscribers) contained a Lost themed CD-ROM to accompany the feature article on Lost. The CD-ROM included a clip on Madison, as well as a clip of Evangeline Lilly with one of the Aaron babies, as well as several short deleted scenes:

  • Kate's Choice: Kate went out into the jungle by herself. Charlie reminds Jack that she asked permission, but even though Jack says she doesn't ask for anyone's permission, Charlie suggests that she may have wanted him (Jack) to tell her not to go. This scene was deleted from "Man of Science, Man of Faith".
  • The Saw: Locke is giving Mr. Eko a saw from the Hatch, and asks what he is doing with it. This becomes a tense discussion as Eko calmly but coldly refused to tell him, and insults him. This scene was deleted from "Fire + Water".
  • Giving Care: Sun is giving Sawyer water as he recovers from his gunshot wound. Jin comes to check up on Sawyer, and says that he is too strong and stubborn to die. He then tells Sun that, "It's so good to talk... to be understood (in Korean)." This scene was deleted from "What Kate Did".

Season 3

See Season 3 Deleted Scenes transcript for an accurate transcript of all scenes.

Regular Disc 7 Deleted Scenes

Note that when you select 'Play all' in the deleted scenes menu on the Region 2 release, the Breaking Rocks part is not played.

  • Doctor to the rescue: This scene starts with Jack inside his car in front of a school, looking at Sarah. He saves a little girl suffocating at the playground. Afterwards, he looks at Sarah, who is staring at him with disgust. She seems annoyed by his presence. Jack is clearly embarassed. He smiles at her and tells that he was going to the hospital but he thought that it would be okay to stop by to see her. She looks at him with a cold look, and tells him just to sign the divorce papers. She walks away and the little girl tells Jack to not trust Sarah. This scene is deleted from "A Tale of Two Cities".
  • Introducing Nikki and Paulo: Claire is taking care of Aaron when she hears some weird noises coming from Jack's tent. She starts to call Jack's name, and when she opens the tent she sees Nikki and Paulo having sex there. This scene is deleted from "Further Instructions".
  • Sex Talk: Nikki talks to Claire, to say sorry about what she just saw. She goes into detail, clearly making Claire feel awkward. This scene is deleted from "Further Instructions".
  • Breaking Rocks: Sawyer and Kate are breaking rocks during their time on Hydra Island. Pickett comes to Sawyer and asks him if he knows why he is breaking rocks. Sawyer says "no," and Pickett says that it's for a "runway." They start an argument and Pickett tells him that the only reason he is still alive is because Ben needs him alive. This scene is deleted from "The Cost of Living".
  • Alex and Daddy: Pickett takes Alex to see Ben. Ben asks him to leave Sawyer alone, that he needs Pickett's word that he won't do anything with Sawyer. Pickett agrees and then Ben tells him to leave. Ben tells Alex that Karl is not dead, but is locked away to learn to do what he is told to. They start to fight and Alex tells Ben that she hates him and wishes he was dead. Then Ben tells her about his tumor. This scene is deleted from "I Do".
  • Super-powers, Dude: Locke is fishing and Hurley is near him. Suddenly, he asks Locke if he has superpowers. Locke stares confusedly at him, and then Hurley starts to talk about superheroes, like Flash (who got his powers after being struck by lightning), and all the strange things that happened with them on the Island, like the sky turning purple and the earthquake. He thinks that might be some kind of radiation and asks Locke what happened when the Hatch exploded. Locke says he woke up in the jungle with a bad headache and no voice. Then Hurley asks him about Desmond. Locke says he saw Desmond running through the jungle. Hurley tells him that Desmond can see the future. Locke says he doesn't want to know about what is going to happen in the future. Hurley asks why, and he answers that he might not like what he is going to find out. This scene is deleted from "Flashes Before Your Eyes".**
    • This scene was shown as a Sneak Peak during the winter hiatus of Season three, part of the Lost Moments
  • Charlie Carries On: Charlie is chopping wood, and Kate comes by. She asks him if he is going to keep working on the church. She says that Sayid told her about what happened with Eko. Kate notes that Charlie is a little bit distracted and asks him if he is okay. He says he is, and asks her if she is going to leave again. She answers "Yes" and invites him to join her. Charlie says he would love to, but he has some other stuff to do. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves. This scene is deleted from "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead".
  • Changing Our Luck: Hurley and Sawyer talk. Sawyer asks Hurley if he was serious about what he said earlier, about fixing the van, turn things around and change their luck. Hurley says he was. Charlie comes and thanks Hurley "for slapping" him, and they start to laugh. This scene is deleted from "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead".
  • The Journey to Jacob's Place: Ben is taking Locke to see Jacob. Locke asks Ben if he was bothered because Alex gave him a gun. Ben says that Alex is just a teenager, that she is going through a "rebel phase". Locke wonders what is gonna happen when she find out that she is not Ben's daughter. He says to Ben that he knows Alex is Rousseau's daughter and that he kidnapped her when she was a baby. Ben argues that he didn't kidnap Alex, that he "just took her to raise her". Locke asks why he told her that her mother was dead then. Ben says he did it because Rousseau is a lunatic who killed her own crew and spent the last 16 years sleeping in ditches. Ben tells Locke to imagine how great his childhood could had been if he had no idea about who his parents were. This scene is deleted from "The Man Behind the Curtain".

The Lost Flashbacks

"Further Instructions"

  • Locke Escapes: Locke is in the woods, after Eddie has walked away, and hears a noise. He runs through the jungle towards the noise, and stops at a clearing to watch as police arrest Mike and Jan. Eddie sees Locke in the woods, but doesn't arrest him. Locke runs back into the woods.

"The Glass Ballerina"

  • The Glass Ballerina: Jin is shown at Jae Lee's funeral. Mrs. Lee asks Jin how she knows her son, and Jin says that he was a business associate and offers his condolences.


  • "People Can Change": Nikki is shown (subtitle: 14 Days Ago) getting water, when she hears a strange noise and covers her ears. She looks to the sky as it turns purple, with Claire and Bernard nearby. She sees the Hatch door hurl down from the sky, and asks Claire what's going on. She becomes hysterical, and Paulo enters and takes her away. They sit on the beach and Paulo tries to assure her that everything is fine, but Nikki is freaked out. Paulo offers for them to take a walk down the beach and look for their bag and forget about all of the weirdness. Nikki says she doesn't want to look for the bag anymore, citing her selfishness on the day of the crash, her first thought being: "I hope he has the bag." She wants to be a better person, and Paulo tries to convince her that she is a good person. She doesn't listen to him, saying that he deserves better than her. This notion prompts Paulo to speak up about finding the bag, but Nikki interrupts him, and says they have to start making friends at camp. Paulo says that they don't want anything to do with them, but Nikki insists that it was their fault for not getting involved or caring about them earlier. Paulo replies: "I thought you said you'd rather die alone." Nikki says she's changed, and that she doesn't want to be alone, die, or keep looking for the bag. Paulo affirms that they will stop looking.

Wal-Mart Bonus Disc/UK Bonus Disc Deleted Scenes

  • Handcuffs: Kate tries to remove the handcuffs while in the locker room, hurting herself with them. This scene was deleted from "A Tale of Two Cities".

Lost: Missing Pieces Mobisodes deleted scenes

Note: Because of these scenes re-release, they are now considered canon

A deleted scene from Season 3 ended up being used as the Missing Pieces Mobisode "The Envelope".

  • The Envelope: Juliet is at her home at the Barracks when she notices that the muffins in the oven are burning. After scalding her hand while taking them out, the doorbell rings. It is Amelia. She helps Juliet, getting some ice for her hand, but realizes that something else is troubling Juliet. She asks if it is Ben, and Juliet says that things have gotten awkward between them. Amelia asks if he finally told her how he felt, but Juliet says he didn't; things are complicated. After Amelia further presses Juliet about what is going on, Juliet hints that they are somehow in trouble. Juliet then asks Amelia to keep quiet about something she is about to show her. As Juliet pulls an envelope out of the kitchen drawer, the doorbell rings, and the mobisode ends. The scene is deleted from "A Tale of Two Cities".

Season 4

See Season 4 Deleted Scenes transcript for an accurate transcript of all scenes.

Regular Disc 5 Deleted Scenes

  • Thinking Ahead: In this scene, Sawyer questions Juliet on what she intends to do once the rescue helicopters arrive. She avoids the question by pointing out that he has blood on his cheek. This scene was deleted from "The Beginning of the End".
  • Lucky Guess: Sayid, Miles and Kate arrive at the sonar fence on the edge of the Barracks. Miles seems to be sensing something. Kate mentions that it can be powered down manually if she could work out how. While Kate and Sayid examine the switch, Miles walks through unharmed, indicating that the fence is switched off. When Kate asks how he knew, Miles replies "lucky guess". The three move on. This scene was deleted from "The Economist".
  • "I Know Chicken": Sawyer is sorting through food in his fridge at the Barracks. Hurley disagrees that a piece of chicken is not good to eat. Sawyer asks why Hurley has to live with him, he replies that he doesn't want to live alone. He says he'll leave when Kate shows up, but Sawyer explains she won't show because of the earlier argument they had over Kate's pregnancy worries. Hurley tells Sawyer that she'll forgive him. Sawyer then asks if Hurley is wearing cologne, to which he replies "maybe". This scene was deleted from "Eggtown".
  • Unpopular Decision: Locke is leading Ben out of his cell for a bathroom visit. Ben wonders why he hasn't seen Kate around and Locke informs him that he asked her to leave. Ben remarks that it must have been an unpopular decision, to which Locke replies not as unpopular as letting him go to the bathroom in his cell. This scene was deleted from "The Other Woman".
  • Desert Stash: In this scene, Ben recovers some supplies that seem to have been hidden by one of his people from a point close to where he woke up in the desert. From the stash, he takes a passport and some foreign currency. This scene was deleted from "The Shape of Things to Come".
  • Claire's Vision: Claire is resting in bed while Hurley nurses her. He tells her to try and stay awake. Claire notices something in the room, then asks Hurley why her father is there. When Hurley looks around, no one is in the room. She then asks if they are dead. Hurley jokes that if they are, heaven sucks. This scene was deleted from "The Shape of Things to Come".
  • Trust: Kate approches Juliet with concern for Jack. Juliet tries to put her worries to rest but insists that something is wrong. She explains that Jack knows what's wrong with him but will only tell Juliet because she's a doctor, and he trusts her. This scene was deleted from "Something Nice Back Home".
  • Church Arrival: Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Nadia are outside of the church at Christian's funeral. Nadia says that Aaron looks just like Kate, which gives Hurley an uncomfortable expression. Kate asks about Sun, but Sayid doesn't think they will hear anything from her. This scene was deleted from "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1".

Season 5

Regular Disc 5 Deleted Scenes

See Season 5 Deleted Scenes transcript for an accurate transcript of all scenes.

  • No Police: Sayid tells Hurley not to go to the police before he succumbs to the effects of the tranquilizer dart. This scene was deleted from "The Lie".
  • Jill The Butcher: Jill provides Ben with the information where to find Penny. This scene was deleted from "316".
  • "I Think He's One Of Ben's People": Sun and Lapidus wonder about Christian, while the latter breaks open the barricaded processing center with an ax. This scene was deleted from "Namaste".
  • Finding LaFleur: Juliet comes looking for Sawyer in the Security Center. On a monitor, she and Miles see Sawyer return from his visit to the Others. This scene was deleted from "Namaste".
  • Breakfast Time: Jack and Kate discuss how to proceed in 1977. This scene was deleted from "He's Our You".
  • Locke's Promise: Sun asks (Un)Locke why he hadn't come for her off the Island. He then explains the promise Locke made to Jin, not to bring her back. This scene was deleted from "Dead Is Dead".*
  • Phil's Theory: When 'LaFleur' returns with his car, Horace tells him that little Ben has been kidnapped. Phil theorizes that it must have been an inside job. This scene was deleted from "Some Like It Hoth".
  • Stones & Boulders: Faraday explains to Jack and Kate how a little pebble won't change the flow of a waterstream, but how a a big boulder will do the trick. He then explains that he had focused too much on the constants and too little on the variables. He thinks that detonating a hydrogen bomb at the Swan site will change the course of history. This scene was deleted from "The Variable".

HMV/JB-HI FI Bonus DVD Deleted Scenes

  • Would Theresa Know? - Desmond talks to the caretaker about Theresa. This scene is deleted from "Jughead".
  • Shallow Graves - Juliet, Sawyer, Jin and Miles bury Amy's husband. This scene is deleted from "LaFleur".
  • Window Talk - Kate returns after having sent young Ben to the others for treatment with his injuries, and talks to Jack about it. This scene is deleted from "Some Like It Hoth".
  • Hunting - Locke, Sun and Ben go boar hunting. This scene is deleted from "Follow the Leader".
  • Worth the Risk - Jin talks to Sayid about Jack's plan, and Jin tells Sayid its worth the risk to do it. This scene is deleted from "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2".

See also

  • Lost: The Complete First Season (DVD)
  • Lost: The Complete Second Season (DVD)
  • Lost: Series 2 Part 1 (Region 2)

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The content of this article has been cut.

This article covers a subject that was cut from the final version of a canonical source and appears in no other source. Cut content is not always canon, and thus should not be taken as such.

This is a partial list of scenes (some filmed, some merely considered) that weren't included in any film version of either the original trilogy or the prequels. Some were cut due to time constraints, while others simply didn't fit into the overall flow of the story, though some fans hope that their favorite scenes will someday be included in a later edition of one of the films. Though it had been rumored that deleted scenes from all of the films of the series would be featured in the 2007 Star Wars Saga Boxed Set (which would most likely have included all six films and more special features), the year came and went and no such set was released.


The Phantom Menace

  • Extended Podrace grid sequence, the Complete Podrace grid sequence. (DVD scene)
  • Extended Lap 2 sequence. (DVD scene)
  • Jar-Jar becoming disoriented, being flung onto the walls, and tumbling numerous times in the Skiff's lower level.
  • Jar-Jar juggling equipment in Watto's shop.
  • Extended scenes from Watto's Junkyard.
  • When the "Ambassadors", Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, are led into the Trade Federation Conference Room at the beginning of the film, there are some exotic bird-like creatures singing in a cage near the door. When the Jedi notice the room is filling with deadly gas, the bird-like creatures drop dead in their cage as a visual cue that danger is literally in the air. ("Pylat Birds")
  • R2-D2 shows that he has booster rockets.[1] (this idea would later be shown in Episodes II and III.)
  • Scenes showcasing Anakin Skywalker's pre-cognitive powers.
  • Padmé waking Anakin the morning of the podrace. (DVD scene)
  • Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Jar Jar escape their sub before it goes over a water fall. (DVD scene)
  • After saying farewell to Jira and giving her some credits, Qui-Gon and Anakin break into a run after they destroy Darth Maul's probe droids following them, thus explaining why they are running to the ship in the original version. (DVD scene)
  • Anakin has a fight with Greedo the Elder, the future father of the bounty hunter Greedo. (DVD scene)
  • The Neimoidians escort Darth Maul on Naboo. (DVD scene)
  • Extended fight with Darth Maul on Tatooine, including Darth Maul jumping onto the ship's platform with Qui-Gon before falling off.
  • Extended lightsaber duel in Theed Generator Complex
  • Numerous shots were cut from the end battle. (Many of these can be briefly seen during some of the DVD documentaries.)

(NOTE: Most of these scenes made it to the novelization.)

Attack of the Clones

  • Obi-Wan has the Kamino saberdart analyzed in the Jedi Analysis room in the Jedi Temple. (DVD scene)
  • Obi-Wan and Jocasta Nu discuss Count Dooku and the Lost Twenty.
  • Obi-Wan and Mace discuss the mystery of the missing data on Kamino and Anakin's ability to protect Padmé while Obi-Wan boards his Jedi starfighter. (This was dropped altogether and instead was combined with a discussion between Obi-Wan and Yoda; thus Mace, Obi-Wan, and Yoda are discussing it all together.) (DVD scene)
  • Extended arrival of Anakin and Padmé on Naboo.(DVD scene)
  • On Naboo, Padmé introduces Anakin to her family at her Naboo villa. (DVD scene)
  • Padmé shows Anakin her bedroom, which has holographic images of her humanitarian work. (DVD scene)
  • On Tatooine, while Anakin is searching for his mother, Padmé finds a box of 3PO coverings, and at C-3PO's request, puts his coverings on. Lucas decided this took too much away from the main plot and reshot earlier scenes involving C-3PO to have him covered from the start. (Apparently this scene was taken out relatively late, as Hasbro released a C-3PO action figure that included a box of parts to complete him.)
  • Anakin and Padmé are brought before Count Dooku, requesting Obi-Wan's release. Dooku says he cannot do so unless Naboo joins the Confederacy, giving reasons for why he is forming the new government. (DVD scene)
  • Padmé and Anakin are put on trial by Poggle the Lesser, who finds them guilty. (After the scene where they go before Count Dooku was dropped, this scene didn't make much sense and was dropped as well.) (DVD scene)
  • The Jedi attack the Droid Control Ship: Ki-Adi Mundi and several other Jedi find one of the landed Droid Control Ships, and deactivate them, only to find that since Episode I, the droids have an independent backup system.
  • NR-N99 Persuader-class droid enforcers run over clones during the Battle of Geonosis

Revenge of the Sith

  • General Grievous Executes a Jedi. The scene starts out when Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi round a corner in the Invisible Hand and find Jedi General Shaak Ti being held hostage by General Grievous and a large number of battle droids. Anakin and Obi-Wan are quickly surrounded by battle droids and General Grievous pretends to show mercy to Shaak Ti, then he suddenly kills her with a well-placed Shiak strike to the chest. Almost immediately Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi draw their lightsabers and slice a hole in the floor after having a brief sign language argument over what method they should use to escape. They fall down into a Separatist fuel tank, the surrounding battle droids proceed to take aim, but the experienced Separatist commander orders his troops not to fire in order to prevent the fuel from ignition. B2 super battle droids follow the Jedi, but are unable to stop them from escaping. The fuel rises to an overload discharge spark gap and the section of the ship explodes. This scene is the only deleted scene to appear on the DVD but not considered to be canon due to Shaak Ti's appearance in the final film, as well as The Force Unleashed multimedia project.
  • Extended duel with Count Dooku
  • Rebel Alliance subplot - Three scenes featuring Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Padmé Amidala, and other senators as they discuss the situation in the Senate and Palpatine's rise to power, and eventually establish the Rebel Alliance.
    • 1.("A Stirring in the Senate" is included as a deleted scene on the Special Features DVD)
    • 2.("Seeds of Rebellion" is included as a deleted scene on the Special Features DVD)
    • 3.The senators present the petition to Palpatine and Anakin, who is acting as his personal bodyguard. ("Confronting the Chancellor" is included as a deleted scene on the Special Features DVD)
  • Extended Attack on the Jedi Temple
  • The Lizard Pen
  • Obi-Wan versus the MagnaGuards
  • Dialogue between Aayla Secura and Commander Bly, Plo Koon and Jag
  • Chasing the General
  • Crazy Yoda and a Wookiee ambush
  • Extended duel between Obi-wan and Anakin which shows why at one point in the movie Obi-wan is missing his lightsaber, Anakin at one point uses it along with his own.
  • The Naboo Skiff shown flying off from Mustafar to Polis Massa (this scene was featured in the teaser trailer).
  • Yoda arrives on Dagobah in the final montage.("Yoda Exiled to Dagobah" is included as a deleted scene on the Special Features DVD)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi enters an Utapau Dragon Pen and selects Boga from several other Varactyls. His ride to Grievous' hangar is extended, and when the MagnaGuards attack Obi-Wan, he fights them shortly and then crushes them with a section of the ceiling.
  • Extended Order 66 and Temple Purge shots, and others, in which the deaths of Barriss Offee, Luminara Unduli, Whie, Bene, Cin Drallig, and Shaak Ti are seen. In this cut version of Shaak Ti's death, Darth Vader enters the meditation chamber in which she's concentrating and proceeds to stab her in the back.
  • After being shot down by his troops, Obi-Wan evades a Nos monster in the depths of Utapau. The Nos Monster attacks several Republic Seeker droids, while Obi-Wan sneaks past some baby Nos Monsters. ("The Nos Monster")
  • When Obi-Wan and Yoda arrive at the Jedi Temple they find a group of clone troopers disguised as Jedi waiting outside. The 2 Jedi are not fooled though and kill them all. (There is a similar situation in Lego Star Wars The Videogame) ("Clone Jedi" is included as a production photo on the Special Features DVD)
  • Scenes featuring Captain Needa.
  • Extended Separatist Slaughter, in which Wat Tambor is seen being killed by Darth Vader.
  • Qui-Gon Jinn speaks to Yoda, who names himself Qui-Gon's apprentice.

A New Hope

Cut scenes from Episode IV include:

  • Luke in the Desert
  • Luke and Biggs
  • Vader and Bast
  • The Search for Artoo
  • Luke and Ben Spend the Night at Bestine.
  • A "Lost Cut" exists. This "Lost Cut" contained all the footage that George Lucas had shot up to that point, as well as on-set sound effects and a different opening. Aside from the small amount of still photos that have surfaced, very few people have seen it. It has since deteriorated to black & white, but an article about it was published in Star Wars Insider 41.
  • Luke's Poncho
  • Luke visits his friends at Anchorhead - Camie and Fixer. He tells them that he saw a space battle (between the Devastator and the blockade runner Tantive IV) with his microbinoculars. When they go to see it for themselves, however, the battle has already ended and his friends do not believe him.
  • Luke's friend, Biggs, tells Luke he is going to defect to the Rebels.
  • A patron of the Cantina leaves and reports them to the Stormtroopers. The camera follows him out of the Cantina. He can briefly be seen just before an optical wipe and then immediately outside talking to the Stormtroopers as C-3PO says "I don't like the look of this".
  • Luke is seen haggling over the price he gets for his landspeeder for a little longer than is shown in the film.
  • A shot of a hidden gun on the Millennium Falcon shooting at Stormtroopers was cut. This shot was later used on The Empire Strikes Back in the scene where Leia, Chewbacca, Lando and the Droids reach the Millennium Falcon on Bespin.
  • The scene between Biggs and Luke in the rebel hangar bay lasts longer, involving Red leader speaking of knowing Luke's father
  • There was an additional rebel pilot, known as John D. He is killed shortly after making his first kill. His death still exists on film, with this single line "I'm hit!".

The Empire Strikes Back

  • While fleeing Imperial troops, Han suggests they take a shortcut through a room that has a sign on it. Leia tells him "that's where they keep those creatures" (the wampas). They run off and C-3PO tears off the warning sign, hoping the troops will mistake it for another room.
  • Wampa attack on Echo base
  • Dead Tauntauns
  • Bacta Tank
  • Wampa Attack
  • Wampa Trap
  • Bacta Mask
  • Luke and Leia's kiss [2]
  • General Veers' "Death" (the character later appears in EU stories, though the accident which could have resulted in his death is discussed as though the scene had taken place)
  • Troops Meet Wampas
  • Alternate scene between Han and Leia on Bespin with kiss ("You should wear girls' clothes all the time.")
  • Luke's Rescue
  • Additional shots of Hobbie Klivian and his "death"

Return of the Jedi

  • Rancor Pit Grate
  • Barge Fight
  • The Sandstorm
  • Ben's Monologue
  • Jerjerrod
  • Darth Vader Force chokes Moff Jerjerrod to get into the Emperor's throne room.
  • Right after Jabba's Sail Barge blows up, Luke, Han, Leia, Lando, and the droids go back to the Millennium Falcon and Luke's X-wing (both of which are in the middle of a sand storm). Han thanks Luke for saving him and Luke explains to his friends that he has to go back to Dagobah.
  • Darth Vader lands in the Death Star docking bay with Luke, taking him to the Emperor. (this outtake was partially restored and placed in the special edition of The Empire Strikes Back, having Vader land in the Executor. Moff Jerjerrod can be seen in the new footage and is mouthing his dialogue from ROTJ.)
  • Endor Battle - General Crix Madine was to have scenes aboard a Mon Calamari ship during the final battle. These scenes were filmed. Actor Dermot Crowley claims to have spent a few extra days filming in a moving chair shouting things such as "Fire!". There are cut shots of rebel gunners aboard the Millennium Falcon. It was rumored that the B-Wing fighters would be given more to do during the battle in the Special Editions. These scenes have apparently been held back for a future release.

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  • Cut Scenes Section of "T'bone's Star Wars Universe"

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