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Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: Early 21st century
Appearances: TW: Children of Earth
Actor: Ian Gelder

Dekker was the Head of MI5's Technology division, who also was in charge of alien monitoring; Dekker had been constantly monitoring the airwaves for the possible arrival of the 456 since the 1960s and knew far more about the aliens than anyone else.

On Day One Dekker discovered that once again the 456 had contacted the world via the airwave on an old computer from 1965. Almost immediately he contacted civil servant John Frobisher, telling him about the 456's return. Dekker was in the Ambassadorial Suite with the 456 several times over the five days, fascinated by the alien and what it really was. On Day Four when Captain Jack Harkness angered the 456 and it released poisonous gases through the building, Dekker escaped to his office and put on a HAZMAT suit which allowed him to breath non contaminated air, making him the only person in the building to survive – Captain Jack died, temporarily. By the time of Day Five; Dekker was the only MI5 member left in Thames House, with most of MI5 having been killed the night before, Dekker was likely placed in charge of MI5 temporarily.

On Day Five, Dekker greeted Colonel Oduya of UNIT who took over the negotiations with the 456 after Frobisher's suicide. Later when a small mutiny led by Agent Johnson took place, Captain Jack was released from prison and Dekker was knocked out and taken to Ashdown House where he was shot in the leg by Johnson after he complained. Dekker took great malice in informing Harkness that the child at the centre of the wave to destroy the 456, which would have to be Harkness' own grandson, Steven Carter would be killed in the process (going as far as laughing when he said "The kid's gonna fry"). Steven did die during the process and Dekker was shown to be saddened.


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For the Fallout character, see Decker.
General Dekker
race: Human
affiliation: Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel
role: Leader
rank: General
location: Bunker Gamma
Bunker Delta
Bunker Epsilon
appearances: Fallout Tactics
SPECIAL: 8 ST, 5 PE, 6 EN, 4 CH, 6 IN, 7 AG, 4 LK
derived stats: Armor Class: 7
Hit Points: 149
Action Points: 10
Critical chance: 4%
Damage Resistance: 0%
Melee Damage: 3
tag skills: Big Guns (202%)
Energy Weapons (36%)
Unarmed (168%)
actor: Kurtwood Smith
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

General Dekker became the leader of the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel after his predecessor, Simon Barnaky, was captured by Gammorin's super mutant inquisitor, Toccamatta.



Unlike his predecessor, who looks down on Tribals and initially treated the Warrior with disdain, Dekker accepts anyone who fights for the Brotherhood regardless of background. He commanded Bunker Gamma, Bunker Delta and Bunker Epsilon during the fights againts the super mutants, the Reaver movement, and finally the Calculator.


He had a romantic relationship with Paladin Klotz (who can be killed by the player in Coldwater, while she is undercover).

Interactions with the player character

Dekker briefs the player on his missions, replacing general Barnaky in that role.


Apparel Weapon Other item
Midwestern Brotherhood Power Armor Avenger Minigun + 120 5.56mm Rounds
Rusty Old Monkey Wrench


Dekker appears only in Fallout Tactics.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

"Not good, not good..."
―Dekker, dying

Dekker was a courier working for Borvo the Hutt on Naboo.

In 1 ABY Dekker was delivering a sample of the Berserker Virus, a bioweapon developed by Borvo's organization, to some Corellian buyers when he was intercepted by an agent of local criminal Kritus Morven. After a short exchange of blaster fire, Dekker was killed and the bioweapon sample fell into Morven's hands.

Behind the scenes

Dekker is a non-player character (NPC) in Star Wars Galaxies that is spawned somewhere outside of Keren when the player accepts Kritus Morven's fourth mission. As in many of the game's old quests, the NPC's gender, species and appearance is dynamically generated from a wide variety of possible appearances every time it is spawned. Only his gender is known as it is specifically mentioned by Morven.


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