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RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.

Defender of Varrock is a quest released on 29 September 2008 featuring the return of a Mahjarrat, Zemouregal, to invade Varrock with the help of an undead Arrav.



Official quest description: Troubling reports are arriving from scouts in the Wilderness: zombies are amassing and organising. Zombies alone are incapable of such intelligent behaviour, and each time it has happened in the past great tragedies have come to pass. Captain Rovin, suitably concerned, needs your help to go on a dangerous mission to verify the reports.

Are the Varrock Guard just being paranoid, or could this be a major threat to their city?

Release date: 29 September 2008 (Update)
Start: Captain Rovin, north-west tower of Varrock Palace
Difficulty: *****
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes
Items needed:


Monsters to kill:



Organised zombies?

  • Head to Varrock Palace, and make your way to the second floor of the north-west tower.
He tells you that zombies have been organising in the Wilderness. He calls for his scout Hartwin, who reports he saw a "shadowy figure" and an army of zombies in the Graveyard of Shadows. Rovin asks you and Hartwin to investigate further.

We're hunting zombies!

Items needed for this section: Armour, weapons, and supplies to survive in the midlevel Wilderness and to fight level 85 Armoured zombies. Optional: A Games necklace to teleport to Clan Wars and weight-reducing clothing such as Boots of Lightness and a Spottier cape.

Hartwin follows right behind you, even if you teleport to Clan Wars by using a Games necklace.
  • Talk to Hartwin at the graveyard.
Tracking zombie footprints, with your faithful companion.
You see a cutscene, showing a trail of zombie footprints leading away from the graveyard. After the cutscene, you and Hartwin are standing near some footprints.
Inspect nearby bushes, trees, tree stumps, mushrooms, and bones to uncover the tracks. You may encounter several dead ends and places where the trail seem to go in circles. Mind the zombies, who attack when you are near the graveyard.
Eventually, you uncover a Grubby key along the tracks, in a thicket of trees.
  • Continue tracking till the footprints come to an end at the entrance to the Chaos Temple and you receive the message "The trail seems to stop as it reaches rockier ground. Hopefully you can find out what happened to the zombies in this area."

Down in the dungeon

  • Use the grubby key on the trapdoor just south of the altar in the Chaos Temple, and enter the tunnels under the temple.
Note: See the Chaos Temple Dungeon page for a map and description of the dungeon.
Warning: Armoured zombies attack as soon as you climb down the ladder. Go north to get out of range.
  • Head north in the dungeon, and look for a balcony to the east that overlooks a chamber.
  • Choose the Look-over Balcony option.
Arrav, commander of the zombie troops.
In a cutscene, you see Sharathteerk and Zemouregal talking about allying with Lucien. Zemouregal rejects the idea because he has "significantly powerful resources" of his own: An undead Arrav, who will take command of Zemouregal's zombie troops!
You now need bottles of red mist to pass through the next two doors. Do not bother filling more than three, as the contents of the extra bottles will leak out before you can use them.
  • Head west through the dungeon corridor, and pick up three bottles on the ground around the armoured zombies.
  • Attack three armoured zombies, and when a zombie dies, store the Red mist by using a bottle on the mist that appears.
  • Go through the door to the west.
You see another cutscene: Arrav is in the room and reveals that while his zombie body is under the control of Zemouregal, his mind is free. He starts to tell of how someone could help him when his master summons him away.
  • Head north up the corridor, kill three zombies to refill your bottles with Red mist, and then go east and open the second door.
  • Follow the corridor east to another balcony to the south.
  • Choose the Look-over Balcony option again to view another cutscene.
You see below that Zemouregal has raised an army of armoured zombies. Zemouregal says this may be his last real chance to attack Varrock and claim the Shield of Arrav before the time comes to head north.
Realising the gravity of the situation, Hartwin hands you a Varrock teleportation tablet.
  • Teleport back to Varrock, return to Captain Rovin, and tell him what you and Hartwin learned about the zombie army.
  • Rovin asks you to speak with Thurgo, one of the surviving Imcando dwarves, to learn how to use the Shield of Arrav to defend Varrock.
Note: You do not need to keep the bottles of mist and can drop them if you like.

Seek Thurgo's advice

Items needed for this section: Pickaxe.

You can find Thurgo in or near his hut.
  • Talk with the old dwarf about the Shield of Arrav.
He suggests you find the great lost dwarven hall of Camdozaal and its Sacred Forge. He give you a scrap of paper with the coordinates for Camdozaal on it.
Note: If you don't have Blurite ore yet, head down into the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, located in the hill south of Thurgo's hut. Mine one Blurite ore from the rocks located at the deepest part of the dungeon.

The Sacred Forge

Items needed for this section: A Spade, Pickaxe, light source, and Blurite ore. Optional: A Sextant, Watch, Chart, Combat Bracelet (for fast teleport to the Monastery), and Redberry pie.

The location of the coordinates on Ice Mountain.
  • Use your spade on the location of the coordinates (10 degrees, 31 minutes north; 17 degrees, 48 minutes east), which is just north-east of the White tree. (See the image to the right for the location.)
You dig through the snow and receive the message "You dig a hole in the snow. Under the snow, you find there is a lot of rubble."
  • Continue to dig using the spade until you get the message "You'll need something better than a spade to get through the rubble."
  • Now, use a pickaxe on the churned-up snow.
You get the message, "You swing your pick at the rubble. You clear the rubble, revealing a hole in the ground."
  • With a light source in your inventory, enter the hole.
You see a short cutscene of your player crawling over rubble.
  • Down in the ruins of Camdozaal, talk to the dwarf, Ramarno.
Note: If you brought a redberry pie with you, Ramarno will ask if he could have some. Give him the "legendary redberry pie" to receive 1,000 Smithing experience.
Note: You do not need level 54 smithing for this section. You can use a boost to temporarily achieve the mining level right before talking to Ramarno. Check out this page for information.
Ramarno tells you who he is and explains how to use the Sacred Forge.
  • Use the blurite ore on the Sacred Forge, and then talk again to Ramarno.
You see a dreamlike cutscene: Images of Traiborn, Queen Ellamaria, Lord Rologarth, and the Wise Old Man appear and explain how to tap the power of the Shield of Arrav. Zemouregal then senses your presence and his image appears, taunting you that you are too late, as his army is already at the walls of Varrock.

Defending Varrock

Armoured zombies fighting the guards on the steps of Varrock Palace.

Items needed for this section: None, but avoid fighting zombies.

  • Quickly return to Varrock, and head to the palace.
Upon entering the palace grounds, you see a cutscene: Armoured zombies are attacking the palace and overrunning the guards.
  • Head to the second floor of the north-west tower, and talk to Captain Rovin. (On your way up, on the first floor, you see Arrav overseeing the zombies.)
Tell Rovin what you learned at the Sacred Forge. He tells you to check the library records and gives you the Shield of Arrav.
  • Climb down the stairs, go into the library, and talk to Reldo.
Note: If the zombies are preventing you from talking to Reldo, kill them off and close the library door to lock yourself in.
He tells you about an old document that a zombie knocked to the floor and the old census.
  • Against the north wall of the library, look for an open book on a lectern: It is the Varrock Census from the Year 160, nine years from the current year.
  • Read the Varrock Census to find the names and occupations of the citizens of Varrock for the year 160.
The scrolls list the names of the city's first elders. Some names listed in the census match the seven names of the elders written on the scrolls. These, then, are the descendants of the first elders.
  • Talk to the descendants with the Shield of Arrav in your inventory. The descendants are:
  1. King Roald, the King of Varrock.
  2. Aeonisig Raispher, the royal advisor to the King.
  3. Sir Prysin, one of King Roald's knights, from the Demon Slayer quest.
  4. Curator Haig Halen, the curator of the Varrock museum.
  5. Horvik the smith, owner of Horvik's Armour Shop.
  6. Romeo, from the Romeo and Juliet quest.
  7. Draul Leptoc, Juliet's father.
  8. Juliet, from the Romeo and Juliet quest.
Dimintheis unleashing the power of the Shield of Arrav on the armoured zombies.
Each will wield the Shield of Arrav, but none will be able to activate its magical properties. One of them, however, will tell you that he or she is not a blood descendant but was adopted into the family and that the descendant of the original family married into the Fitzharmon family.
Note: The person who reveals this is random.
  • As soon as you learn about the Fitzharmon family, talk to Dimintheis, who is in the south-east corner of Varrock, next to the Fancy Clothes Store.
Dimintheis wields the shield, and it responds to him. He is revealed to be a descendant of the founder of Varrock.
In the cutscene that follows, Dimintheis uses the shield to kill the zombies throughout Varrock Palace. With his invasion of Varrock gone wrong, Zemouregal flees the scene with Sharathteerk and Arrav. After the cutscene, you find yourself next to Captain Rovin.
  • Talk to him to end the quest and receive your rewards.

Congratulations! Quest complete.


File:Defender of Varrock Reward.png



  • On the day the quest was released, the spoilers read: "The spoilers are currently hidden away for safe-keeping; tomorrow the zombie threat should have diminished enough to release them."
  • If you do not actually give away the shield and complete the quest, the Varrock Palace will remain "under attack." This could be useful in situations such as PvP: When you enter the palace grounds, no one can attack you, although the area is still considered a "pvp zone." Keeping the palace under attack would also allow you to have the surrounding yew trees to yourself, using a safespot between the first two yew trees from the west, where the armoured zombies cannot attack you from.
  • Arrav is level 180 in the quest. However, you cannot attack him.
  • This quest confirmed the helmeted zombie in the "Attack on Varrock" wallpaper is actually Arrav himself.
  • During the zombies' attack on Varrock Palace, you may see the imprisoned Monk of Zamorak shout "Kill those guards!" "Let me out! I'm a bad guy too!" "Someone want to get me out of here?" "So are any of you zombies gonna break me out?" "Hey! Zombies, I'm on your side." "Haha, mash those guards" "Let me out, I'll help with the invasion!" or "Oi, Mr. Zombie, Can you let me out?"
  • During the final cutscene, when Dimintheis uses the shield, you can see the Monk of Zamorak dancing and shouting "Hurray! Free at last!" But then when the zombies start dying he says "Erm..." After the scene, you can find him imprisoned again in his cell.
  • When Dimintheis uses the shield, the lightning attack is similar to the attack that the sorceress uses from the Diablo video game series.
  • When Dimintheis activates the shield he yells, "Die Zombie Scum!"
  • If you enter Camdozaal without a light source, after a few seconds a swarm of biting insects will begin doing constant one hit points of damage until you flee the cave, just like any other cave where you need a light source.
  • On the day of the release, a man from Ardougne named Clive appeared in Varrock Palace. He can be found in the room north of Sir Prysin.
  • Several times in the quest, Zemouregal—as other Mahjarrat have said—states he is heading north.
  • It's possible to keep Hartwin for the entire quest—and even after the quest, It's done by not speaking to him (when you're supposed to dismiss him after his work is done) after he gives you the Varrock teleport tablet. Having Hartwin accompany you does have some funny effects on cutscenes: For example, when crawling over the rubble to Camdozaal, Hartwin is just walking. However, after logging out after the quest is complete, Hartwin disappears.
  • Surok Magis isn't at all bothered by the zombie invasion. In fact, he seems more furious that you foiled his plans than the fact that zombies are destroying his prison.
  • After the quest, in a F2P world, the trapdoor to the Chaos Temple Dungeon will still be open; however, you cannot enter it. If you examine it, it reads, "An open trapdoor."
  • If you take a summoning familiar during the entrance of Hartwin. Hartwin will tell you that you cannot carry on until you've removed your pet.

Game and cultural references

  • If you speak to the undead Arrav during the invasion, you can say "Talk to me, Arrav!" and "Don't ignore your mate, Arrav!". After he fails to respond, you will state "That normally gets people's attention." This is a reference to the Drunken Dwarf random event.
  • In the Varrock Census, there is a man listed as "Phearthee Levalsyx" (Fear the level six) under the profession "mugger." This is a reference to the level 6 mugger near Aubury's Rune Shop, often famed for killing macros.
  • After seeing your vision in Camdozaal, the beacons will be lit in a red flame until the quest is done.
  • The music track "Dream Theatre" unlocked during this quest could be a reference to a similarly named popular progressive rock/metal band, Dream Theater.
  • If you search the book on the floor when you are looking for the scrap in Reldo's library, you will get a message in the chat screen, "These aren't the documents you're looking for." This is a reference to the Jedi mind tricks in the Star Wars films.

Varrock invasion images


  • On the day after the release the knowledge base stated the quest gives 1 QP, although it actually gives 2.
  • Shortly after the quest was released, if you claimed the kudos at the museum after the quest, you would have accumulated 168/163 kudos. Jagex has since corrected this glitch.
  • When Hartwin lends you a Varrock teleport tablet, if you are already carrying a Varrock teleport tablet and your inventory is full, Hartwin will say you do not have enough space. However, once you clear up a space, the tablet stacks with those in your inventory.

Other images from the quest


Music tracks unlocked:

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