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Irvine using Defend in Final Fantasy VIII.
See also: Sentinel.

Defend is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. When used, the character will take a defensive stance and reduce the damage they take.




Final Fantasy III

In the Nintendo DS remake, the Guard ability reduces damage dealt to the character. It can be used by any Job exception of the Scholar using Study, the theif using Flee (DS Version Only) and the Knight using "Defend" a more defensible move.

Final Fantasy VIII

The Guardian Force Brothers can learn Defend as a command for 100 AP. It grants the character immunity to physical attacks and halves magical damage. If the user is attacked by a physical attack that would cause a status effect, the status effect will never be applied.

Final Fantasy X

A character will automatically Defend against physical attacks when their turn is skipped.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Defend is a Support ability that the Squire class learns for 50 JP. Equipping Defend in the Support ability slot will add a Defend command in the unit menu. This ability doubles the character's chance of evading an attack until his next turn.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Defend is the Action command of the Bangaa Defender Job. It concentrates on making the user nearly impervious to enemy attacks, especially physical strikes, and includes moves like Expert Guard, which neutralizes all damage done for one turn, and Tremor, which pushes away all nearby units while dealing damage. The Human Paladin job can also use Defense, which increases the units' weapon and magic resistance until the unit next moves.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Defend is now an ability of Hume Paladins and Bangaa Defenders. It increases the unit's Defense and Resistance until the next turn. There is also a stronger version of it, called Bulwark, available to Bangaa Defenders and Gria Raptors, which nullifies all damage dealt to the unit by one turn.

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